दिल्ली: बढ़ती सांप्रदायिकता के साथ बढ़ते महिला उत्पीड़न के विरोध में धरना-प्रदर्शन, अप्रैल 26

Delhi: Candle march in solidarity with women raped by army personnel in Assam, Apr 14

Delhi: “Come and see the blood on my skirt”, Apr 10

Pune: Talk on Budget 2015-16 – What is in it for the People?, Apr 5

Pune – Protest: Against Land Acquisition Ordinance / Bill, Apr 4

Delhi: Public Meeting on Hashimpura massacre verdict, Apr 9

दिल्ली: नागरिक पत्र के संपादक मुनीष कुमार व उत्तराखंड परिवर्तन पार्टी के महासचिव प्रभात ध्यानी पर कायराना हमले के विरोध में सयुक्त विरोध, 2 अप्रैल

আসানসোল: আলোচনা সভা “মানুষের জীবন ও জীবিকার প্রয়োজনে আর কত কোলিয়ারি দরকার?”, মার্চ ২৯

Delhi – Martyrdom Anniversary Program, Organised by Bhagat Singh Chhatra Ekta Manch, Mar 23

Kolkata: Amit Bhaduri talk “Development, Dispossession and Land Acquisition Question”, organised by Ganamancha, Mar 23

Delhi State Conference of IFTU, Mar 22

Delhi – Martyrdom Anniversary of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Organized by Nowruz, Mar 23

Delhi: Baat Cheet, Exposing 300 days of Modi’s rule, Mar 19

Kolkata: Joint rally against sexual violence, Mar 19

Invitation for National Conference on People’s Struggles – Gadchiroli (Maharashtra), March 22-23

Delhi: Founding Conference of the All India People’s Forum, Mar 14-15

Kolkata – Press meet by WSS on status of women in Nandigram, Mar 14

Bhubaneshwar: Screening of The Referendum, Mar 7

Mumbai: ‘Polemic’ Seminar on Economic Crisis and Rise of Fascism, Mar 13

Delhi: Workers Convention in solidarity with workers of Gurgaon-Bawal Industrial area, Feb 27

Delhi: SAHMAT meeting in solidarity with Perumal Murugan – Feb 17

Pune: Protest against brutal and murderous attack on Comrade Govind and Comrade Uma Pansare – Feb 16

Gurgaon: Convention on Maruti Suzuki Workers Struggle, Feb 27

New Delhi: Condemn the denial of bail to Comrade Hem by the Aheri Sessions’ Court, Feb 13

Lucknow: Seminar by Anand Swaroop Verma on Occasion of 5th Anniversary of Shahid Azmi Martyrdom – Feb 11

Kolkata: Discussion, release of India Exclusion Report 2013-2014 – Jan 27

New Delhi: Protest against Barack Obama, Jan 23

Ranchi: Visthapan Virodhi Jan Vikash Andolan meeting – 20-21 Jan

2nd Kolkata People’s Film Festival, Jan 22 – 25

New Delhi: Ordinance Raj, Corporate Loot and People’s Movements; Jan 23-24

Pune: Human Chain Against FDI in insurance – Jan 19

Pune: Joint Protest Rally Against Land Acquisition Ordinance and Insurance Ordinance – Jan 10

Telangana Asanghatita Kaarmika Sanghalu Samaikya – Hyderabad-Secunderabad unit – Inaugral Meeting, Jan 8

Delhi: Public discussion on fact-finding into gang rape of 6 dalit women in Bhojpur, Dec 30

Kolkata: All India conference of Yuva Bharat, Jan 8

Cuttack: Ganadharna against POSCO, organized by Khyatigrasta Panachasi o Sramik Sangathan, Dec 22

Kolkata: Nagarik Mancha and HRLN invitation to a discussion on amendment of laws on industry and labour, Dec 20

New Delhi: “Protest Against Communalism”, Dec 19

New Delhi: “Janhastakshep : A campaign against Fascist Designs”, Dec 10

New Delhi: “Public meeting in solidarity with ASTI and other Ongoing Workers struggles in Manesar”, Dec 4

New Delhi: Anti-communalism March, Dec 6

दिल्ली: श्रम कानूनो में मज़दूर विरोधी संशोधनों के खिलाफ कन्वेंशन, 30 नवंबर

Kolkata: “Footprints of Foot Soldiers: Experiences and Recollections of the Naxalite Movement 1960s and 70s”, Nov 27

