Andhra Pradesh – Statements against the killing of Ganti Prasadam : CDRO, CRPP, RDF

July 14, 2013


Report of the Demonstration in Delhi Protesting the Dastardly Murder of Revolutionary Leader Ganti Prasadam

Today, 10th of July, 2013, democratic and revolutionary voices from across Delhi came together to condemn the brutal attack and murder of Ganti Prasadam in a protest demonstration at Jantar Mantar. A dastardly murder of a popular trade union leader with a long-standing history of leading the workers’ movement in his home district, Vijiyanaram, a revolutionary leader who stood the ground for the poor – the dalits, adivasis, workers, and all the oppressed and destitute, and a prolific poet and writer who stood tall amongst the people as a tireless voice for the genuine demands of the people, Ganti Prasadam was killed by state sponsored goons on the 4th of July. Ganti Prasadam was serving as the All India Vice-President of Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) and was an Executive Member of the Committee for the Relatives and Friends of Martyrs at the time of his assassination in Nellore.

Ganti Prasadam was a post-graduate from Banaras Hindu University in 1960’s, and has ever since remained devoted to the revolutionary movement and its culture as a poet, a writer and a political analyst, besides being a public intellectual. On the 4th of July, a three-member state sponsored vigilante group with pistols and knives attacked him at 3:40 pm in front of a government hospital in Nellore. He was there to address the annual meeting of the Committee of the Relatives and Friends of Martyrs, which is held every year to commemorate revolutionaries, activists and ordinary people who have lost their lives at the hands of the state in fake encounters or in police custody and missing peoples in the state of Andhra Pradesh as part of people’s movement and revolutionary struggle over the years. After the meeting, he went to the local hospital to meet a family member of a martyr who was hospitalized. While coming out of this hospital, he was brutally attacked by the three-member assassins’ team of the Andhra Pradesh State Intelligence Bureau with knives and then shot thrice with a pistol at close range. Though he was operated on for hours, the wounds proved fatal and in the early hours of the 5th of July, Prasadam’s life came to an end.

The targeting of mass revolutionary leaders in Andhra Pradesh and the criminalizing of people’s activists through fabricated cases and extended incarceration has been common practice of the state government. Over the years, Ganti Prasadam repeatedly faced arrest for upholding genuine people’s movements. He fought incessantly for the rights of the oppressed masses and political prisoners, particularly adivasis in Odisha and Andhra. Despite the repression he faced, he continued to lead and participate in people’s movement. He also wrote prolifically engaging in contemporary political and literary debates.

In the protest demonstration held in Delhi, many democratic and revolutionary organisations and individuals condemned the murder. In this demonstration, Revolutionary Democratic Front’s President Rajkishore exposed the preplanned nature of the assault on him. He reiterated that Ganti Prasadam was not a lone voice but the voice of thousands of people fighting for their genuine demands for jal, jangal, jameen in all parts of the country. Thousands of people in the past have been attacked in this way over the years and the lives that have been silenced are testimony to the brutality of the Indian State. Banojyotsna of Democratic Students’ Union drew attention to the civil war waged by the Indian State on its own people in the name of Operation Green Hunt. This killing of Ganti Prasadam is an extension of this war on people and reflects the desperation of the Indian State to violently repress all voices of dissent. Mrigank from Naujawan Bharat Sabha stated that the way in which Ganti Prasadam was killed once again reveals the fear of the ruling classes of the power of the revolutionary struggle. Ever since the emergence of the revolutionary struggle, such incidents as this one have continued unabated. P K Shahi of AIFTU appealed to the revolutionary and democratic forces of the country to unite and answer back this murder on Ganti Prasadam. Arjun Prasad of PDFI saw this murder of Ganti Prasadam as an extension of the larger agenda of the state reflected in Operation Green Hunt. Leaders from People’s Front- Delhi, Inquilabi Mazdoor Kendra, Viplava Sanskritik Manch, Mehanatkash Mazdoor Morcha, Krantikari Yuva Sangathan, Krantikari Naujawan Sabha and others spoke in this demonstration.

It is clear to us that this attack was to eliminate a revolutionary mass leader who could reach out to the vast sections of society and successfully lead the revolutionary masses against the military campaign launched by the Indian state on its own people. This campaign codenamed Operation Green Hunt has resulted in the death and destruction of thousands of lives and livelihood in the states of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. These organisations have come together to stand united in demanding the constitution of a high-level judicial inquiry with a sitting Supreme Court or High Court judge into this cold-blooded murder of Ganti Prasadam and identify its perpetrators and subsequently, the punishment of those officials, politicians and goons responsible for this brutal killing of a revolutionary leader. The Home Minister of this country should break his silence act. The Central Government must answer for the death of a people’s leader.

At the end of the demonstration, a memorandum was submitted to the Union Home Minister demanding a judicial inquiry on the brutal murder of Ganti Prasadam.

