Tamil Nadu – Update on the anti-nuclear protest at Koodankulam

October 2, 2012


How to Kill a Democracy

by S. P. Udayakumar

September 21, 2012

Anoint a colonized World Bank clerk as the Chief Executive with American blessings
And have him dance to imperial tunes and MNC notes with Swadeshi songs and swings.
Include all the rogues, rascals and rowdies as coalition partners and co-conspirators;
Make “Loot and Let Loot” the philosophy of governance and principle of administration.

Grant licenses, permits, and permissions for high amounts of kickbacks and commission;
Even if the country loses income and profit, just increase your cuts without any remission.
Appropriate real estates and properties, accumulate wealth and ascertain aggrandizement;
Hoard the money in Swiss banks, and have Quattrocchis operate ‘em without advertisement.

Open up national economy for Foreign Direct Investment and stringent structural adjustments;
Set up nuclear power plants all over and prop up foreign economies and nuclear establishments;
Build more nuclear weapons, blast more ballistic missiles with corrupt military procurements;
Turn the country into a super-poor superpower with these deadly political determinants.

If anyone challenges any of this, call them anti-national, unpatriotic and even seditious;
Claim they’re waging a war on the State even as you wage on them a war malicious.
Repeat the accusation they’re instigated by external powers, foreign money and spies abhorrent;
Foist false cases, vandalize their properties, raid their homes, send summons and arrest warrant.

Ignore global civil society, deem your citizens your own slaves and treat ‘em as you please;
Flout international norms, forswear human rights, forsake human dignity and citizens’ ease;
Stamp out democratic space, snub any political dissent, and silence any whispers and murmurs;
Turn hope and faith into fear and hate; engage media goons, and employ terrorism discourses;

And thus you can kill your democracy slowly, softly and surely!


Press Release from People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy

September 12, 2012

Let us Do Some Soul-search and Talk Again!

Just like a hapless wife brutally assaulted by her male chauvinistic and drunken husband, like an innocent little child beaten up by his abusive parent, our honest, hardworking, and pious people have been violated, their possessions vandalized, their 400-day long nonviolent movement vilified. By our own government! By our own Chief Minister who we brought back to power to rescue us from corruption, power abuse, nepotism, dynastic rule and double speak! An overwhelming majority of the Tamil voters including almost all the coastal communities voted for the Chief Minister’s party.

When the biggest nuclear power plants in the country or the largest nuclear power park is being set up on our seas that will have deleterious effect on our sea and seafood, land and crops, water bodies and ground water, on our livelihood and on our progeny, we have opposed peacefully, democratically and nonviolently. Don’t we have at least that much freedom in our country?

In fact, the Chief Minister sympathized with our cause in the beginning. She had objected to the Chennai visit of the nuclear-armed ship, the USS Nimitz; and she had opposed the India-US nuclear deal with so much conviction. Our team met with the Chief Minister twice and the Prime Minister once at her own personal initiative. The Chief Minister kept talking about solar power and other renewable sources of energy, kept demanding more electricity from the central pool and more finance for electricity projects in Tamil Nadu. She even said that she would be one among us in our struggle.

We took to the streets, voiced our concerns to the Central Government and asked them to stop the Koodankulam nuclear power project, change our energy policy and to save our natural resources. The District Collector, Dr. R. Selvaraj, entertained us in his office and served us tea and biscuits. The Superintendent of Police, Mr. Vijayendra Bidari, gave oral ‘go-ahead’ every time we sought permission over phone for our demonstrations, agitations and public meetings. But they kept on filing false cases on us all with serious charges such as sedition, waging war on the state and so forth.

The ‘love scene’ changed to ‘hate scene’ in March 2012! The script changed! The situation, the lighting, and the overall direction changed! The Chief Minister alleges that we are all in a ‘maya valai’ (mystical net). Maybe she is referring to nuclear radiation that is indeed like a ‘maya valai’ you cannot see, hear, smell, taste or touch.