New Delhi: Unshackle Campus Democracy, Nov 26

Bangalore: Seminar on inaccessibility of justice to dalits, Nov 23

A ‘Boat March’ from Mangalore to Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 21- Nov 30

Kolkata: Celebrating 25 years of Nagarik Mancha, Nov 22

New Delhi: Celebrating the Revolutionary Legacy of MSS Pandian, Nov 13

Hyderabad: Remembering MSS, through his works, Nov 11

Kolkata: “We are 93″, A rally by unorganized sector workers, Nov 11

Kolkata: Rally to support Legalisation of Sex Work, Nov 8

Delhi: Colours of Cage – a conversation on political prisoners, Nov 6

Delhi: Citizens’ protest against role of police in Trilokpuri riots, Nov 1

Delhi: Public Meeting on Strangulating Democratic Dissent, Nov 1

Kolkata: Salil Kumar Siddhanta Memorial Lecture – The Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela, Nov 1

Kolkata: Peoples’ Convention on Campus Democracy and Gender Justice, Nov 1

Toronto – The War in India: Genocide, Fascism, and Resistance, Oct 27

Boston – A book-talk by Manoj Mitta, Oct 19

Hyderabad – Hijra, Transgender and Intersex Swabhimana Sabha, Oct 10th

Hyderabad- K. Balagopal Commemorative Meet, Oct. 5th

Kolkata- Events Connected to Jadavpur University protests, Sept. 24-27

Mumbai- Book Launch, Colours of the Cage: A Prison Memoir, Sept. 26

Kolkata – Protest rally against police attack on JU students, Sep 20

Delhi- Protest Demo in Solidarity with students of Jadavpur University, Sept. 20

Bangalore- Workshop on Marxist Political Economy, Sept. 19-21

लखनऊ – सांप्रदायिक ध्रुवीकरण की राजनीति और खुफिया-सुरक्षा एजेंसियां, गौतम नवलखा, 19 सितंबर

Varanasi- Weaver and Artisan Rally, Sept. 18

Delhi- Lecture on Capitalism’s Global Crisis and the Relevance of Marxist Political Economy, Sept. 15

Hyderabad- 10 years of united revolutionary movement, Seminar and Public Meeting, Sept. 21

Pune- Film Festival, FDI and the Future of India, Sept. 13

Tarai, UP- Public Hearing on Non-Implementation of Forest Rights Act, Sept. 9

Delhi – Caste, Equality, and Democratic Rights, 29th Dr. Ramanadham Memorial Lecture, Sept. 6

Delhi- An evening remembering Shubhradeep Chaktavorty, Sept 5

Mumbai- “Islam in India- Challenge or Promise”, Asghar Ali Memorial Lecture, Sept. 6

Delhi- “Free” Labour, Unfree Workers, Meeting on Labour Law Reforms, Aug 29

Delhi- Challenges to Indian Democracy: Nuclearisation, Militarisation and State Violence, Aug 30

Pune- Seminar, “People’s King, Shivaji”, Aug 23

Delhi- Seminar, “Challenges Facing the Women’s Movement”, Aug 24

Kolkata- Programme Demanding Release of Political Prisoners, Aug 19

Bangalore- Karnataka Communal Harmony Forum All India Meeting, Aug. 16-17

Kolkata-25th Convention of APDR at Diamond Harbour, 9-10 Aug

Delhi- In Solidarity With the Palestinian People Against Israeli Occupation and Genocide, Aug 9

Asansol- Seminar on Employment of Contract Labourers in Permanent Jobs, Aug 10

Boston: War and Politics – Reflections on India by Gautam Navlakha, Aug 3

Delhi – Global protest against Vedanta and state-MNC nexus, Jul 31

Kolkata: Public Consultation on “The Challenged Coast of India”, Aug 2

Mumbai: Round Table on Idea of India, Jul 22

Kolkata: Condolence meeting in memory of Biplabi Sushil Roy, July 17

Delhi: United Protest March Against Israeli Offensive on Gaza, July 14

Delhi: Protest against Impunity to Armed forces in Armed Conflict Areas, July 11

Mumbai: 6th Anuradha Ghandy Memorial Lecture – “Sexual violence in contemporary Indian society” by Uma Chakravarti, Jul 12

Raigad: Protest against forced land acquisition for Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, Jul 9

