Updates on the struggles of the Maruti Suzuki workers

July 24, 2013

MSWU Release 24-7: Bail of workers and activists in Kaithal, the Struggle Continues. .

Today, 24th July 2013, the nine comrades in Kaithal District Jail, Haryana were released on bail after months of intense pressure by the movement and other solidarity efforts. Among them are Comrade Ramniwas, member of Provisional Working Committee, Maruti Suzuki Workers Union, Com. Deepak, General Secretary of Hindustan Motors Sangrami Shramik Karmachari Union, Com. Somnath, correspondent of the workers’ newspaper, Shramik Shakti and Suresh Koth, local panchayat leader from Jind, Dr. Ashwini, doctor and local social activist and others. The fake cases on them which range from Section 307 (Attempt to Murder) and the Arms Act (possession of illegal weapons etc) foisted by the police to break the valiant demonstration by over 2000 people in Kaithal on 19th May 2013 will continue. However even in the space of these two months after these targeted political arrests, we have not been cowered down and carried on continuous struggle, and it is due to this that the powers-that-be have been forced to accede to the force of the truth of our struggle.

The next date for hearing after 19th July on the framing of charges for the 147 workers in Gurgaon Jail is on 27th July 2013 as their trail still has not started, and that is also the date when the last of the witnesses for the counter-case on the management will depose before the court.

Our primary demands of release of the 147 fellow workers who have been denied bail for more than one year now and the quashing of false cases against them and on 66 others who have non-bailable arrest warrants against their name, still remains. As Suzuki Motors Chairman, Mr. Osamu Suzuki visits India, we want to reiterate our second demand of reinstatement of all the terminated workers, and that the government stop acting with only in favour of the interests of the company and implement labor laws in the region.

We observe with alarm, the similarity in the recent statement on 18th July of MSIL Chairman R.C. Bhargava who said “Japanese investors are jittery over the situation of labour unrest in India because of what happened in Manesar”, and the Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court’s verdict on 22nd May 2013 dismissing bail pleas of the arrested workers saying that “foreign investors are likely not to invest the money in India out of fear of labour unrest”. We appeal to all to keep vigil so that the government and justice-giving agencies are not influenced by the false propaganda and money-power of this highly exploitative company management.

On 18th July 2013, we marked one year of our continued struggle against one year of continuous repression by precisely pointing to this false propaganda which hold us responsible for the murder of the HR manager Awanish Dev without any due investigation. We gave statement and shouted slogans pointing to the real culprits behind the incident- the management’s exploitative practices and conspiracy supported and encouraged by the government-administration-police, and thus paid our tributes to the deceased. On the same day, 18th July 2013 inside the Maruti company in Manesar, ‘special lunch’ was arranged, and this is how they celebrated the incident of 18th July 2012 and the so-called improved relations among the workers and management, while production at present inside the plant is highly exploitative and under immense coercion.

On 18th July 2013, we assembled at Leisure Valley Park in Gurgaon and attempted to march to IMT Manesar in the morning, but were stopped at the site by the heavy deployment of the police, and a DC order of imposition of Sec 144 in the entire industrial belt of IMT Manesar, in Tau Devilal Park and NH-8 as well as in the Mini Secretariat in Gurgaon. The administration might say this is a special circumstance, but all workers in the belt know it for a fact that such coercion and repressive pro-activeness by the state to serve the interests of the companies and curb our democratic rights is a very normal everyday condition in the industrial region.

Around 2000 police personnel were present at the site itself where we assembled, and the mobilization of the police force in Manesar was over 10000 personnel armed with weapons, lathis, water cannons, tear gas vehicles creating a threatening atmosphere in the entire industrial belt. Many workers were physically stopped from joining our demonstration. Our own workers kept receiving threat calls from the CID against joining the protest. The entire Union body of Suzuki Motorcycles India Employees Union were detained in a police station in Kherki Daula village in Gurgaon by the SHO and their phones switched off, so that they could not join our struggle.

