Delhi – Convention of automobile workers, Dec 9

English translation courtesy of Poonam Srivastava

To end illegal contract practices, for the right unionise, for respectable wages, justice for Eastern Medicate and Maruti Suzuki workers, therefore, ‘Maruti Suzuki workers union’ calls for a convention of automobile workers of Gudgaon, Manesar, Dhaddheda, Baval, Faridabad, Noida, and Ghaziabad with a memorandum to the Prime minister.

WHEN: Sunday, 9th December 2012, 11 am to 6 pm
WHERE: Ambedkar Bhavan, Near Jhandevalan Metro Station, New Delhi
CONTACT: Imaan Khan-9467704883, Ramnivas-08901127876, Omprakash-8607154232, Mahaveer-9560564754, Yogesh-8510043143, Katar Singh-9728778870, Rajpal-9555425175


We, automobile workers, are victims of gross injustice. Even though in automobile and other organized sector industries, hiring contract labor is against the law, it illegally happens all over. On the other hand, the threat of getting laid off by contractors is like a sword hanging over our heads. Our wages are also very low and there is open violation of the labor law that gives a legal right to unionise. Today all laws are in the pockets of the employer. We, the workers, have just become lifeless tools to gain profit for them; whereas, the government and the whole system are nothing but the agents of these profit makers.

Everyone is probably aware of the hardships that we, Maruti-Suzuki workers, are facing today. These hardships have arisen from our efforts to form an union and our demands for permanent positions for the contract laborers. To throttle our persistence, Maruti management planned a conspiracy against us on 18th of July. And once again, police brutally repressed workers at the behest of employers. But even during these trying times, instead of bending to their will, we are carrying our struggle forward. We have decided that we will intensify our resistance against employers, management and the government.

It is evident that it is not just the struggle of one factory. The struggle represents a united front of all automobile workers in the region. With this objective in mind – to announce our joint resistance against injustice – we are organizing this convention of automobile workers of Gudgaon, Manesar, Dhadduheda, Baval industrial area.

Our demands are:

1. By the year 2013, production industries of Gudgaon, Manesar, Dhaddheda, Baval-Faridabad, Noida, and Ghaziabad areas must end contract jobs and all contract workers must be made permanent. Until they become permanent, the automobile workers must get a minimum wage of Rs 15,000.
2. The permanent workers must get a minimum salary of Rs 25,000.
3. All automobile industries of the area should have a trade union. These unions should be mandatorily registered by the Labor Department within 45 days of filing an application.
4. Regarding Eastern Medicate, we ask the management to follow the High court judgment and demand an immediate opening of the plant. All the workers must be re-hired and pending salaries must be paid.
5. Illegally suspended 546 workers of Maruti-Suzuki Manesar plant must immediately be taken back.
6. All the arrested workers must immediately be released; all the bogus charges must be revoked and workers repression must stop.

Friends, today all the capitalists are united and are being aggressive. We can defeat them only through our combined strength. That is why we need to have a joint front for united struggle. We have taken the first step and we need your cooperation.

Lets walk hands in hands and move towards victory.

Workers of the world unite,
Maruti-Suzuki workers union