Delhi – Justice for Women Now! Citizen’s March to India Gate, Dec 27

Please assemble at Nizamuddin Gol Gumbaz @ 12 noon onwards, so that we can march by 2 p.m. sharp!


We Demand :

1) Sack the Delhi Police Commissioner
2) Ensure Justice in One Lakh Pending Rape Cases Across the Country in 100 Days. Swift and Sure Punishment in Every Crime Against Women.
3) Announce and publicise gender-just protocols for FIRs and police investigation of crimes against women. Punish police who violate the protocols, display gender bias or blame the victim.
4) Announce a process of consultation with women’s organisations and students for a Special Session of Parliament in order to review and enact robust, democratic, gender-sensitive laws on crimes against women, including ‘honour’ crimes.
5) Ensure Massive Expansion of Safe Public Transport for Women.

For more information, visit the event’s Facebook page.