Delhi – Report of protest at Haryana Bhawan against violence on Dalits in Rohtak

April 8, 2013



Today KYS (Krantikari Yuva Sangathan) staged a demonstration at Haryana Bhawan to protest against the recent incident of upper caste violence against Dalits in Madina village of Rohtak district (Haryana). We are deeply shocked and anguished with this latest incident of caste violence in Haryana. Incidents of violence and atrocities against Dalits, especially in states like Haryana have been mounting alarmingly. The memories of arson, looting, killings and gang rapes in places like Gohana, Mirchpur, Mahmudpur, Bhagana, etc. are still fresh. This incident is, thus, not an exception but the latest among a series of gruesome acts of violence against Dalits in Haryana—a fact which reflects the callous and conniving attitude of the Harayana government towards upper caste atrocities against Dalits.

Today the lands of Dalits are being snatched, they are being evicted from their dwellings and even proper wages are denied to them. The shameful killing of two Dalits including a 10 year old kid and the grievous injury inflicted on one person by the upper caste youth too is not being investigated properly despite a militant protest for the same by the Dalit community outside the Chief Minister’s house. Instead of assuring them of ensuring a free and speedy trial, the local police manhandled the protesters.

It would probably not be wrong to say that the state of Haryana is not safe for Dalits. Despite being fully aware of the tensed situation in the state it is beyond our comprehension as to why, till date, the state government has failed to take adequate steps to ensure the safety of Dalits. Through this protest demonstration, we wish to give out a strong message that such callous attitude toward caste violence would not be tolerated by the progressive and democratic forces of our society.

The police and the district admiration and the Haryana state government today constitute an unholy alliance that does not inspire any sort of confidence among Dalits and the progressive and democratic forces of the society.

After hours of protest and sloganeering we submitted a memorandum to the resident commissioner demanding the following:

* Rohtak should be declared an atrocity prone area as per the provisions of SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989.
* The district administration and police officials responsible for law and order in the area must be booked for negligence and punished.
* Compensation and urban jobs for the people from the affected families must be provided so that they are able to free themselves from the tutelage of the upper castes of their villages.
* The affected must be properly rehabilitated, in case they prefer to migrate due to fear of retaliation from the upper castes.
* Surplus lands must be confiscated and handed over to the co-operatives of agrarian workers.
* Anti-atrocity cells headed by people’s elected representatives must be constituted in every district.