Today we are surrounded by police, beaten up by police, harassed by police, accused of committing all kinds of crimes by police, arrested by police and above all, mentally, emotionally, spiritually assaulted by police. And the Chief Minister is the police minister!

We are all fisherfolks, shopkeepers, agricultural laborers, beedi-rolling women, and to be brief, working class people. We do not steal public money, we do not amass wealth through illegal business deals, and we do not plunder the nation’s natural wealth. But we are treated like criminals; dangerous, seditious, violent, vicious and wicked lawbreakers. Our leaders, who have been invoking the names and wisdom of Thiruvalluvar, Buddha, Mahavir, Ashoka, Guru Nanak, Mahatma Gandhi, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan and Mother Teresa, are treated like dreaded terrorists. Our people who worship Sage Vishwamitra, Lord Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohamed are treated with contempt and dislike. The St. Lourdes Church at Idinthakarai has been desecrated by urinating and a holy statue destroyed. Naval boats are patrolling our seas; air force planes are hovering over our villages; the police are blocking our roads; we are short of food, water and other basic essentials; and the state is waging a war on us! But we cannot do a thing!

The global nuclear mafia sees our people as their sworn enemies. The KGB, the CIA and other international intelligence agencies consider us serious threats to their respective ruling cliques. The Delhi Government is infuriated with us as they are worried about their billion dollar nuclear business deals and commissions and kickbacks. The Tamil Nadu Government also tends to treat us like dreaded terrorists and dangerous criminals.

The police have shot down an unarmed civilian Anthony John at Manappadu coastal village. Several people including a small baby are said to be missing. Some 53 nonviolent protesters, men and women, are charged with sedition and waging war on the State cases and are languishing in distant prisons in Tamil Nadu. Thousands and thousands of families are living in fear and despair.

We do not expect or want any awards or accolades for practicing democracy and protesting in a nonviolent manner. But can’t we be treated with a little bit of humanness, civility and dignity? Who should we turn to? Who could we talk to? The Chief Minister may not even see this. Her arrogant upper caste advisors may say everything bad about us and our lower caste people.

We would request the Chief Minister to stop fuelling the KKNPP, remove police from our area, provide compensation for the people who lost their boats, vehicles and household items, and release those who are arrested.

We thank all the leaders and members of various political parties, social movements, lawyer associations, fishermen associations, student groups, labor unions, village committees and other organizations in Tamil Nadu and other states for organizing various demonstrations and agitations in support of our struggle. We would solicit their continued support for our struggle and for the above-mentioned immediate demands as well.

The Struggle Committee
People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy


Sanhati statement on recent events around Koodankulam

We strongly condemn the severe state repression on the people of Idinthikkarai and nearby villages of Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu on 10th September 2012 as they were peacefully protesting against the commissioning of the Koodankulam nuclear power plant. Tens of thousands of people from Idinthikkarai and surrounding villages, comprising of mainly fishworkers and farmers, have been staging protests against the Koodankulam nuclear power plant over the last one year. Under the leadership of the Peoples Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE), they have been holding protest marches, relay hunger strikes, boat rallies and other forms of peaceful protest to demand that the newly installed Russian-made reactors at the Koodankulam nuclear power plant are not commissioned and criticalized. This has been the expression of their legitimate concerns about the dangers emanating from the nuclear power plant, especially after the experience of the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, which is liable to put their lives and livelihoods at jeopardy. Also, a number of expert reports, including that from the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, have expressed concerns about the construction of the nuclear power plant and various safeguards therein. However, the UPA government led by Manmohan Singh, which has been sold to foreign interests peddling nuclear reactors ever since the signing of the civilian nuclear energy treaty with the USA, has completely disregarded these concerns and the voice of the people of the area, and gone full steam ahead with the starting of the nuclear plant. Various members of the central government, starting from the prime minister onwards, have accused the peoples’ movement of being funded by foreign NGOs, without being able to show an iota of evidence to substantiate such allegations. Together with this, the Jayalalitha government of Tamil Nadu, which had initially supported the movement against the nuclear power plant with an eye towards electoral gains and then performed a complete volte face, has let loose severe repression on the people resisting the nuclear power plant.