Even thus, we are heartened to receive support from workers and various trade unions in the area who are ready to take our issue as the common issue of workers in the entire industrial region and specially in the automobile sector. Besides Hero Motor Corp’s Union with its President Com. Bhim Rao, Suzuki Powertrain India Employees Union with its terminated President Sube Singh and the entire Union bodies of Rico Auto Dharuhera, Nerolac Bawal, IJL Rewari, NSK and unions from many other companies in the area joined in our support. Besides these, we received support from local and central trade union and workers bodies like CITU, ICTU, AICCTU, Jan Sangharsh Manch Haryana, Hindustan Motors SSK Union, SSC, Bluestar Employees Union, NTUI, Inqlabi Mazdoor Kendra, Mazdoor Kranti Parishad, Bigul Mazdoor Dasta, AIFTU(New), IFTU and many others, and students and other groups like PUDR, KNS, AISA, NBS, DSU, NSI, Pratidhwani, Janrang and many other individuals from across the country from Mumbai and Bengal, and especially from nearby Delhi. Simultaneous demonstrations and programs were organized and messages of solidarity came from Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Bhillai, Hyderabad and many other places by various workers groups, trade unions and other mass organizations. We express our gratitude and resolve to continue with this common struggle of workers.

On 25th July 2013, there is a joint rally of all Trade Unions in Gurgaon-Manesar in front of Mini Secretariat, Gurgaon where the first demand pertains to the release of arrested workers and reinstatement of terminated workers of Maruti Suzuki Manesar besides demands of other workers facing exploitation and repression in their factories. We appeal to all to join the rally.

We have declared our intent of holding our next program in Manesar and have sent letters of intimation to the DC and other relevant authorities for the same. We shall take ahead our struggle in the coming days with renewed energy and not be cowered by the repression and exploitation.

Provisional Working Committee
Maruti Suzuki Workers Union


MSWU Press Release: 17th July 2013

We the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union in our General Body meeting in the evening of 17 July 2013 in Gurgaon Sector-5 have decided to go ahead with our peaceful demonstration and indefinite Hunger Strike on 18th July 2013 in IMT Manesar, Gurgaon. We have decided to gather at Leisure Valley Park at Sector 29, Gurgaon at 9am in the morning and take out a foot march of 20kms towards Manesar, to hold our peaceful demonstration at Tau Devilal Park, IMT Manesar. Our spirits are high with the resolve to carry forward our struggle in the face of continuous repression by the administration-police-government, which is acting only in favour of the interests of the Maruti Suzuki management.

We are acting well within our democratic and fundamental right to organize and protest. The administration has meanwhile been taking out a misinformation campaign of a possible confrontation with a few village heads that they will not let us hold any demonstration at the proposed venue. We have complete solidarity of common villagers and have had support of over hundred 150 panchayats. Villagers near the plant in IMT Manesar sent us solidarity greetings and even took our posters to put it up themselves on 16th July when we went to IMT Manesar to put up posters. The supposed opposition comes from a few businessmen, contractors and landlords who parrot what the company management wants them to.

Meanwhile with this supposed threat to disruption of public peace, over 2000 police personnel and paramilitary have been stationed in the park itself, while Gurgaon has literally been turned into a military fortress, with flag marches led by the Police Commissioner himself, water cannons and tear gas vehicles stationed at every corner and well over ten thousand police personnel at the ready. We however have stated and will act within our democratic legal and constitutional rights, and this huge deployment of forces and creation of a tense military atmosphere is against our basic fundamental right to stage protests against continuous injustice meted out to us.

Manesar has since the past one year been turned into a zone where workers work not only under exploitation of the hard working conditions and low wages and divide and rule policies of the company managements but also under constant threat of being fleeced and threatened by local landlords and under heavy menacing police presence and there is no semblance of any democratic atmosphere.

