Delhi – Peoples’ March against Violence on Women, VV metro, Dec 30

Hanging the rapist will never solve the problem


Vishwavidyalaya metro station
Sunday 30th Dec. 5:00 pm


Massive expansion of secure, regular and accountable public transport.

Takeover of private buses by state corporations.

Ensure speedy delivery of justice in more than 1,00,000 cases of violence against women.

Enact provisions for formation of anti-sexual harassment committees at all work-places, colleges, schools, and other institutions. Constitute a democratic, effective and accountable body to ensure justice in cases of sexual harassment in Delhi University. Bring out regular reports of cases and actions taken.

Institute an independent tribunal to enquire and punish police, paramilitary and armed forces personnel accused of sexual violence. Install CCTV cameras inside police stations.

Repeal archaic provisions of Article 66A of the IT Act and Article 144 which snatches from us our right to protest and express our democratic dissent. Sack Delhi police commissioner for violently suppressing protesters. Remove DU VC for muzzling our protest.

Organised by many students, teachers, & other peoples’ organisations and individuals.