On 9th September, as the news of loading of the nuclear fuel into the reactors came in, around 10,000 people, including many women and children, from Idinthikkarai and neighbouring villages marched towards the Koodankulam nuclear power plant demanding a stoppage to the loading of the fuel. As they halted around half a kilometer from the plant on the sea coast, the large police force assembled there opened up a brutal lathicharge and tear gassing of the people, injuring many and forcing many, including children, into the sea. The policemen also targeted journalists and destroyed their cameras. There have also been reports of police firing, in the process of which, a fisherman, Antonyswamy, has been reportedly killed. The police has also entered Idinthikkarai village and destroyed public property and vandalized the church which has been the centre of the protest movement.

This unprecedented brutality of the police on peaceful demonstrators consisting of a large number of women and children has again exposed the real face of the central and the Tamil Nadu state governments, which have shown no regard for the democratic opinion of the people of the area surrounding the nuclear power plant. Rather, they are hell bent on pushing through the nuclear power plant at Koodankulam, against the wishes of the vast majority of the people of the surrounding areas, and only to serve the global capitalist interests which look towards India as a lucrative market for the nuclear industry as nuclear power plants in several industrialized countries are closing down, and no new nuclear power plants are being built, due to the strong opposition of the people.

We, from Sanhati, severely condemn the repression unleashed by the state and central governments on the people protesting against the Koodankulam nuclear power plant. We call upon the central and Tamil Nadu state governments to:

1. respect the sentiments of the people and immediately cease the commissioning of the Koodankulam nuclear power plant.
2. stop the police action on the demonstrators and release all arrested people and withdraw the false cases against the leadership of PMANE and the villagers.
3. desist from serving the interests of the global corporations controlling the nuclear industry and initiate a broad-based and transparent national debate on nuclear energy keeping in mind concerns related to safety, viability and the adverse social and environmental impacts of nuclear plants.


Letter from the women of Koodankulam

Dear Sister,

We hope this letter finds you well. We are sure that you would have liked to hear the same from us. But today, we cannot say that even to fool you or fool this moment in history.Things are not fine with us anymore here in Idinthakarai, Tsunami Rehabilitation Colony, Koodankulam, Koottapuli, Perumanal, Koottapana, Manappad and so on. The situation in Thoothukudy where our friends fasted inside the Church in support became tense after we lost a dear brother. How can we say we feel good?

Today morning, a sister from nearby Tsunami colony was arrested as she got out of her house. We miss the unifying presence of Xavieramma, the quick and efficient Sundari and the slight Selvi who have been taken to a destination that is unknown. Our homes painstakingly built up with hard earned money and effort have been broken down, with utensils and almirahs thrown out and trampled upon. Many of us are not able to go back there and evaluate what has been lost or destroyed. Our friend Inita was hurt badly. So too, many children. The worst part is the fear that now fills the eyes of our small ones. As all this was happening, many of us were paralysed by the cries of the tiny tots whom we had to carry, drag and run in the sand.

We hear that 60 of our friends from Koodankulam are in jail somewhere. It seems improbable that 20 men who were undergoing treatment for injuries in hospitals have not come back home after being discharged, but that is the truth. We have no drinking water supply since 48 hours and electric supply is intermittent. We are on a 48 hour fast too. The friends from Thoothukudy are ready to bring us rice and other provisions, but they have not been able to reach us because of road blocks. Our children have not gone to school. They have not been bathed or fed properly since the 9th evening. We feel uncomfortable and scared to go to our own homes. Have you ever had that feeling?

Now we are sitting and sleeping in the comfort of each other and the security of the Samara pandal which has been our second home for over an year. But for how long?

Many would say we brought it on ourselves and have no right to complain. But what other way did we have? To agree to the commissioning of the Koodankulam Power Plant? After knowing that it will spew 50 trillion Becquerels of radio nuclides every year into the air and discharge 70 tons of water at temperatures varying between 36- 45 degree centigrade? Would you have felt good to be one of the 2000 living less than 900 metres away from the Plant? After seeing the Fukushima disaster and images from Chernobyl, how could we agree to all this just close by? Many say we have been brainwashed and misled. Yes, ignorance is bliss. But not in this case. We are glad to be informed and to know with clarity about what could be in store for us. This alone has empowered us and strengthened our resolve not to allow the commissioning of the Nuclear Plant.