New Delhi: Discussion on Proposed Amendments in Labour Laws, Jun 30

Kolkata: Saroj Dutta Birth Centenary Commemoration Meeting, June 26

Delhi: Anti-Emergency Day, Jun 26

Nagpur: Meeting of Lokavidya Samaaj and Peoples’ Movements, Jun 28-29

Delhi: Protest against labour reforms proposed by Rajasthan govt, June 18

Delhi: Public Meeting ‘Democracy & Dissent: Understanding the Abduction and Arrest of Dr. GN Saibaba’, Jun 3

Delhi: Joint protest against the arrest of G.N. Saibaba, May 31

Kolkata – Remembering Suniti Ghosh, May 27

Barnala: Protest convention against abduction of Dr. Saibaba, May 24

Delhi: Public meeting in support of Dr. G.N. Saibaba, May 21

New York: Rally against the arrest of Dr. Saibaba, May 23

Hyderabad: Round table conference against Prof. Saibaba’s arrest, May 18

New York – Protest against the abduction of G.N. Saibaba, May 14

Delhi – Press Conference on the abduction, arrest and torture of Dr. G.N. Saibaba, May 14

London – Discussion Meeting on “State, Law and Detention – State of Democratic Rights in India”, May 9

Kolkata – Protest against rape of college student, May 6

Delhi – Protest against massacre of Bengali-speaking Muslims in Bodoland, May 7

Delhi – Protest against police repression on striking workers of Sriram Piston at Bhiwadi, May 3

Bangalore – May day rally, May 1

Kolkata – Public Meeting against Attacks on Women and Overall Criminalization of Society, Apr 25

Kolkata – Maitreyi Chattopadhyay memorial lecture by Ilina Sen, Apr 22

Delhi – A conversation on “Fascist Politics and Cultural Resistance”, Apr 8

Kolkata – Dipankar Charkraborti Memorial Lecture : Anu Muhammad on “South Asia: State Hegemony, Peoples’ Solidarity”, Apr 4

Kolkata – Convention to demand release of all Political Prisoners, Mar 30

Faridabad – Seminar on “Media and workers”, Mar 23

Delhi – Remembering Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev, Mar 23

Bangalore – Protest meet :: “Save Democracy Campaign”, Mar 22

Chandigarh – “Songs of struggle”, Mar 19

Kolkata – People’s convention against attacks on women and criminalisation of society, Mar 10

Kolkata – Remembering Fukushima, Mar 11

Kolkata – International Womens’ Day, Mar 8

Pune – Cultural program on International Women’s Day, Mar 9

Delhi – Demonstration against police attack on students agitating against harassment of North East youths, Mar 6

Kolkata – Kapil Bhattacharyya Memorial Lecture, Mar 6

Hyderabad – Seminar on New Forms of Bondage and Rights of Brick Kiln Workers, Mar 1

Delhi – Third Naveen Babu Memorial Lecture : Anand Teltumbde, Feb 24

Delhi – National Convention for Democracy and Secularism, Feb 27

Kolkata – Public convention to protest against attempts to prevent government employees to hold meetings and demonstrations, Feb 25

Delhi – Discussion on The Saga of Muzaffarnagar: Challenges to Building a Secular India, Feb 20

Bangalore – State level convention for ‘Abolition of commercialisation and communalization of education and establishment of Common School System’, Feb 9

Delhi-Demonstration at Sachivalaya to demand implementation of electoral promises made by AAP to workers, Feb 6

Kolkata – Demonstration against attack on democratic rights, price rise, unemployment, Feb 3

Dehli- All India Convention Against Capital Punishment, Feb 1

Delhi – Protest demonstration against Indo-Japan nuclear agreement, Jan 26

Kolkata- Lumtex Mill Struggle Rail Roko, Jan 27

Kolkata – Meeting organised by FAMA to remember Abhee Dutta Majumdar, Jan 25

Kolkata – Convention to demand unconditional release of Dr. Samir Biswas, Jan 17

Kolkata : Cinema of Resistance : 1st Kolkata People’s Film Festival, Jan 20-22

Dundigal, AP – Public Meeting on Minimum Wage Implementation at Brick Kilns,Jan 12

