Feb 2-5: 2nd Conference of International Mining Workers, Singareni, Telangana

Jan 17: Rohith Vemula Shahadath Din, Univ of Hyderabad

Context and Description of Emergency in Bastar – CPJC and WSS Press Conference

THE CAMPAIGN FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE IN CHHATTISGARH (CPJC) AND WOMEN AGAINST SEXUAL VIOLENCE AND STATE REPRESSION (WSS)  invite you to a press conference on  EMERGENCY IN BASTAR   Date: 12 January 2017 Venue: Indian Women’s Press Club 5 Windsor Place, Ashoka Road Time: 2.00 pm  The strongly-worded order of 7th January issued by the […]

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Muslim Women’s Movement Now: People’s Film Collective Program, Kolkata, Dec 13

*MUSLIM WOMEN’S MOVEMENT, NOW!* People’s Film Collective is organising a public meeting – the last one in its “Monthly Film Screenings and Conversations” series for the year 2016 – on 13th December 2016, at 5 pm, at Muktangan Rangalaya (123, S. P. Mukherjee Road, Kalighat). The co-founder of Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, Noorjehan Safia Niaz, […]

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Event: Kolkata, Nov 28 – Gender and Politics in Conflict Situations – WSS, West Bengal

Malkangiri: Protest demonstration in Delhi, Nov 2

Condemn the Massacre in Malkangiri District, Odisha Joint Protest Demonstration at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 2 November (Wednesday) 2016 at 11 am ➢ Order Judicial Inquiry into Malkangiri Massacre ➢ Stop Devastating Adivasi Villages in the name of Combing Operations ➢ Produce all those in police Custody in a Court of Law ➢ Stop […]

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Sep 24: PUDR – 31st Annual Dr. Ramanadham Memorial Meeting – Delhi

Sept 29: Violation of Democratic Rights in Kashmir and Chhattisgarh: Protest in Delhi

Join the protest against the brutal violation of democratic rights and civil liberties of people in Kashmir and Chhattisgarh!   29th September, Thursday at Jantar Mantar, from 12 Noon to 2pm   We Demand: Immediate release of Khurram Parvez (activist, Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society) and others arrested in Jammu Kashmir and Chhattisgarh Stop hounding of Prabhat […]

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Joint Program, Struggle against atrocities on Dalits, 18th Sep, Delhi – Majdoor Ekata Kendra, Inqlabi Majdoor Kendra, Jati Unmoolan Manch, Morcha Patrika

Sept. 26: Join Public Seminar: Stop War on People – Matidari Forum, Delhi

Sept. 19: Protest and Indefinite Hunger Strike by Honda Workers from Tapukhera, Jantar Mantar, Delhi

CDRO: Rally, Dharna, National Convention – Sept. 9-10, 2016, Delhi

Maha Dharna – Justice for Rohith Vemula – Hyderabad, Aug 29

All-India Workers Convention – Ambedkar Bhawan, Delhi, Aug 28 – MASA

Hyderabad: Protest Rally on GOI’s Transgender “Rights” Bill – August 26

CDRO and CLC: Rally, Dharna, and National Convention, Sept 9-10, Delhi

Event – Sept 3, Delhi: Facing the Horrors, Breaking the gags: B A S T A R F I G H T S

In Memory of P A Sebastian – Mumbai, July 22 – CPDR

Event: Narendra Dabholkar’s 3rd Death Anniversary, Delhi, 19-20 July 2016

Kolkata: Women’s Body and the State – Voices from Kashmir – July 11 2016

Delhi: Protest against by police lathicharge and firing on Dalit peasants in Punjab, May 29

Delhi: Protest against police brutality on protest in Arunachal Pradesh, May 26

Kolkata: Unconditional Release of all Political Prisoners: APDR Meeting, May 26

Kolkata: Public meeting on Resisting the saffron onslaught on educational institutions in India today, May 22