We hear that instead of immediately withdrawing the police force and initiating a decent dialogue with us, many were talking about the foreign funds and the poor illiterate people that we are supposed to be. At this stage at least when we are back to the wall, please do not refer to us so. We have built up this movement with our daily toil. We are proud of this. We are not afraid of hard, honest work as long as the sea and land is there.

We reiterate our earlier request and demands even now:

1.Please intervene and stop all police force in and around the villages. We do not intend to commit any violence. We know that violence begets violence. We value our life and peace.

2. Please stop the commissioning of the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant immediately after engaging in a dialogue with us. We know that it is unsafe and the energy so produced is uneconomical and unnecessary.

3. Please engage in a national level talk on other sources of energy that are in surplus in our country.

4. Release all our friends and family arrested and kept in jails / withdraw all false cases against them.

5. Please ensure that we would be able to live in our homes without fear and that basic amenities like water and electricity will not be disrupted.

Do have the boldness and honesty to come here and see for yourself the beauty and simplicity of our lives. This is the time we need you. Please break the barricades and hindrances that have been created and walk in fearlessly to see us here. Please act and intervene as fast as possible. We cannot afford to lose one more life, scare one more child, break one more house anymore….

Do stand by truth, justice and womanhood


Update on September 12

Received from Nityanand Jayaraman

I spoke to Sagaya Initha, a resident of Tsunami Colony, ward councillor and a prominent activist in the local anti-nuclear movement. This is what she had to say:
“Last evening, I was at the Lourdu Matha church with the protest. The police entered Tsunami colony and went on a rampage. At least three houses have been badly damaged. Children’s ear-rings and other small jewellery have been stolen. The window panes in at least 25 houses have been destroyed. They have been beating up just about any youth that walks by. Two people were arrested. The cycle parked in front of my house is broken. But now, looking around me and seeing the extent of damage to other people’s property, I feel that my loss is not that significant. The police has opened cup-boards and almirahs and pulled out people’s clothes. Has the police department been instructed to loot our property? Are they police or dacoits?”


Police violence on peaceful protesters in Koodankulam – An update

September 11, 2012

[Based on eye-witness reports by Amrithraj Stephen, interviews by Nityanand Jayaraman, Revathi and Amritharaj, and updates and articles published on internet]


Friends in the media have reported that all top police brass have gathered in Koodankulam to chalk out a strategy to wipe out the movement. According to the media sources, intelligence officials are reporting that two women police are missing and are untraceable. Villagers say that no policepersons have been taken hostage. It is feared that this rumour is being used to fuel public opinion against the protestors and to justify any repressive action by the police against villagers. In this context, to pre-empt any untoward incident, Mr. S.P. Udayakumar has announced that key leaders of the movement will surrender tonight at Koodankulam Police Station in the presence of prominent political leaders.


Responding to the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board’s clearance to commence nuclear fuel loading in the Koodankulam plant, the People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy announced that protestors would lay siege to the plant on 9 September. Police force was deployed in huge numbers in the area. On that day, between 8000 and 10000 people, including children and women from Idinthakarai and neighbouring villages started from the Lourde Matha church in Idinthakarai. They walked down the coastal path avoiding the road route and were stopped by the police around 800 metres away from the plant. The protesters sat down on the sea shore and said they will continue their struggle from there. S.P.Udayakumar, co-ordinator of the struggle committee, announced that they want the Tamilnadu government to intervene and respond to the demands of the protesting masses. All the protesters stayed put on the sea shore braving the weather and other hardships.

