Delhi – Protest against abduction and rape of schoolgirls in Hissar-Haryana; Fact-finding Report

April 28, 2014

Report of police attack on Delhi protest

by Sumati

There was a protest today at Jantar Mantar where the casteism and anti-people character of the police and administration was openly seen once again. The protest was by the families and villagers of 4 girls (mostly under-18 school girls) from the Dalit community who were abducted and raped by Jat goons in Bhagana village in Hissar, Haryana on 23-24th March. 90 Dalit families, all landless and mostly agricultural labourers, from the village were forced to leave their homes and escape after open threats and boycott by the Jats, sarpanch and Khap panchayat of the village, after the families of the girls filed FIR with the police about the rapes. Many of the families, including the old men and women, the young, and children, have been sitting on dharna at Jantar Mantar since last week, demanding justice.

Today, they, along with other supporting organizations and individuals, were planning to march to the Home Minister’s house. But the police did not even allow us to move to the Parliament Street. They put up several barricades at the site of protest in Jantar Mantar itself, when those gathered had started to move peacefully for the rally. The protestors were forced to break the barricades. The women from the village, especially the older women, were at the forefront, as the anger against the casteist system poured out. The police was as usual shameless, unmoved by the rage and demands for justice of rape survivors and of those who were forced to leave their village. The protestors resisted and tried to cross the barricades. The police and then a highly arrogant senior police officer showed their shamelessness by pulling the collars of protestors, poking and hurling lathis at us and shouting “tum jante ho kisse baat kar rahe ho? yeh sahab bahut badi post par hai“. Eventually they were forced to remove the barricade as an old woman fainted in the heat and commotion.

The sham democracy at work again, with its minions in the police showing who they serve! The courage and determination of the rape survivors, their families and other young and old villagers will hopefully go on and slap these shameless on their faces.


Fact-finding Report by AFDR and PUDR

Click here to read the fact-finding report