The Organizations participated in the Demonstration.
All India Federation of Trade Unions [AIFTU (New)], All India Students’ Association [AISA], Bigul Mazdoor Dasta, Campus Front of India [CFI], Communist Part of India Marxist-Leninist (New Democracy) [CPIML (ND)], Committee for Release of Political Prisoners [CRPP], Democratic Students’ Union [DSU], Inquilabi Mazdoor Kendra [IMK], Krantikari Lok Adhikar Sangathan, Krantikari Naujawan Sabha [KNS], Krantikari Yuva Sangathan [KYS], Mehnatkash Mazdoor Morcha [MMM], National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations [NCHRO], Nawjawan Bharat Sabha, New Democratic Party of India [NDPI], Nowroz, People’s Democratic Front of India [PDFI], People’s Front- Delhi [PF (Delhi)], Pratidhwani, Radical Notes, Revolutionary Democratic Front [RDF], Sanhati, Students Islamic Organisation [SIO], Viplava Sanskritik Manch, and individuals.


Press Statement from CDRO

July 9, 2013

We strongly condemn the brutal and horrifying murder of Ganti Prasadam, the former leader of the Maoist Party and present honorary President of Amarula Bandumitrula Committee, by the state sponsored criminal gang. He was attacked with knifes and fired at him at point blank at 3.30 pm on Thursday (4rth July) in Nellore Town, Andhra Pradesh. The attack was carried on when Prasadam was about to enter the Nellore Hospital premises to visit an ailing relative. Three unidentified persons attacked him in front of the Hospital gate with knifes and opened three rounds of fire and left the place thinking that he was dead. Earlier, in the morning he had participated in the Martyr’s Day Celebrations of the Revolutionary Writers Association at Town Hall in Nellore. The police who are investigating the crime have been very casual and further trying to link the murder to personal rivalry. it is nothing but their diversion tactics. We firmly believe that this murder has been committed by the state sponsored criminal gang with active connivance and conspiracy of the police. In view of the critical condition, a delegation of Revolutionary writers and APCLC members went to Chief Minister to request to shift the injured Prasadam from Nellore to Hyderabad for better treatment. However they were arrested and are booked with criminal cases. Therefore the attitude of the State Government in this regard is highly reprehensible.

Doctors who gave first aid said that Prasadam suffered three bullet wounds – two in the lower chest and one in the hip.There were also knife injuries on the neck and left forearm .As the condition turned critical, prasadam was shifted to Narayana Corporate Hospitat on the city outskirts. Prasadam who was conscious was said to have pleaded with the doctors and visitors to save him to strengthen revolutionary movement.

It is an horrifying experience in Andhra Pradesh that the State police going beyond the law by organizing criminal gangs in order to eliminate the leading activists of people’s organizations and rights activists. In the past Mr.Purushottamd and Ajam Ali of APCLC were brutally murdered by the vigilante groups and Manyam Prasad and Kanakachari were hacked to death by the criminal gangs labeling themselves as KOBRAS and TIGERS. Similarly about 70 activists received death warrants by these so called KOBRAS and TIGERS threatening that they would be killed if they do not disassociate from their respective organizations. These gangs were sponsored and supported by the state police. Now they targeted Prasadam as he become popular among the exploited masses and for organizing various struggles in the State. We appeal all the democrats and intellectuals to come forward and condemn the brutal murder of Prasadam by AP State Government. We demand a judicial inquiry into the murder and bring the culprits to justice immediately.

Kranthi Chetanya (APCLC, Andhra Pradesh), Paramjeet Singh (PUDR, Delhi), Parmindar Singh (AFDR, Punjab), Phulendro Konsam (COHR, Manipur) and Tapas Chakraborty (APDR, West Bengal)
(Coordinators of CDRO)



Condemn Strongly the Ghastly Murder of Ganti Prasadam, the Vice President of RDF by State-Sponsored Vigilante Gangs!

Constitute Immediately a Judicial Inquiry into the Killing of Ganti Prasadam by Vigilante Goons!

Ganti Prasadam, the All India Vice-President of Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) as well as the Executive Member of the Committee for the Relatives and Friends of Martyrs, succumbed to the brutal and fatal attack on 5 July 2013 on him by unidentified gunmen in Nellore town. He was fatally wounded on his his neck with hunting sickles and later shot at with a pistol on the 4th afternoon. Comrade Ganti Prasadam was at Nellore to attend a public meeting of the Martyrs’ Committee held every year to remember the martyrs of Nellore. He bacame the target of the waiting goons when after the meeting, along with three of his associates of the committee he was on to visit one of the ailing relatives of a martyr at a local hospital.

Ganti Prasadam was operated on after receiving bullet injuries and the doctors were trying in vain to remove the third bullet which was dangerously close to his spinal cord. Comrade Ganti Prasadam this time could not sustain his arduous struggle to keep up his breath.

Given the notorious anti-people track-record of the intelligence agencies in Andhra Pradesh which have resorted to the worst kinds of atrocities on the struggling oppressed people of the region, be it naxalites, adivasis, dalits or Muslims, this murderous operation is reminiscent to the dastardly assassination of people’s political, social and civil rights activists in the past 40 years. Dr. Ramanadham, Purushottam, Jappa Laxmana Reddy, Prabhakar Reddy, Kanakachari, Azam Ali, Belli Lalita are a few examples of dedicated people’s leaders and civil rights activists targetted by the state in Andhra Pradesh in the past. The state government cannot shy away from this glaring fact. All of us are witness to the heinous and pre-meditated ways in which the intelligence agencies of Andhra Pradesh have criminalised and specifically targeted the Muslim youth and their leadership. Specific targeting and criminalising the leading activists of the Telangana movement through false cases and incarceration is also before us. All these desperate designs of the state has never deterred the people of the region from raising their voices for their genuine and just demands.