On the morning of the 10th of september, the police came in with the strike force resorted to a tentative lathi charge around 10.30 am. After a scuffle that lasted a few minutes, police withdrew to a distance and uneasy calm prevailed. “The situation is back to normal,” a protestor told us at 10.30, as if anything about the situation could be considered normal. The congregation of mostly baton-wielding police forces swelled in size. A large riot-gear bedecked police force was in the frontline facing the people, and tear gas lobbers were on stand-by.

After sometime two young men on a fibre boat tried to go towards KKNP. The protesters were against this and took permission from the police and went towards the young men and spoke them back to the place they were all sitting. As the two young men came back the police according to the Tirunelveli SP Vijendra Bidari’s orders, nabbed them. This caused unrest amongst the protesters and they argued with the police, asking why they’re arresting them after they have come back. Around this time at 11.30 Tirunelveli SP Vijendra Bidari announced the protesters to disperse in ten minutes failing which police will take action.

Women formed the first line of protestors and were closest to the plant, while the children and men strung out along the beach towards the Idinthakarai village. Just before the strike began, DIG Rajesh Das instructed the strike force to move towards the centre of the congregation and enter from the centre so as to divide the women and men.

As people all over Tamilnadu and elsewhere were watching this live on television, and even as the reporter was announcing that the ten minute countdown has started we could see tear gas shells being lobbed at the protesters. According to protester who was at the site, “A small commotion over policemen pushing two volunteer youth started and a few women shouted at the police men and a crowd gathered around them. Police men ran towards there and started lathi charge. Even before we could realise, tear gas shells were lobbed at us.”

As we could see from the live telecast, many teargas shells were lobbed and police went into the crowd in force and resorted to heavy lathicharging. Caught between a tide of armed police and the ocean, women and children tried to throw handsful of sand at the policemen to escape lathi blows; children were caught in the melee. A large number of men jumped into the sea, even as members of the Rapid Action Force were caught on television pelting stones, sticks and slippers at those at sea. The police were threatening those wading in the sea with death and bodily harm upon their return to the beach. At one point, the source of this information heard a policeman pointing out to a youth holding a mobile phone and shouting that he was holding a bomb. The source intervened to point out that it was a mobile phone.

Sahaya Initha, a prominent leader of the movement and a ward councillor, was targetted by the police and badly injured.

In a television interview, S.P. Udayakumar, who had by then moved to safety, said that he had been shot at. This incident was confirmed by other by-standers who said that shots were fired at the fibre boat in which Udayakumar was attempting to leave the site.

Media People Injured

Several media persons were injured, and at least one cameraman from Times Now was intentionally targetted. With most of the action centred around the seashore, a separate posse of policemen went about systematically breaking the vehicles used by protestors to come to the protest site. Only one cameraman, from Times Now, was present videographing the actions. The police attacked him causing serious injuries. He required at least four stitches above his eyebrow. His camera was destroyed and thrown into the sea, and the videotape reportedly removed.

Unconfirmed reports state that the motorcycles belonging to three media persons were also damaged in the police action.

A Dinakaran reporter was roughed up, and the Makkal TV reporter was pushed into the thorns.

Police Vandalism

Following in the heels of the departing people, the police also systematically destroyed the expensive outboard engines on the boats parked on the beach. One constable was working to set fire to the pandal, but stopped when he saw a photographer (the source of this information) poised to capture his act on camera. The photographer then alerted the Puthiya Thalaimurai reporter Mr. Ramanujam. The constable tried one more time before giving up, and angrily told the photographer that the latter was disrupting his work. The pandal on the seashore was pulled down. The lights and speakers were broken. Sand was thrown in the food that was prepared for lunch by the protestors.

Entering Idinthakarai

During the course of the melee at the seaside, a separate force of about 400 police persons entered the Idinthakarai village. The media was busy covering the riot-like situation on the coast and did not accompany the police force that went to Idinthakarai village. The police went door-to-door searching for men. When they reached the seaside, they saw about 150 to 200 youth gathered there. The youth dived into the sea to take refuge, while the police opened fire and taunted them from the shore threatening them with dire consequences when they return to shore.