Kolkata – Public meeting in solidarity with Chhattisgarh movement, May 21

Delhi: Dharna by Chhattisgarh journalists against arrests, May 10

Delhi: Red homage to Com. Satnam, May 13

Delhi: Justice for Jisha, May 6

Delhi: Discussion on “Why workers resist Make in India, Apr 27

Moga: Convention against war on people, Apr 8

Mumbai: Convention of People’s Resistance, Apr 2

Chennai: Public Meeting on “Current Turmoils: Challenges to Democracy”, Apr 2

Delhi: Protest rally – Rise against state repression in HCU, Mar 30

Nationwide call from JACSJ, University of Hyderabad: Mar 28

Delhi: Mass Delegation to NHRC on human rights violations in HCU, Mar 28

Delhi: Press Conference regarding the ongoing state repression on students and faculty in Hyderabad Central University, Mar 28

Delhi: Protest Demo in front of Telangana Bhawan, Mar 26

Protests against lathicharge and detention of UoH students and faculty, Mar 23

Kolkata: March against RSS, Mar 21

Delhi: National convention on “Shrinking democratic spaces and neo-liberal fundamentalism, Mar 19-20

Kolkata: Public meeting – commemorating Women’s Day and protesting against sexual violence, May 18

Chennai: Lectures on “Nationalism and Democracy”, Mar 9

Kolkata: Public convention against institutional murder of Rohit Vemula and police repression at JNU, Mar 3

फरीदाबाद: इंकलाबी मजदूर केंद्र के चौथे सम्मेलन, 6 मार्च

Delhi: March to Parliament From Mandi House to Jantar Mantar in Support of JNU, Mar 2

Delhi: Public meeting on “The law of sedition and freedom of expression”, March 2

Delhi: Public meeting on “Democracy, Dissent and Fundamental Freedoms”, Feb 25

Delhi: Chalo Delhi: Justice for Rohith Vemula, Feb 23-24

Hyderabad: Protest against attack on Soni Sori and repression in Bastar, Feb 21

Kashmiri Women’s Resistance Day, Feb 23

Pune: Rohith Vemula Yuva Sammelan, Feb 21

Kolkata: Stand with JNU, Feb 18-19

Guwahati: Assam With JNU, Feb 18

New Delhi: People in Delhi stand with JNU, Feb 14

Pune: Hunger Strike Demanding Justice for Rohith Vemula, Feb 12

Kolkata: The suicide of Rohith Vemula under State repression, Feb 11

Hyderabad: Second conference of Visthapan Virodhi Janvikas Aandolan, Feb 9-10

New Delhi: Candlelight vigil against the murder of Sanjit & Rabina, Feb 7

New Delhi: Kabir Kala Manch, Feb 7

Pune: Rally Against Campus Atrocities on Dalits, Feb 6

Kolkata: Protest demonstration against institutional murder of Rohith Vemula, Feb 4

Hyderabad: Chalo HCU, Justice for Rohit Vemula, Jan 25

Kolkata: Street meeting demanding a retrial of the death sentence of Dhananjay Chattopadhyay, Jan 24

Delhi: Protests against the forced suicide by Rohith Vemula, Jan 21

Death of Rohith Vemula: Nationwide protests, Jan 19

Delhi: Protest against social boycott of Dalit students in UoH and institutional murder of Rohit Vemula, Jan 18

Third Kolkata People’s Film Festival, Jan 22-24

Delhi: Protest meeting demanding release of G.N. Saibaba, Jan 16

Barnala: All India Workshop on Agrarian Crisis, Jan 16-17

Delhi: Cultural program and discussion on higher education and social justice, Jan 9

Kolkata: People’s convention on unconditional release of political prisoners and protest against Hindu fascism, Jan 9

Chamiyala: A Celebration of the Ghashiyaris, the Heroic Struggling Women of Uttarakhand, Jan 6

Pune: Talk onTowards a Deeper Understanding of Patriarchy by Kamla Bhasin, Jan 2

Delhi: United protest against the re-arrest of Dr. G.N. Saibaba and the charge of contempt against Arundhati Roy, Jan 2

