Delhi – Protest Demonstration by the contract workers of Metro Rail

May 31, 2013

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Press Release from Delhi Metro Kamgar Union

New Delhi, 30 May – Hundreds of Delhi Metro Workers gathered at Jantar-Mantar today to protest against the serious and open violation of labour laws by DMRC under the banner of Delhi Metro Rail Kamgar Union (DMRKU). Delhi Metro workers held a large demonstration against the unreasonable termination of 250 workers by the Metro Mangement which would be effective from 1 June. They also burned the effigy of Metro Management. DMRKU handed over a memorandum along with a charter-of-demands to the prime minister office, labour minister and metro chief Mangu Singh which had been signed by hundreds of workers.

The secretary of Delhi Metro Rail Kaamgaar Union, Ajay, said that the contract of the Trig company that does the work of giving Tokens at metro ends on 1 June 2013, after which DMRC should take the responsibility of these workers. Ajay also said that in Delhi Metro the minimum wage, E.S.I, P.F etc fixed by the Government has also not been implemented. The main demands enlisted in the memorandum handed over to prime minister and others are – the reinstatement of all the workers terminated by the contract comany Trig. Metro should reinstate the workers even after the tender of the company working on contract ends, the implementation of Labour Act (regularization and abolishment), 1970, ensuring the permanent appointment of workers and the strict implementation as well as adherence of the Labour Laws. Naveen, a worker at Metro and a member of DMRKU said that Delhi Metro which is considered the pride of the city and which serves as a lifeline to millions of Delhites for commuting, works so efficiently due to the hard work and toil of the workers who are paid the least attention to and provided with no respite by the Metro management.

Shivani of Bigul Mazdoor Dasta said that to wage this struggle further DMRKU will file a PIL making it illegal to hire contract workers for jobs of permanent nature. She said further that all metro workers, guards, TOM operators and sweepers face gross abolition of labour laws. To fight effectively against this, all workers must unite under the banner of DMRKU.

Various Student-Youth organization as well as women and labour organizations extended their open support to the demands of DMRKU and Metro workers. Organisations like Disha Students Organisation, Naujawan Bharat Sabha, Stree Mukti League and Karawal Nagar Mazdoor Union etc. were present. Representatives from these organisations (Sunny from Disha Students Organisation, Yogesh from Naujawan Bharat Sabha, Babyfrom Stree Mukti League) too addressed the workers.