Comrade Prasadam represented this spirit of the people of Andhra Pradesh as he, despite being incarcerated several times behind bars with trumped up cases was one of the tireless voices who became part of every meetings and demonstrations demanding the unconditional release of all political prisoners. While being in the prison in Orissa, he went on a hunger strike demanding the release of all political prsioners in the prisons of Orissa, mostly adivasis, dalits and people working against all kinds of displacement that had gripped the rural areas of Orissa. Any form of dissent in Orissa in these times are deemed ‘unlawful’ and hence to be tried under the worst kind of dracnian laws. As part of further crimialising any kind of political mobilisation that makes a scathing indictment of the anti-people policies of Liberalisation-Privatisation-Globalisation, the Andhra Pradesh government have banned the RDF in which Ganti Prasadam was elected as all India Vice-President.

CRPP is one with all progressive and democratic forces to condemn the assassination of Com. Ganti Prasadam. It is important at this juncture to see through the desperate designs of the state and its murderous, lawless agencies—all terrifed with the deepening economic crisis and the ravages that it has created among the powers that be along with the increasing resentment of the people against the dog-eat-policies of the governement—to somehow browbeat the toiling masses of the people into submission. What is of utmost significance is to join hands to defeat such evil designs of the state by once again intensifying our resolve to fight against all anti-people laws, anti-people policies, and the increasing tendencies of the Indian state and their representatives in the Andhra Pradesh government to criminalise all forms of dissent of the people for their struggle for a better future free from all forms of exploitation and oppression. We at the CRPP demand that a judicial inquiry be constituted immediaely into the assassination of Com. Ganti Prasadam and the culprits be brought to book without delay. Only the vigilant masses and their fearless resistance against all anti-people policies and the increasing fascisation of the state can ensure that such evil designs of the state be checked.

In Solidarity,

SAR Geelani President

Amit Bhattacharyya Secretary General

Bojja Tarakam President AP Chapter

Balla Ravindranath Secretary, AP Chapter

Rona Wilson Secretary Public Relations


RDF Statement

4 July 2013.

Comrade Ganti Prasadam, the All India Vice-President of Revolutionary Democratic Front was brutally and fatally attacked by some unidentified gunmen in Nellore town today in the afternoon. The attackers first slew him on his neck with hunting sickles and then shot at him with a pistol three rounds. Comrade Ganti Prasadam is critically injured in the assassination attempt and at present he is being operated in a hospital in Nellore. According to the doctors who are working on him, his condition is extremely critical.

Comrade Prasadam has been also serving on the Committee for the Relatives and Friends of Martyrs as an Executive Member. He arrived at Nellore today to attend a public meeting of the Martyrs’ Committee, which is being held every year on 4 July remembering the Martyrs of Nellore. After the meeting, accompanied by three other members of the Committee he went to visit a family member of a martyr, who was hospitalised in a local Government Hospital. An assassination team of three were in waiting to swoop on him when he came out of the Hospital. In flash of a second they attacked Comrade Ganti Prasadam, before the other comrades realised of what was happening. When they tried to catch hold of murderous gang, they ran away leaving the swords behind.

Two bullets have been removed from his body so far in hours-long operation. The doctors have been maintaining that they cannot give any assurance of his safety till they could remove the third bullet, which has entered in a critical position near spinal card.

RDF believes that the assassination attempt on our Vice-President is designed and carried out by none other than the state intelligence agencies in charge of anti-Maoist operations in Andhra Pradesh. The state has clearly involved in the murderous attack, as Comrade Prasadam could not be cowed down by a huge number of cases fabricated on him apart from incarcerating him in prisons from time to time. The state government banned our organisation soon after the first Conference of RDF in Hyderabad in April 2011, in which Comrade Prasadam was elected as all India Vice-President.

RDF condemns this assassination attempt in strongest terms and appeals all democratic organisations and individuals to join us in these moments of grief and sorrow, and condemn the attack and its conspirators in unequivocal terms.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is directly responsible for the attack. In Andhra Pradesh, such attacks of assassination of people’s political, social and civil rights activists have been not uncommon in the past 40 years. Dr. Ramanadham, Purushottam, Azam Ali, Belli Lalita are a few dedicated people’s leaders and civil rights activists who were targetted by the state in Andhra Pradesh in the past.

History has proved that such attacks on people’s activists in the past never brought an end to the people’s movement. In fact the mass resistance movement of people in Andhra, Telanagan and in the entire subcontinent is on the rise in the recent months and is going to engulf the anti-people pro-imperialist comprador ruling classes along with their reactionary counterparts in rural regions.

Varavara Rao
President, 09676541715

General Secretary, 09717583539