Kolkata: Talk on “Caste system and Indian state: present perspective”, Dec 26

Hyderabad: Manu Smruti Dahana, Dec 25

Delhi: Press meet against rejection of bail of Dr. Saibaba and the framing of Arundhati Roy in contempt proceedings, Dec 24

Delhi: पूंजी और हिन्दू फासीवादियों के गठजोड़ का मुकाबला करो!, Dec 19

Delhi: protest meeting during All India Resistance Camp Against Committing Higher Education to WTO, Dec 11

Delhi: Occupy UGC Students March To Parliament, Dec 9

Delhi: Protest demonstration in solidarity with Pricol workers, Dec 8

Kolkata: Discussion on Human Rights situation in Chhattisgarh – Displacement, Communalisation and Militarization, Dec 4

Delhi: A discussion on “Nepal’s Present Crisis and India”, Dec 4

Chennai: Discussion on WTO-GATS assaults on Higher education, Nov 30

Kolkata: A Panel Discussion on ‘Women, Democracy and Human Rights in South Asia’, Nov 30

Kolkata: Film screenings and discussion on assault on rationalist tradition in subcontinent, Nov 14, Dec 6

Kolkata: Dialogues – Calcutta International LGBT Film and Video Festival, Nov 26-29

Delhi: Solidarity meeting demanding justice for Maruti workers, Nov 25

Gurgaon: Mazdoor Nyay Adhikar Convention, Nov 27

Kolkata: Street corner program to observe the anti-violence fortnight, Nov 26

Secundrabad: Transgender Samsmaranam Dinam, Nov 20

Delhi: Solidarity meeting demanding justice for Maruti workers, Nov 21

Guwahati: State Convention for human values against communalism, Nov 22

Delhi: Education is a Right and not a Privilege, march and mass deposition from UGC to MHRD, Nov 18

Delhi: Protest against the arrest of revolutionary singer Kovan, Nov 13

Chennai: Maruti Suzuki workers’ struggle : A solidarity meeting, Nov 13

Chennai: “Against Caste-Fanatical Politics – Toward Caste-Annihilation”, Nov 7

Delhi: A day’s fast and public meeting in solidarity with Irom Sharmila, Nov 4

Cinema of Resistance West Bengal : Upcoming programme, Nov-Dec

কলকাতা: আলোচনাচক্র – “নীরবতা এখন অপরাধ”, ৫ই নভেম্বর

Delhi: 12-hour hunger strike and collective sit-in commemorating 15 years of Irom Sharmila’s struggle, Nov 2

Delhi: Ninth conference of Parivartankami Chhatra Sangthan , Oct 31-Nov1

Mumbai: 7th Anuradha Ghandy Memorial lecture by Meena Kandasamy, Oct 30

Delhi: Protest against the killing of dalits in Faridabad (Haryana), Oct 21

दिल्ली: साहित्यकारों-लेखकों द्वारा आयोजित प्रतिरोध कार्यक्रम, Oct 20

Delhi: Joint Protest on Dadri incident, Oct 11

Kolkata: Costs of an Unfair ‘War’ – Reports from the Scorched Fields of South Chattisgarh, Oct 11

Hyderabad: Public meeting on “Struggle for encounter free Telengana”, Oct 11

Kolkata: 2nd Dipankar Chakrabarty Memorial Lecture by Amit Bhaduri, Oct 10

Mumbai: Remembering Sridhar Srinivasan, Oct 8

Pune: Protest against communal lynching in Dadri, Oct 6

Mumbai: Protest against incidents in Dadri, Oct 6

Delhi: Joint Protest Demonstration against Dadri and Hamirpur lynching, Oct 6

West Bengal: State wide awareness programme of Right to Food and Work Campaign, Sep 26 — Oct 9

West Bengal: State wide campaign on search for livelihood and alternative politics, Oct 1-9

