Delhi – Protest demonstration against Narendra Modi in SRCC-DU, Feb 6

Oppose the entry of fascist Narendra Modi in SRCC, DU

Join Protest Demonstration in front of SRCC, DU on 6th February (Wednesday) at 3 pm


Organized by DSU-DU

The invitation extended to Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, to Delhi University by the SRCC Students’ Union is highly condemnable. It reeks of the machinations of the sangh-giroh to white-wash the blood on the hands of the overseer of the worst pogrom in recent memory in the subcontinent. By extending an invitation to address the students of the college on ‘development’, the organizers in SRCC expose themselves as the agents of a model of progress that thrives on the subjection of Muslims to the domain of fear and humiliation.

This protest is not merely against an individual. It is against the face that led the violent mobs, through distanced assent and intentional inaction, a man that chose to remain deaf and blind during the worst outrages. Then, he continued riding the elephant of law and order to trample the path to justice for those affected by the violence. The impunity that his authoritarian regime enjoys is a constant reminder of inequity to the thousands who await justice in the courts of this country while living in ghettoized squalor in the state of Gujarat.

Further, the condition of those from lower classes, castes and communities in the state of Gujarat clearly taints the rosy picture of progress and development painted by the dominant political class. Thus, the image of a faultless businessman with a mission for <80><98>development<80><99> is meant to package Modi for the consumption of the young generation of the day. It is up to us to remove this faade and expose the divisive, communal rage that lies within.

This is not merely a question of a college of DU; this involves the collective conscience of the entire university fraternity that becomes complicit if we remain silent to his visit. Our silence would legitimize this mass-murderer as the representative of model governance for a future of communal hate and violence. We must not forget what happened in Gujarat, we must not allow this hate-monger to extend his regime of blood into this university!

Today, it is crucial for us to
– PROTEST against the visit of this fascist communal politician to Delhi University!
– CONDEMN the invitation to speak on ‘development’ in SRCC!
– STAND UP against the SRCC students’ union for inviting the orchestrator of the 2002 Gujarat pogrom!