Church Desecrated

It was during this time that the police desecrated the Lourdu Matha shrine. Idols were broken. Policemen spat and urinated inside the church. The pandal (tent) erected to provide shelter to the protestors was pulled down, and the lights vandalized. The water cans were broken. The Tamil Nadu Water and Drainage Board’s public water supply point in Koodankulam village too was reportedly broken.

Women who were watching the goings-on from hidden vantage points also reported that unknown men in white dhotis and shirts were seen stoning police vehicles with the police photographing the same.

News reports stated that the Panchayat office and the local TASMAC (Government-owned wine shop) in Koodankulam were set on fire by the villagers. However, the villagers in Koodankulam insist that no such incident happened. They admit that the awning (asbestos shelter) protruding from the wine shop was damaged. But neither the Panchayat office nor the TASMAC shop were set on fire or damaged.

Later in the evening around sixty five people were arrested from the Koodankulam village. Between 2.00 pm and 3.00 pm the police carried out a house to house search.

Last evening, the police entered the Tsunami Colony in Idinthakarai and conducted a door-to-door search. They also reported damaged a few of the houses.

Current Situation

An uneasy calm prevails. Essential supplies to Idinthakarai village have been blocked. All of yesterday, there was no water, especially since the water reserve was emptied by the police forces. As of 9.30 a.m. on 11 September, no supplies have been allowed to reach the village from beyond Thomas Mandapam, the location of the police barricade. One tractor-load of water was brought in at around 9.30 a.m. from a local source.

At the end of 10.09.2012, we got news that electricity connection to 5 villages has been cut off. Reports say that phone lines many of the villagers are being tapped in order to locate UdayaKumar and the struggle commitee leaders.

Within hours of the police crackdown, protests across the fishing villages across Southern Tamilnadu spread like wildfire. One fisherman, Anthony Samy (40 years) was shot dead in Manappad village, Thoothukudi district. More than 10,000 protestors staged a rail roko at Thoothukudi station delaying the Mysore Express by more than 2 hours.

Injuries, Arrests and Hospitalisations

Many people were arrested at the seashore. Following are the names of some of the people who were arrested:

Sundari; Xavier Amma; Selvi; Bedlin (Kootapuli); Lourdusamy; Rose

A journalist source reported to Dianuke.org that the DIG Rajesh Das had told him that 25 people were arrested yesterday.

One child from Koodankulam was reportedly hit on the head by a tear gas shell, and is said to be in a critical stage in the Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital. At the time of writing (September 11. 10 a.m.), no confirmation could be obtained about this incident.

The following is a list of people currently hospitalised at the Lourdu Matha Hospital in Idinthakarai:

1. Gnanaprakasam, Male, 80
2. David, M. 49. Idinthakarai
3. Gloudin, M, 35, Idinthakarai
4. Jeniker, M, 26, Idinthakarai
5. Selvan, M, age not known, Idinthakarai
6. Joseph, M, 47, village not known
7. Michael, M, 28, Koothenkuli
8. Valan, M, 23, Koothenkuli
9. Thangasamy, M, age not known, Koodankulam
10. Jeniker, M, 24, Idinthakarai
11. Kennedy, M, 50, Idinthakarai
12. Mahiban, M, 3, Idinthakarai
13. Initha, F, age not known, Idinthakarai
14. Chennammal, F, Idinthakarai
15. Jesu Ammal, F, Idinthakarai

Three people hospitalised in Lourdu Matha Hospital, Idinthakarai, were subsequently transferred by the police to a different location. But their current whereabouts are not known. The three people are:

1. Selson, M, Idinthakarai
2. Siluvai John, M, Koothenkuli
3. Jesu, M, Idinthakarai

Sahaya Initha

Anti- nuke activists arrested: 3 anti- nuke activists Suseendaran, Vivekanandan and Thirumurugan were arrested by the DC Saidapet when they went to extend solidarity for the protesting students of Nandanam Arts and Science College. They were released at around 7:30 p.m.

