Protest Against the Atrocity by Trinamul’s Gundas at the Hunger Strike till Death for Reinstatement of 40 Illegally Retrenched Workers of Sova Ispat Limited

January 13, 2013

40 workers of Sova Ispat Limited (Mejia) have been retrenched without showing any valid reason from 01/12/2012. These workers are sitting for hunger strike till death in front of the gate of Sova Ispat Limited (Mejia) from 08/01/2013 morning demanding immediate reinstatement of all workers at their duty of Sova Ispat Limited (Mejia). All workers are working from 9th August, 2009 in this factory. They have pay slip for all months, ESI card and EPF Account number. Some workers were working at cement division of this company. For last seven months the production of cement division suspended. So 34 workers of 40 who were at cement division have been shifted to Ferro division. So for last six month they are working at sponge iron division, Ferro division, mechanical division etc. the job of sponge iron, ferrow and mechanical division are permanent job. These workers are working under contractor E& R construction. A letter has been issued by ‘ Authorized Signatory’ for Sova Ispat Limited ( Mejia) without any stamp to the contractor that the operation of the cement unit within the premises of Sova Ispat Limited ( Mejia) has been suspended for indefinite period and contractor is requested to demobilize your man power within 30 /12/ 2012.

But new workers are working in place of these retrenched workers at Sova Ispat Limited ( Mejia). According to the worker the undertone behind retrenchment is that you are the member of CPI(M) and you are workers for enough days. Now the people of TMC are doing the job. Before 3 months 40 private security personnel have been retrenched from this unit and there are also new workers at the same work. These 40 workers were roaming to different local leaders of all party. But lastly they are engaged in search of new work. These 40 workers who are sitting for dharna have appealed to their respective political party, ruling and opposition also. They have not received positive response. After that we are come in contact with them. They have given demonstration every day in front of the gate of Sova Ispat Limited (Mejia) from 10/12/2012 for their demand. Also they have submitted a representation to the A L C, Bankura and BDO, Mejia demanding a tripartite meeting for immediate reinstatement of all retrenched workers. After staging dharna infront of the gate of Sova Ispat Limited on 17th dec, 12 the Assistant Labour Commissioner made two tripartite meetings. But management of Sova Ispat limited disagreed to reinstate these workers at Sova Ispat limited(mejia). Now they compel to sit for hunger strike till death for the demand of their reinstatement immediately. 4th day of hunger strike on 11th Jan, 2013 40-50 goons of Trinamul congress have ransacked the manch of Hunger strike at 9 P.M. and have beaten severally the retrenched workers. These goons forced them to withdraw hunger strike.

We also want to mention that this is becoming a phenomenon that old contract labourers are replacing by new set of contract labourers at different organization, factory for last one year. Before 6 to 7 month the 400 contract labourers of Durgapur Steel plane attacked by the TMC goons and the goons snatched their identity card and resisted to join their duties . These workers are asked to attend at the Trinamul party office for 15 days and after that they would get permission to do the contract job at DSP.

Please make protest against the atrocity and stand for support of the demand for reinstatement by 40 illegally retrenched workers of Sova Ispat Limited ( Mejia).

From Sudipta Paul,
Secretary, ADHIKAR