Report on the Workers’ Struggle at Wazirpur Industrial Estate

April 22, 2013

The following is a report (in Hindi) of the struggle carried on by workers in the hot-rolling plants in the Wazirpur Industrial Estate of Delhi. On 15th April, around 1000 workers marched on the office of the Deputy Labor Commissioner and demanded that:
1. Delhi Government mandated minimum wage be implemented
2. The 8-hour working day be implemented
3. ESI and PF be provided
The management tried to break the strike and the police resorted to beating up the workers. Under pressure the workers agreed to a compromise on the following terms:
1. Wages to be increased for all workers by Rs. 1500
2. All workers to receive ESI
3. Workers to be compensated for 4 of the 7 strike days
4. No workers to be fired
One main achievment of this struggle was that the workers formed a “Garam Rola Mazdoor Ekta Samiti” and assumed leadership of their own struggle.

– Editors