Defeating the Forces of Communal-Fascism

April 26, 2014

Narendra Modi’s rise to power does not augur well for the working people, minorities, women, dalits and tribals of this country, i.e.,. it does not augur well for the vast majority of the Indian population. Modi’s regime will mean the brutal rule of big capitalists. It will mean the erosion of hard won democratic rights and civil liberties (to whatever limited extent it exists) of the people of India. It will mean the tearing apart of the secular fabric – however fragile – of the country. It will mean the unbridled loot and plunder of India’s natural resources for the profits and income a tiny section of the population.

It is imperative for all democratic, secular, progressive forces to work, during and beyond the elections, to defeat the social forces that Narendra Modi represents. To contribute to this this urgent need of the hour, Sanhati is hosting some important articles that have appeared in the press over the last few weeks. We will keep updating this list of articles with other useful articles and reports as they appear, and hope that you will join us in the campaign to defeat reactionary social forces that have taken shape in the form of Narendra Modi. [Eds.]


10 February: In a lecture given to a group of progressive writers in Allahabad, Prabhat Patnaik argues explain the political economy of the rise of fascism in contemporary India:

March 17: Prasenjit Bose argues that BJP and Narendra Modi represents corporate cronyism with a communal face:

March 27: Siddharth Varadarajan argues that the rise of Modi represents the cult of cronyism:

April 21: G. Sampath argues how the rise of fascism poses a grave danger to parliamentary democracy in India:

April 24: Aditya Nigam dissects Modi-fascism:

The Attack on Muslims

April 18: Basharaat Peer explains what it means to be a muslim under Narendra Modi – to face systematic marginalization and to be at the receiving end of violence:

Apr 18: Gujarati Muslims can forget Godhra, but what about these economic figures? –

Read about the facts related to 2002 carnage in Gujarat:

Propaganda on Development

The claim that Gujarat under Modi outperformed all other states in India in terms of economic growth and social development is bunkum as the following two articles explain.

March 31: Maitreesh Ghatak and Sanchari Roy compare the relative performance of Gujarat with other states in India and find four things: “first, Bihar has improved the most in the 2000s, even though it has been at the bottom of the list for all indicators and still has a fair distance to go before it can go above the national average; second, Kerala has far outpaced other states in terms of HDI all through; third, Rajasthan was the star performer in terms of reducing inequality; and fourth, Maharashtra and Gujarat have consistently been top performers in terms of per capita income and its growth, with Haryana and Tamil Nadu deserving mention too. All these achievements are noteworthy but it is hard to single out any state as the top performer in the 2000s.” Read the full article:

April 11: Jean Dreze explains the Gujarat muddle:


For more documentation on the situation in Gujarat, read : Truth of Gujarat