Copper Colonialism : Vedanta KCM and the copper loot of Zambia

March 19, 2014

Authors : Samarendra Das and Miriam Rose, Foil Vedanta.
Source :

This report uses the best available sources from within and out-with the industry to inform and widen the debate around copper mining in Zambia, focusing on the activities of Konkola Copper Mines (KCM), a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources. It aims to expose the interests behind Vedanta, their environmental and human rights abuses, and their loot of copper and other minerals from the Zambian people. More generally, we look at who really controls the Zambian economy and national policies – from international institutions and shareholder patterns, to donor agencies and NGOs. Due to high levels of opacity (opaqueness) we are missing vital information such as KCM’s annual reports, and accurate figures on copper production and exports, despite visiting every government and private institution we could in an attempt to find them. Lacking this crucial information, this report is based on international financial data and first hand interviews as well as other studies and documents.