This has been also increased in recent times with the misinformation campaign by the Maruti company and the government blaming us workers for the death of one pro-worker manager Awanish Dev last year on 18th July. We have thus been criminalized without any investigation and we hold the company to be responsible for this as part its conspiracy to break our spirit of unity. We demand that the true facts of this case come out in the public and the general public and the judiciary take note of our voice. We will mark a year of our struggle, a year of jail without bail of 147 of our brethren, sleepless nights for 66 workers with non-bailable warrants on them, a year without jobs for 2300 of us, a year of economic devastation of thousands of our families with our dharna and hunger strike tomorrow.

For our just struggle, we have received support of workers in the belt and across the country, local and national Trade Unions, workers and peasants’ organizations and panchayats, students, lawyers and common toiling people and many individuals. Simultaneous solidarity demonstrations have been and will be staged jointly by Trade Unions and others pro-worker forces before and on 18th July 2013 in Ludhiana and Chandigarh, in Chennai, Bangalore, Bhillai, Kolkata and many other places besides demonstrations across Haryana. Those in Delhi will join us in Gurgaon.

We demand:

1. Release all arrested workers and activists and take back all fabricated cases. Release the 147 workers who are in Gurgaon Jail without any bail for last 1 year, and the 10 workers and sympathizers who are in Kaithal Jail for last two months on fabricated cases.

2. Reinstate all terminated workers of Maruti Suzuki Manesar, Suzuki Powertrain India Ltd and Suzuki Motorcycles India Ltd.

3. Institute an independent impartial inquiry into the incident of 18th July 2012.

Mahabir, Katar, Rajpal, Yogesh
(Provisional Working Committee)
Maruti Suzuki Workers Union


Delhi – Pamphlet from Join Forum in solidarity with the struggle of Maruti workers

Click here to obtain the pdf file (in Hindi)

Struggle Continues in the Face of Repression (May 28 2013)
We have been subjected to repression not only in the form of police baton charges, but also through the corrupt channels of injustice.

Our spirit of struggle has been further tempered in the hearth of repression. We are resolute to continue our struggle against the Maruti Suzuki management and Haryana government’s collusion with it, even as the Haryana police administration came down with brutal force to break our 57-day long dharna in Kaithal on 18-19th May and put 111 of us behind bars.

When we were being taken to Kaithal Jail and even inside it this week, we sang ragnis and songs of freedom and struggle in the face of this repression. Four of us were kept in solitary confinement to pressurize us, but for two days from 18th May, we staged a hunger strike inside the Kaithal Jail to demand our rights and pledged to renew our struggle. In this spirit, we have decided to hold a protest demonstration and indefinite dharna from 1st June 2013 on, against the repressive actions of 18-19th May, in Kaithal and appeal to all pro-worker and democratic forces to join us in our struggle. We will also go ahead with our demands of release of 147 workers in Gurgaon Jail, the reinstatement of terminated workers and quashing of the case against the 11 workers and activists lodged in Kaithal Jail.

After the arrests of 100 workers and activists and uprooting of our dharna site by the brute force of thousands of Haryana police personnel on the night of 18th May and 19th May morning, we saw our fellow workers, family relatives and supporters and activists, who were staging a peaceful democratic protests, face brutal lathi-charge, water cannon and tear gas on the evening of 19th May in front of the barricades near the residence of the R.S. Surjewala, the Haryana Industries Minister. Our parents, old women and men, were seriously injured, and 11 workers and activists have been arrested including Provisional Working Committee, MSWU member Ramniwas Kush, the advisor to our union and Gen Sec of Hindustan Motors SSK Union Deepak Bakshi, local panchayat leader Suresh Koth and Kaithal municipal councilor Premchand under ridiculous charges of attempt to murder and many other non-bailable offences.

