Uttar Pradesh – Report on yet another death of a worker at IIT-Kanpur

November 24, 2012

On Nov. 21, 2012, at around 9:10am, a worker, Shri Ram Saran Rai, fell from the 6th floor of the under-construction Extension to the New RA Hostel building (next to the swimming pool). According to workers at the site, he did not survive the fall; officially, he was declared ‘brought dead’ at the hospital where he was taken soon after the fall. This is the 9th incident of a worker’s death while working at IITK within the past five years and fourth in the last seventeen months; it comes just about a month after the tragic death of Shri Atar Singh, also caused by a fall from a building under construction on campus.

Hamara Manch has put together a report based on first-hand reports by fellow-workers from the same site as well as Hamara Manch volunteers who visited the site within an hour of the incident.

Click here to read the report in full (pdf version)