Tamil Nadu has a long tradition of using excessive force to quell protests particularly by marginalised communities. In 1999, 17 dalit tea estate workers were chased into the River Thamiraparani in Tirunelveli district by a baton-charging police force which had descended to quell a strike demanding better working conditions. Exactly a year ago, in Paramakudi, the police violently broke up a dalit gathering to honour their leader Immanuel Sekaran’s, gave hot chase to fleeing people, and shot and killed six dalits and injured more than 30.

Solidarity Protests:

* Students from Nandanam Arts and Science College staged a lock-in at their campus .
* Human Rights Protection Council staged a dharna at the Madras High Court.
* Ma Kaa Ee ka, staged a protest at Panagal Malligai and news report say that 30 people were arrrested.
* Manitha Neya Makkal Katchi staged a protest in Parry’s Corner and news reports state that 300 were arrested.
* Amidst heavy police presence, a dozen protestors submitted RTI applications at the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd’s office in Egmore, Chennai, demanding information within 2 days because the matter concerns the lives and liberties of local residents.

* Advocates protested at the TIruchi District Court campus.
* Ma Kaa Ee Kaa staged a protest at Tiruchi Bus Station along with support groups.

* Law college students staged a protest and were lathi charged and dispersed.

* Members of Naam Thamizhar blocked a road.

* Nearly 10,000 people, including a large number of fisherfolk, are reported to have staged a protest in front of the Lady of Snows Church in Thoothukudi. All nationalised banks pulled down their shutters in solidarity.
* Protestors also staged a rail roko and blocked the Mysore express train.

* Fishing boats observed a no-fishing day. The harbour is closed even today (11 September, 2012)

Manappad, Thoothukudi district
* Fisherfolk rallied against police atrocities. One man shot dead.

Periyathazhai and Uvari, Thoothukudi district
* Spontaneous protests by fisherfolk against police action

* Naam Thamizhar and other supporters blockaded the main road near the Tirunelveli junction. About 40 protestors were detained and released in the evening.

New Delhi:
* Koodankulam solidarity protest took place in front of the TamilNadu Bhavan, New Delhi.

* Lokayat organised a protest.


Earlier report from Muthukrishnan

The protestors spent the whole night at the seashore amidst the chilling breeze, the morning was a very new day in the history of this peaceful fast that has been taking place for more than 400 days. Police has been attacking unarmed villagers who were there to continue their fast on the beach – 500 meters away from the KKNPP against the loading of uranium in the reactor.

The Madras High Court had last week let down the protesting people by giving nod for functioning of the reactor in a case where deliberations went for months on the temperature levels of effluents to be released into the sea. The Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board had first mentioned as 45 degrees Celsius as the temperature of the effluents and later like a roadside bargain tinkered the report and submitted as 37 degrees Celsius without any scientific methodologies to mention.

We have reports of violence of the State Machinery spreading to more villages so far more than 60 people have been arrested and firing of tear gas shells and lathi charge is still on since morning. One girl child was trampled to death by the merciless boots of the khaki clad men. Protests in support of the anti-nuclear protestors has been spreading from Kanyakumari to Rameshwaram through out the coast of Tamilnadu. There has been also news of protest pouring in from Chennai to Delhi. Many people have been arrested in various cities.

Police had opened fire on Dr. S.P. Udayakumar the convenor of PNAME, he along with fellow protestors had escaped by lying on the ground and they managed to escape the brutal plans of the intimidating police force. The Police have entered the Idindakarai village for the first time since this protest has begun last year. They have been knocking every other door searching for the leaders. They have been publicly announcing all the households to push Udayakumar out to the streets and not provide shelter to any of the leaders. They have been conducting a search raid in all the houses. They have been also announcing that if Udayakumar was found in any of the houses, the whole family would be encountered to death.

This is very clear that the Govt and its brutal force is not ready to arrest Dr.S.P.Udayakumar, but have orders to kill him at sight. Just some minutes ago Anthonysamy a fishermen from Tutucorin was shot dead by the police. More news is pouring in, More news that chilling the heart, Many of the injured are still caught in the cross fire with no first aid reaching them, they are hungry and thirst with just rubber bullets to eat and tear gas to breath.