From 20th May on, the securities to be shown for bail-bond was set at Rs.40000 each for the 100 workers and activists, which is clearly with the intention of harassing us through all possible means. On 22nd May, the bail application in the Chandigarh High Court for 16 of the 147 workers in jail since 18th July 2012 has been rejected and the case dismissed. We believe all evidence continues to clearly show our innocence and the management’s complicity in the incident of 18th July 2012, and its malicious intent to punish us for raising our voice for our fundamental right of freedom of association to form a Union and against the contract worker system. We are thus being subjected to repression not only in the form of police baton charges, but also through the corrupt channels of injustice. The same government which declares us criminals without any investigation, baton charges and arrests us to crush our questions on its jobless growth model, spends Rs.1.43 crores on the special public prosecutor in just 8 months as a RTI has shown.

Against all this combined repression by the government administration police and the legal system which refuses to give us justice, we are resolved to struggle. Our friends and comrades and toiling masses throughout the country have lend us support, as the protest demonstrations have showed. Yesterday 27th May 2013, the joint trade unions of Gurgaon-Manesar-Bawal showed their solidarity by protesting in front of the Gurgaon DC office against the police repression on our struggle on 18-19th May in Kaithal and submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister, Haryana. This includes factory unions like Maruti Gurgaon MUKU, Suzuki Powertrain, Suzuki Bike, Honda, Hero Motorcorp, Rico Dharuhera, FCC Rico Manesar, Munjal Showa, Omax Auto, Satyam Auto, Endurance, Lumax Auto, Napino Manesar Union as well as central trade Unions like HMS, AITUC, CITU, AIUTUC, and others. Similar demonstrations are been organized daily in solidarity in Delhi on 19th and 20th May by various organizations in front of Haryana Bhavan and Jantar Mantar and in front of the CM Haryana house, in Kolkata on 27th May where all struggling trade unions organized a joint rally of over 1500 people in front of Maruti regional office, in Patna, in Punjab and across the country in various places.

We appeal to all workers, trade unions, pro-worker and democratic forces and individuals to continue to show solidarity by joining us on 1st June 2013 in Kaithal, Haryana in the protest demonstration and dharna by MSWU and stage solidarity actions in the coming days as we intensify our movement.

Inquilab Zindabad!
Mazdoor Ekta Zindabad!

Provisional Working Committee
Maruti Suzuki Workers Union


PRESS RELEASE: 20th May 2013

We are facing one of the most brutal repression by the government on our movement. While we have adopted the democratic and peaceful means available to demand the release of arrested 147 workers, withdrawal of and reinstatement of terminated 546 permanent and 1800 contract workers, the government has only responded with force and malice and in collusion with the Maruti Suzuki company management.

Our peaceful dharna has been going on since 24th March, which included hunger strike, deputations, rallies, which are all in the ambit of our democratic right guaranteed in the Constitution. This was forcibly broken on 18th May by the huge police force of thousands of personnel in riot gear, tear gas etc. They came in before curfew under Sec.144 was declared on the entire town of Kaithal at 5pm with effect till midnight of 19th May to prevent our call for a protest demonstration on 19th May in front of the residence of Haryana Industries and Commerce Minister, Randip Singh Surjewala. Thousands of people from across Haryana and other pro-worker people from across the country were to come to express solidarity.

At 11.30pm on 18th May those on the site of the dharna, 96 workers and activists were arrested and sent to Kaithal Jail under Sections 188, 341, 506, 511. This includes a member of the Provisional Working Committee, MSWU, Yogesh Gawande, and two Trade Union activists who have been coming in support, Shyamveer who is a correspondent of the workers newspaper, Nagrik and an activist with Inqlabi Mazdoor Kendra, and Amit and who is a workers’ movement activist and current Phd student in Economics dept, CESP, JNU, New Delhi. On the morning of
19th May, 4 more workers were arrested from their homes in the villages nearby.

