Kolkata Book Fair: Letters from Lalgarh and other Sanhati publications

January 30, 2013

Letters from Lalgarh, a new Sanhati publication, is available at the Kolkata Book Fair at the stall of Setu Prakashani (stall no. 146, Opposite Syed Mustafa Siraj pavilion). The book is a collection of the letters (translated to English) written by Peoples’ Committee Against Police Atrocities during the Lalgarh movement, which were chronologically published on our website.

Two previous Sanhati publications, Sanhati Selections 2011 and Sovereign are the People will also be available.

Books are available at the following stalls in Kolkata Book Fair 2013
– Guruchandali,
– Ekhan Bisambad
– Nagarik Mancha
– Desh Kaal Bhabna

Requests for the new book by e-mail to communications [at] sanhati [dot] com are also welcome.