Telengana – Electrocution and amputation of limbs of a brick kiln worker

April 18, 2014

a report by Tathagata Sengupta

Yet another case of a worker, Pabitra Parabhoe, getting electrocuted occurred in a Telangana brick kiln. This year, this is the third case electrocution that has come to the notice of the organisers of the brick workers’ movement in AP/Telangana. Before this, Mr. Khetra Majhi died on 20th January 2014 by because of electric shock in a brick kiln at the Adibatla village of Ibrahimpatnam mandal, Rangareddy district, Telangana.

We think there is a pattern to this, where the brick kilns, because of lack of proper registration process and permissions, do not apply for formal electric connections, and it is the workers who are falling prey to this zeal of surplus accumulation on part of the brick kiln managements, which is why they have invented circuitous ways of getting around the official processes of registration, pollution control certificate, etc. Based on these incidents, the Solidarity Committee for Brick Kiln workers’ has taken the decision to putĀ “proper registration and all kinds of permissions and no-objection certificates and proper electric connections” as one of the primary demands to the State and the brick kiln managements. The basic details of Pabitra’s death are pasted below. We are waiting for a more detailed fact finding enquiry into the incident, which is sure to throw up more facts about such systemic corruption which lies at the heart of semi-feudal semi-capitalist oppression and surplus extraction.


Name of the deceased worker:

Pabitra Parabhoe (Lohar), Aged – 19, S/o Ratna Parabhoe (Lohar)
Village: Kuligaon, P.S./Block: Khariar, Dist-Nuapada, Odisha , PIN:766107

Name of Employer/Perpetrator:

1. Rabindra Seth, At/P.O. Mirchel, Hyderabad, A.P.
Type of industry: Brick Kiln,
Contact No:7673937377, 7673937378
2. Rikhi Majhi, At-Pakhanmunda, P.S.-Turekela

Other victims who are still captive in the brick kiln of the perpetrator are;

1. Balabanta Parabhoe (Lohar), Aged 22; S/o Ratna Parabhoe (Lohar)
Vill-Kuligaon, P.S. Khariar, Dist-Nuapada
2. Debanti Parabhie (Lohar) W/o Balabanta Lohar
Vill-Kuligaon, P.S. Khariar, Dist-Nuapada
3. Shyama Lohar, Aged 45, brother of Ratna Lohar
Vill-Kuligaon, P.S. Khariar, Dist-Nuapada
4. Brundaban Lohar, Aged 10, S/o Shyama Lohar
Vill-Kuligaon, P.S. Khariar, Dist-Nuapada
5. Abika Lohar, aged 55; and his wife aged 45
6. Vill-Pakhanmunda, P.S.Turekela, Dist-Balangir

Pabitra went to the above mentioned brick kiln with other 8 labourers in the last week of December, 2013. All of them were working under Rabindra Seth. On one occasion, when Pabitra touched the main switch to switch that on, he was electrocuted. He was admitted to the Gandhi
Hospital where his right hand and leg were amputated. He was relieved from Gandhi Hospital after a month on 2nd of April although he was not completely well. He reached his home with his mother Sumitra and elder brother Nankun on 4th of April. The employer did not pay anything to them before leaving the factory.

At home, when Pabitra complained of pain, his mother and elder brother admitted him to the District Headquarters Hpspital, 50 kms far from his village. He is getting treatment there but the wounds are not getting well.

The above mentioned 6 persons are still in the factory of the employer. They want to come back but the employer is not allowing them.

Other relevant information:

The victims had taken advance from the labour contractor @ Rs.16000.00 each before leaving their home. Brundaban Lohar who is still in the Brich kiln with his father is a child, who had to leave school to accompany his father. Brundaban’s mother is died and there is no one in the home to look after him, so he had to go with his father. Pabitra’s father is a landless, they have no other source of income at home.

Electrocuted Nuapada labourer loses limbs
Saturday, 05 April 2014 | AJIT PANDA | NUAPADA | in Bhubaneswar

The hand chopping case of bonded labourers of Kalahandi had shocked
the nation a few months ago. When Nilambar Dhangdamajhi and Dialu Nial
of Jayapatna block of Kalahandi district are yet to recoup from their
agony, another case of negligence and helplessness has come to the

The victim this time is Pabitra Parabhoe (19) of Kuligaon village of
Khariar block of Nuapada district. He along with his elder brother
Baldeb (25) and mother Sumitra (55) was working in a brick kiln of
Hyderabad since last January. They had been paid Rs16, 000 each by a
labour contractor, named Rikhi Majhi of Turekela block of Balangir

On an occasion, while working Pabitra got electrocuted. “The owner
instructed me to switch on the line and when I touched the main line,
I got electrocuted,” said Pabitra.Pabitra was admitted to the Gandhi
Hospital by the contractor but he was not allowed to inform about the
incident to any one of his family members in the village.He stayed
there for a month and was discharged on April 1. The limbs were
completely amputated in the hospital. Pabitra and his mother were sent
back to their home by the contractor without any compensation.

The injuries of the victim have become septic now. He is not in a
position to get treatment due to his poverty. In the absence of any
burn injury treatment facility in the district, Pabitra is now waiting
for something miracle to happen to get rid of the acute suffering and