On 19th May 2013, we decided to go ahead with our pre-declared program, and around 1500 people started coming in solidarity from across Haryana in the morning. These included primarily workers and our family members and relatives, and people from village Panchayats, democratic and mass organizations and individuals. A huge police force and CID Haryana personnel were all over the Bus Station, Railway Station and all points in the town to follow and stop anyone who was coming for support. We gathered near Pyoda village 2km from the city limits, and started to peacefully march to register our protest, that all those arrested on 18th May night be released immediately so that talks can happen. Barricades and a huge police contingent of over 2000 personnel with water cannons and tear gas vehicles, stopped us on the road next to Surjewala’s residence.

At 6.30pm, without any warning, the stationed police force started a brutal lathi-charge and tear gas and water cannons were unleashed mercilessly on the protestors, which included in large majority, women, children and old men. Hundreds were seriously injured and admitted to the hospital. The police came with a second round of lathi-charge when people were still in a state of shock. The government has acted with malicious intention, and with a view to crush the struggle while all wanted to do was register our peaceful protest in front of our elected representatives, and yesterday’s actions and arrests shows this.

Eleven workers and activists were arrested on completely fabricated charges of serious nature. These are:
• Ramniwas of Provisional Working Committee, Maruti Suzuki Workers Union
• Deepak Bakshi who is advisor to the MSWU and General Secretary of Hindustan Motors-Sangrami Shramik Karamchari Union, Kolkata
• Somnath who is a correspondent of the workers newspaper, Shramik Shakti
• Suresh Koth, who is panchayat leader from Koth village, Hissar dist, Haryana
• Nitish
• Mangtu
• Premchand
• and three more people, whose names are still unclear.

They have been charged under non-bailable Sections 148, 149, 188, 283, 332, 353, 186, 341, 307 (attempt to murder) of the IPC, 3 of P/D, TPDA, 8NH for blocking the highway and 25 (54 and 59) of the Arms Act. They have been produced in the Kaithal Court today 20th May 2013 and sent to 14days of Judicial Custody.

This is a serious pre-meditated assault on especially those of the active workers and activists who have stood in solidarity with us and to show us again as criminals only because we continue to protest against the wrongs that have been done to us for the last two years since 4th June 2011, and especially since 18th July 2012 when it became apparent that the government is openly siding with the company against workers and activists. This is the reward the government has again given us workers for asking for our rights which are guaranteed in the Constitution.

We appeal to all workers, trade unions and workers organizations, democratic rights and civil rights organizations and mass organizations and democratic minded individuals and to come out in protest in this hour when we need all forms of solidarity. We reiterate our just demands of releasing all the arrested workers and activists and reinstatement of terminated workers.

Provisional Working Committee
Maruti Suzuki Workers Union


PUDR: Stop the Police Brutality Against Maruti Suzuki Workers

The Haryana Government yet again in a brazen and outright cowardly manner has sought to protect the interest of capital and particularly the management of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd by refusing to allow the victimised workers and their families to undertake a peaceful demonstration planned for today which was expected to draw in ten thousand people from across the state. A short while ago, police lathicharged a peaceful demonstration of workers families outside the residence of State Industry Minister Randeep Singh Surjewala. Scores have been hurt in the lathicharge and the demonstrators are being arrested.

The Haryana Government, on the eve of this peaceful protest at Kaithal, imposed IPC Section 144 in the town and arrested close to 100 workers and their family members from the dharna site at the Kaithal Mini Secretariat at 11:30 pm last night. Several more were picked up from the entry points to the town including the bus terminus this morning. The workers and their family members have been sitting on an entirely peaceful dharna at the Mini Secretariat from 28 April 2013 demanding release of the 147 workers in Gurgaon Jail and reinstatement of the workers, both permanent and contract, terminated without enquiry following the 18 July incident. Despite the heavy police mobilisation and barricades at entry points of the town, thousands of people from across Haryana have been pouring into the city to gherao the State Industries Minister, Randeep Singh Surjewala at his residence. Wives, mothers and sisters of workers are present in large numbers at this demonstration demanding a just inquiry and an end to the state effort at criminalisation of the workers.