Kolkata – Protest Rally Against Attacks on Women, Jan 11

Delhi – Talk on “The Economic Crisis: A Marxian Perspective,” Jan 11

Kolkata – Protest at Madhyamgram police station, Jan 3

Idinthakarai – A National Convention of Anti-Nuclear Movements, Jan 4-5

London : Introduction of the book A fleeting moment in my country, Dec 14

Kolkata – Second conference of CRPP, Dec 14-15

London – Panel discussion on State Surveillance and Counter-Terror, Dec 10

Delhi – Demonstration against Communalism – People’s Alliance for Democracy and Secularism – Dec 6

Delhi – Remembering Bhopal and Resisting Onslaught of Corporations, Dec 3

Kolkata – Convention on unconditional release of political prisoners, Dec 5

Delhi – CNDP Seminar – Responses to Industrial and Nuclear Disasters: Governments vs. The People, Dec 2

Bhopal – Anti-nuclear-power convention, Dec 1

Bareilly – 8th conference of Parivartankami Chhatra Sangthan, Nov 23-24

Pune – Film Festival, Seeds of Freedom, Nov 23

Bangalore – Protest rally and meeting against Modi’s visit, Nov 17

Delhi – Discussion session on Revolutionary politics and gender question : Implications of the Delhi rape case, Nov 19

Delhi – Discussion on dams and future strategy in the Ganga Valley of Uttarakhand, Nov 8

Delhi: Report on UAPA Cases and Film Screening – Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association, Nov 7

Delhi : Evening of protest song by Kabir Kala Manch and others, Nov 5

Delhi : Hunger strike against Uttarakhand govt’s callous response to disaster, Nov 7-9

Delhi: Dharna to demand punishment of guilty of 1984, Nov 1

Kaithal- Maruti Suzuki Workers Union Protest Rally, Oct 27

Kolkata – Meet The Rampal Long March Team – Oct 24 – George Bhavan

Delhi – Discussion on death penalty, Oct 25

Kolkata – Concerned citizens’ meeting on Rampal Power Plant in Sundarban, Oct 24

Delhi – Seminar on The Experience in Maruti Suzuki and Beyond, KNS, Oct. 6

Kolkata – Convention on violence perpetrated against women workers, Sep 28

Delhi – Seminar on privatization of the higher education and the FYUP, Sep 25

Kolkata – Labour, Labourers and Development, Nagarik Manch, Sep 24

Delhi – Discussion on rise of communalism, Sep 20

Delhi – Protest programme against state repression on cultural activists, Sep 21

Delhi : Press Conference on police attempt to frame G N Saibaba, Sep 14

Delhi : Protest against Delhi government’s education reforms, Sep 14

Kolkata – All India seminar on Resistance movement of the working class in India today, Sep 13-14

Kolkata – Screeing of Red Ant Dream and Book Release, Sep 16

Delhi – Dharna to demand release of Hem Mishra, Sep 5

Delhi- Jan Sunwai by Maruti Suzuki Workers Union at Jantar Mantar, Aug 30

Kolkata – Sit-in demonstration against the arrest of Jayeeta Das and other activists, Aug 8

Delhi – Discussion meeting on the recent calamities in Uttarakhand, Aug 7

Hyderabad – APCLC 16th State Conference, Aug 10-11

Delhi – Public meeting to remember Comrade Ganti Prasadam, Aug 1

Boston – Talk by Parthosarathy Ray on India : An Urban Battleground, Jul 26

Kolkata – Public lecture by Harry Vanden on Evolution of the Latin American Left, Jul 26

Kolkata – CRPP All-India Convention, Jul 20

Haryana – Maruti workers’ struggle : Manesar chalo, July 18

Mumbai – Anuradha Ghandy Memorial Lecture by Harry Vanden, July 18

Delhi – Protest demonstration against killing of Ganti Prasadam, July 10

Delhi – Solidarity Program : Justice for Maruti Workers, Jul 13

Mumbai – Book release of “Is the Torch Passing?”, Jul 12

Delhi – Citizens’ Protest Against John Kerry’s Visit, June 24

Bhilai, Chattisgarh – Invitation for Shaheed Divas, July 1

Kolkata – Protest against violence on women, June 21

Kolkata – Rally Against Rape, June 17

Mumbai – Screening of Red Ant Dream, June 15

Kolkata – Protest against Rape, June 14

Kaithal, Haryana – Maruti Suzuki Workers Call for Justice Convention, June 11

New York City – Sanhati at Left Forum, June 9

Lucknow – Batla House: A Play, June 8

Kolkata – Rally in support of the Maruti-Suzuki workers, May 27

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