West Bengal – APDR Statement on Supreme Court’s Order for a CBI Probe in the Saradha Scam

May 12, 2014

APDR Welomes Supreme Court’s Order for a CBI Probe in the 12.000 Crore Saradha Scam.
Demands Punishment of all those associated with scam and return of the money looted from the common people

Large sections of the people cheated by the Saradha Ponzi Scheme operators, political parties and many others were demanding a CBI probe in the multi thousand crore Saradha Scam apprehending that the state police and other state agencies are tasked to protect the perpetrators. At the long last the Supreme Court in its order dated 9 May asked the CBI to probe into the scam.

APDR welcomes this decision of the Supreme Court.

At the same time, APDR demands that the gang of politicians, ministers, legislators, govt officials, police honchos and the different Saradha Company bosses who have flourished at the cost of poor people’s hard earned savings and who are responsible of driving about fifty hapless people to death must be punished in an exemplary way.

It is an irony that laws do not consider such murderous crimes as grave criminal offences. Country’s laws must be adequately rewritten to prevent such cheating and to bring all those responsible for such crimes to book.

Since powers that be are at work with all avenues in their arsenal to save themselves and to keep the truth under the wraps there is real danger to the life of key sources of information/witnesses. The killing of Sambhunath Mukherjee (of Sanchayita scam) and Idris Ali in Calcutta Police Custody and last week’s murder of Happy Singh at Presidency Jail only strengthens such apprehension. Keeping this in mind ensuring security of key Saradha information sources including TMC MP Kunal Ghosh and the Saradha boss Sudipta Sen along with all documents/papers seized by state agencies must be a priority of the CBI, we demand.

The crux of justice in this matter lies in returning the money of the victims and for this all those benefitted from the scam should be identified and their properties forfeited.

APDR also wants to point out that such scams are results of speculative economy nourished and promoted by the neo-liberal economy with corporate at its helms and corporates running governments. People’s right to their economic activity need be protected from the clutches of speculative economy.

Dhiraj Sengupta
General Secretary