West Bengal – APDR pamphlet on recent incidents concerning democratic rights

April 17, 2013

APDR Hooghly district committee demands that those behind the killing of Kaji Nasiruddhin and Sudipta Gupta be punished. Both have died in police custody under suspicious circumstances. Nasiruddin, a Trinamul Congress worker under Dhonekhali police station, had fallen out of favour of the ruling group. He was taken to the police station while being relentlessly beaten up, because he failed to pay the ‘tola’ (extortion money) to the police after buying a new car. Two hours later he was found dead. Sudipta Gupta was taking part in civil disobedience when he was arrested. He was hurt but the police showed no urgency to take him to a doctor. Later his family found him dead in the hospital. These incidents are a continuation of the atrocities witnessed during the Left Front regime. The chief minister cannot wash her hands off by branding the heinous killings as merely unfortunate incidents. Manhandling of the state finance minister and chief minister in Delhi shrank the space of democracy. So did the vandalising of Presidency University in the presence of the police force.