Officers at Kaithal Civil Lines Police Station and at the Office of the Superintendent of Police refused to provide copy of the FIR or even provide details about the arrests since last night to us or even to the advocate of the workers and their families. They even refused to mention under what charges the arrests had been made and where the workers and others who were arrested were detained.

There were two other large demonstrations in Kaithal today – one to celebrate Parshuram Jayanti organised by the Brahmin Samaj addressed by the Haryana Industries Minister, Surjewala and another of the Haryana Janhit Congress. So, the imposition of Section 144 IPC was clearly aimed at denying the Maruti Suzuki workers and their families their democratic right to peaceful protest. The large police mobilisation with tear gas and water cannons was only aimed at the Maruti Suzuki workers.

84 Sarpanches from across Haryana had extended their support to the Maruti Suzuki workers struggle at the last demonstration of the workers at Kaithal on 8 May 2013. The Haryana Government has stopped the funds to these Panchayats. Thus it is using both brute force and its fiscal powers to obliterate the struggle of the workers and put down the solidarity and support mobilised by the Sarpanches across the state. Elected representatives of the people are refusing to talk to citizens in their attempt to protect the interest of capital.
We continue to stand in solidarity with the struggle of the members of Maruti Suzuki Workers Union and their demand for a fair inquiry, release of the arrested workers and reinstatement of the workers terminated after the 18 July 2012 incident. This struggle against capital and the complicit state is a critical turning point in upholding democratic rights of the working class.

We support the demands of the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union:

1. The Haryana Government must immediately stop the assault on the workers of Maruti -Suzuki.
2. The Haryana Government must immediately order an enquiry into the events at Kaithal in the last 24 hours.
3. Government of Haryana should withdraw all charges and release all Maruti Suzuki workers and their family members arrested at Kaithal in the last 24 hours.
4. Government of Haryana should not oppose the bail application of the 147 workers in Gurgaon jail following the 18 July incident.
5. MSIL must reinstate all permanent workers who were summarily dismissed after the 18 July incident and regularise all contract workers who were on the rolls of the Company on 18 July 2012.
6. MSIL must negotiate in good faith with the MSWU.

Association for Democratic Rights (AFDR), Punjab
People’s Union of Civil Rights (PUCR), Kaithal, Haryana
Kulbir Singh and Ranjana Padhi
Peoples Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR), Delhi
Gautam Mody
New Trade Union Initiative


MSWU Update on May 19 gherao : workers detained, Sec 144 clamped

The Haryana government in brazen act of collusion with Maruti management has let loose repression on us workers when we are demanding our legitimate rights. Around 150 of our fellow workers have been taken into custody at 11.30pm last night in Kaithal police station to prevent our call for Dharna and Gherao scheduled for today 19 May 2013. The number of those arrested has gone up since last night, as police continue to pick up workers and supporters from our homes, villages and streets.

A state of curfew with Sec 144 clamped down on the entire town of Kaithal is on. As workers and supporters from across Haryana and other places are pouring in from the morning, CID and thousands of police are stationed in the Bus Station, Railway station and in the entire town and nearby villages and trying to stop their entry with barricades and tear gas, water cannons.

We have decided to go ahead with the program. Thousands of people who are coming in solidarity will go ahead with the protest, and will sit on the road wherever they are stopped. We will try to march to the Industries Minister’s residence with our demands. We appeal to all to join our protest and organize solidarity actions against the Haryana government and Maruti management.


Update from May 18, 2013

Around 120-50 Maruti Suzuki workers present in the dharna site in Kaithal tonight, have been picked up by the Haryana Police around 11.30 pm tonight. We were preparing for the demonstration call for tomorrow, 19th May 2013 in Kaithal, where thousands of people from across Haryana are to come in solidarity. This is after the declaration of the Mahapanchayat organized by MSWU on 8th 2013 May where over 2000 people came.