Ambikapur (CG): Demonstration by Chhattisgarh Mahila Adhikar Manch, Oct 5

Kolkata: “Reel Life Real Life” – third Media LGBT Interface, Oct 3

Kolkata: Protest rally against police attack and rampant rigging during Oct 3 elections, Oct 5

কলকাতা: নারী নির্যাতনের বিরুদ্ধে ন্যায় বিচারের দাবিতে জনশুনানী, ২৯ শে সেপ্টেম্বর

Kolkata: Campus Resists Convention, Oct 1

Kolkata: Dipankar Chakraborty Memorial Round-table 2015, Sep 27

दिल्ली : ‘नागरिक’ वार्षिक सेमिनार – “हिन्दू फासीवाद और मीडिया”, 27 सितम्बर

New Delhi: Protest against deteriorating health situation in Delhi, Sep 23

Kolkata: Protest meeting against clampdown on democratic protests by state government, Sep 16

Pune: Joint Rally in support of striking FTII students, Sep 14

Delhi: 30th PUDR Annual Dr. Ramanadham Memorial Lecture: Imprisoned Voices, Sep 12

Ludhiana: AFDR State convention on political prisoners and democratic rights, Sep 13

Kolkata: 4th National Queer Conference, “Femininities and Masculinities”, Sep 11-13

Hyderabad: Colour of Trans 2.0, Sep 10

Kolkata: Rally demanding unconditional release of political prisoners, Sep 9

Pune: Protest Against Murder of Prof Kalburgi and Attack on Democracy, Sep 9

Kolkata: Convention by workers of closed industries, Sep 8

Delhi: “In defense of rationality”: Protest against the murder of M.M. Kalburgi, Sep 5

Kolkata: WSS street meeting on Raksha Bandhan, Aug 28

Delhi: Discussion on Working class struggles today, Aug 26

All India Protest Screening and Solidarity Meet: Muzaffarnagar Baqi Hai, Aug 25

Kolkata: Film screenings by Cinema of Resistance, Aug 22, 25

কলকাতা: মৃত্যুদন্ড বিরোধী সভা, আগষ্ট ১৯

Kolkata: Mass convention demanding the unconditional release of political prisoners, Aug 11

Mumbai: Remembering P.A. Sebastian, Aug 11

Delhi: Interactive session with the Struggling students of FTII, Aug 6

Kolkata: Debate on forced admission of persons with mental illness, Aug 6

दिल्ली: सेमिनार – “सांप्रदायिक उभार और आज की चुनौतियाँ”, अगस्त 6

Delhi: FTII students’ protest against saffronisation, Aug 3

New Delhi: Annual Global Day of Action against Vedanta, Aug 3

Mandya, Karnataka: Annada Runa Abhiayana, Jul 21- Aug 3

New Delhi: Remembering Charu Majumdar, Jul 28

New Delhi: Public hearing on proposed amendments to Land Acquistion Act, Jul 23

Kolkata: APDR rally to demand of reopening the investigation into Kishenji’s murder, Jul 22

Gurgaon: मारुति सुजुकी मजदूर सभा व रैली, Jul 18

Delhi: Narmada ki Aawaz – 30 years of struggle, Jul 17-18

Hyderabad: 45th VIRASAM Formation Day Meeting, Jul 12

Gurgaon: Workshop on proposed Labour law amendment and its impact on working class, Jul 12

Kolkata: Mukti Chai – a cultural evening of resistance, Jul 11

কলকাতা: হুল দিবস, ৩০জুন

Bhilai: Contract workers’ struggle: Shaheed Divas, Shapath Divas, Jul 1

London: Picket demanding release of Dr G.N. Saibaba, Jun 28

Kolkata: Jean Dreze public lecture on “The Indian Enigma: Fast growth, slow progress”, Jun 20

