An Appeal from Analytical Monthly Review

June 13, 2013

Probably you are aware that Analytical Monthly Review had started the publication of an Indian edition of Monthly Review, New York, in the year 1993, with the idea of making it easily available for Indian readers at an affordable price. At that time the cost of a single issue of the US edition was 3$ (Approximately 90 rupees with additional postal charges). We started our edition with the cover price of only Rupees 25. After that 20 years have passed and many changes have taken place. To cope with escalating prices in all spheres, we are forced to revise our cover price as well as subscription rates from April, 2013. The most important change which is forcing us to rethink about our venture is the availability of all articles which are published in print form as Analytical Monthly Review in the web site of Monthly Review, New York and the increased accessibility of internet to the readers.

We are also aware of our weaknesses. According to our self-assessment, we found that one of our main failures is to create a living communication with our subscribers and this may have hurt them. We beg sincere apologies for this unintentional act. Now, we are trying to improve ourselves. But we have to work with a very thin resource which sometimes landed us in such a trouble that maintaining a full fledged office is in itself a difficult job. So, we are earnestly requesting you to feel free to give us your valuable suggestions, advice and criticisms by sending a letter by post or email.

Lastly, in-spite of all these, if you feel, that continued existence of Analytical Monthly Review is necessary in India, please renew or start afresh not only your subscription but also try to add at least one more subscriber to AMR. It is important because at present a huge amount of the dues are still pending for recovery from our distributors and booksellers, and you may understand that recovering the outstanding bills is itself a herculean task.

Your reply to this appeal will be highly appreciated.

With regards

(Subhas Aikat)
Analytical Monthly Review