Section 144 has been clamped on the entire town of Kaithal, the dist HQ of Kaithal dist, Haryana from 5pm today till 12o’clock midnight tomorrow. Around 1500 additional police force with tear gas etc. have already been stationed here.

The funds to 84 sarpanch of village panchayat was declared by the district adminsitartion , Kaithal to be stopped. The village panchayats and local pro-worker struggle leaders have been receiving personal threat calls from the Industrial Minister, Haryana against joining our struggle.

We call upon all to come in solidarity. The program tomorrow will go ahead as scheduled from 11am, as people from across the State have already started coming to the dharna site.



Mahapanchayat Report from MARUTI SUZUKI WORKERS UNION

On 8th May 2013, more than two thousand workers, our families and common toiling people around the villages and towns participated on our call for a Meeting and Mahapachayat in front of the D.C. Office complex in Kaithal district, Haryana. It sent a strong message to both the Maruti Suzuki company management and the Haryana government that this brutal attack on the working people will be fought by an ever strengthening unity of toiling people, and that our 147 jailed fellow workers be immediately released and the terminated workers be reinstated.

In this Mahapanchayat, workers and representatives from workers’ organizations and independent and Central Unions from all corners of the country participated in our solidarity. These include Hero Honda Employees Union, IMT Manesar, Rico Employees Union, Dharuhera, FCC Rico Employees Union, IMT Manesar, Suzuki Powertrain Employees Union, IMT Manesar, Bluestar Employees Union and Trade Union Solidarity Committee, Mumbai, Molder and Steel Workers Union, Ludhiana Punjab, NTUI, Mumbai, CITU, Haryana. Workers organizations and mass student youth and womens organizations like Inqlabi Mazdoor Kendra, Jan Sangharsh Manch Haryana, Krantikari Naujawan Sabha, Bigul Mazdoor Dasta, Inquilabi Jan Awaaz Punjab, Naujawan Bharat Sabha, DYFI Haryana, Samtamulak Mahila Sangathan and many others also came in solidarity.

We received support and solidarity from over 150 panchayat leaders from across the state of Haryana who came to the Mahapanchayat. This has given our struggle a stronger social dimension and we hope that this is part of making this struggle a social and political struggle affecting all sections of the toiling masses. It was the 46th day of our dharna in Kaithal, which has started on 24th March 2013, and which included a Fast Unto Death from 28th March, which we only temporarily halted after 8 days at the assurance of the Chief Minister of Haryana, Bhupinder Hooda and State Industries Minister, R.S. Surjewala. But this was not acted upon, as the government is hand-in-glove with the interests of the Maruti Suzuki company, at the cost of workers and common toiling people whom we expect it to represent. The Public Prosecutor is being paid crores of rupees by the government to fight the case against us, while we are terminated from our jobs and jailed, and the unemployment continually rises, not to mention the continuous harassment and repression by the police in different forms.

After the day-long meeting, we blocked the roads in front of the D.C. Office in the evening since our demands are not being heeded to even though our struggle has been adopting completely peaceful, at which the D.C. came to receive our memorandum to forward it to the state government. The Mahapanchayat gave a warning to the government to listen to our demands, failing which the Industries Minister residence in Kaithal will be gheraoed on 19th May 2013 with an increased strength of the toiling people who came in support.

Our struggle started for our rights and work with dignity in the factory, and the right to organize and abolition of illegal contract worker system are the two principal demands for which we are being attacked by the company, as the owners and rulers want that the workers ad toiling people be divided among themselves. Against this model of development imposed in this manner by the company-government-administration, we will continue to raise our voice. The movement will also continue to gather strength until our demands are met.

Provisional Working Committee,
Maruti Suzuki Workers Union
8th May 2013