Pune: Public Meeting on Nuclear Energy, Jun 20

Kolkata: a workshop on Leninism with Paul Le Blanc, Jun 20-21

Kolkata: Protest against clamp down on prisoner rights, Jun 15

Dehradun: Shram Ka Samaan – A New Uttarakhand for a New India, Jun 9

Delhi: Discussion on Agriculture and Ecological Crisis, Jun 5

Bengal: Documentary Film Screening – Cinema of Resistance (Kolkata Chapter), May 24

Delhi: Convention against silencing democracy and criminalizing dissent, May 23

Kolkata: APDR protest rally against UAPA convictions of Chhatradhar and others, May 13

Delhi: Day long hunger strike in protest of continued incarceration of Dr G.N. Saibaba, May 9

Hyderabad: Demonstration for Immediate Release of Dr GN Saibaba, May 9

Delhi: Rally Against Land Ordinance, May 5

Lucknow: Peoples Convention on Hashimoura Massacre, Apr 26

Delhi: Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr. G N Saibaba, Press Conference cum Public Meeting, Apr 23

दिल्ली: बढ़ती सांप्रदायिकता के साथ बढ़ते महिला उत्पीड़न के विरोध में धरना-प्रदर्शन, अप्रैल 26

Delhi: Candle march in solidarity with women raped by army personnel in Assam, Apr 14

Delhi: “Come and see the blood on my skirt”, Apr 10

Pune: Talk on Budget 2015-16 – What is in it for the People?, Apr 5

Pune – Protest: Against Land Acquisition Ordinance / Bill, Apr 4

Delhi: Public Meeting on Hashimpura massacre verdict, Apr 9

दिल्ली: नागरिक पत्र के संपादक मुनीष कुमार व उत्तराखंड परिवर्तन पार्टी के महासचिव प्रभात ध्यानी पर कायराना हमले के विरोध में सयुक्त विरोध, 2 अप्रैल

আসানসোল: আলোচনা সভা “মানুষের জীবন ও জীবিকার প্রয়োজনে আর কত কোলিয়ারি দরকার?”, মার্চ ২৯

Delhi – Martyrdom Anniversary Program, Organised by Bhagat Singh Chhatra Ekta Manch, Mar 23

Kolkata: Amit Bhaduri talk “Development, Dispossession and Land Acquisition Question”, organised by Ganamancha, Mar 23

Delhi State Conference of IFTU, Mar 22

Delhi – Martyrdom Anniversary of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Organized by Nowruz, Mar 23

Delhi: Baat Cheet, Exposing 300 days of Modi’s rule, Mar 19

Kolkata: Joint rally against sexual violence, Mar 19

Invitation for National Conference on People’s Struggles – Gadchiroli (Maharashtra), March 22-23

Delhi: Founding Conference of the All India People’s Forum, Mar 14-15

Kolkata – Press meet by WSS on status of women in Nandigram, Mar 14

Bhubaneshwar: Screening of The Referendum, Mar 7

Mumbai: ‘Polemic’ Seminar on Economic Crisis and Rise of Fascism, Mar 13

Delhi: Workers Convention in solidarity with workers of Gurgaon-Bawal Industrial area, Feb 27

Delhi: SAHMAT meeting in solidarity with Perumal Murugan – Feb 17

Pune: Protest against brutal and murderous attack on Comrade Govind and Comrade Uma Pansare – Feb 16

Gurgaon: Convention on Maruti Suzuki Workers Struggle, Feb 27

New Delhi: Condemn the denial of bail to Comrade Hem by the Aheri Sessions’ Court, Feb 13

Lucknow: Seminar by Anand Swaroop Verma on Occasion of 5th Anniversary of Shahid Azmi Martyrdom – Feb 11

Kolkata: Discussion, release of India Exclusion Report 2013-2014 – Jan 27

New Delhi: Protest against Barack Obama, Jan 23

Ranchi: Visthapan Virodhi Jan Vikash Andolan meeting – 20-21 Jan

2nd Kolkata People’s Film Festival, Jan 22 – 25

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