Report on the dubious role of Noida Police in covering up the rape and murder of woman worker

January 19, 2013



After the nationwide public outrage over the barbaric incident of gang-rape in the national capital, one would have expected that the situation would improve for the women of this country. But the recent incidents of rape all over the country have belied this expectation. One such heinous incident took place in Chotpur workers colony in Noida where a 21 year old woman labourer was raped and murdered on the night of January 4 while she was returning from a garment factory after 12 hours of duty. But what is particularly outrageous in this case is the Noida Police’s role right from the time when the victim’s family brought to the notice of the police about the disappearance of their daughter.

It has appeared in the mainstream media that instead of searching for the woman labourer, the police personnel on the duty shamefully told the family members that she would have fled with her boyfriend. Clearly the timely action on the part of police could have saved the life of the woman. But what has not appeared in the mainstream media is the fact that the Noida police is shamefully trying to cover-up and weaken the case so that the accused may get away with no punishment or lighter punishment. This fact was revealed today by the mother of the victim herself during a protest meeting and a 12 kilometer long Satyagrah march in Noida from the place where the victim’s body was found to the City Magistrate office in which workers, youths and activists took part. The meeting and the march were organized by Bigul Mazdoor Dasta,Stree Mukti League and Naujawan Bharat Sabha.

The protestors registered their protest and gave a memorandum to the City Magistrate. The memorandum, being addressed to the Chief Minister, demands for setting up a SIT in this case and various measured to be taken for the safety of the the women factory workers. In front of the Magistrate, the victim’s mother clearly said that she had no faith in the local police as they seem to be working under the influence of local rich and influential persons. The local residents say that the main accused has a link with the ruling party in the state and he had made an earlier attempt of molesting the woman four years ago and no action was taken then. When this fact was brought out during the protest, the SHO ridiculously commented that “at that time it was Mayawati’s government!” The victim’s mother also told that in the FIR, the main accused was made as co-accused and another youth was made as main accused on basis of call details. It is noteworthy that the Noida police, in a dubious manner, took the dead body away from the family members for hours and made the preparation for cremating the body of the victim in a hurry. It was only after the pressure of the local residents that the post-mortem was performed and the the family members could perform the funeral. But, till today the victim’s family was not even given the post-mortem report. It was only after the victim’s mother brought this fact to the notice of the Magistrate today, the latter asked the SHO to handover the post-mortem report. The police maintains that the medical report could not establish whether rape had taken place or not. But the post-mortem report mentions that an abrasion of the size of 1.5×1 cm was found on private part of the dead body. It is to be noted that the victim’s dead body was found in a semi-nude condition with bruises all over her body. Another fact which raises suspicion that the local police and administration wanted to burry the issue hurriedly is that after the cremation, a group of officials reached the victim’s family members with a compensation check of Rs 3.75 Lakh at 12:30 in the night. On all these issues, the Noida police has maintained a studied silence and has refused to come before media.

The entire episode yet again raises the question of not only the apathy of the police but even its shameful attempt to come to the rescue of the rapists and murderers instead of carrying out proper investigation so that the accused get punished. That explains why the countrywide conviction rate in the cases of rape is only 26 percent. Noida police, in particular, has a track record of shabby investigation. The gruesome Nithari case happened in Noida only and the police’s complicity with the moneybags is now out in the public as the main culprit Pandher could not be convicted. Same is the case with the Arushi murder episode.

The mainstream media initially reported the Noida incident since it happened amidst the nationwide outrage against the Delhi Gang-rape case. But now that it has found a better breaking news in the form of the firing across the LOC which has the potential to create anti-Pakistan hysteria, the cases of rape have gone to the back-burner. Another reason of the disturbing silence of the mainstream media could be the fact that in this particular episode, the victim was from a poor labourer background. What else could be the reason behind the fact that the media which is so thirsty for such kind of news, never bothered to take the interview of the victim’s family which is crying for justice for their daughter for so many days. Now, It is only the people’s power which can deliver justice to the victim.

We, from Bigul Mazdoor Dasta, appeal to all the sensitive, progressive and justice-loving citizens to share this report on the social media and alternative media so that the victim’s family’s cry for justice is heard.

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