Can Ideas and Ideals by Gagged?

October 6, 2014

By Varalakshmi
English translation by Arun


Was the 21st meeting of FORUM FOR ALTERNATIVE POLITICS, not held? Of course, the government fenced the area surrounding the SUNDARAYYA HALL, thus preventing hundreds of people from attending the meeting, in addition to cancelling the trains, making house arrests in various districts, and arresting people who had already arrived from other districts the previous night. Baghlingampalli was turned a military zone. But in spite of these heinous, cowardly, and most undemocratic acts or perhaps because of them, not one meeting, but several meetings were held propagating Revolutionary ideals and ideas, in various police stations, where the revolutionary sympathizers were held illegally.

In fact every gathering of people, any number it may be, at any place it may be, is a meeting place. None can stop them. Mr. Chandrasekhar Rao who is now in the position of chief minister of Telangana only because of a people’s movement has forgetten the fact that people’s aspirations can’t be curtailed. Pity the state; it has not learnt lessons from History. As usual acts of repression boomeranged on oppressors. It helped the revolutionaries with a lot of media propaganda. Every police station, in which we were placed, became a meeting hall. In Bolaram Police station, where 43 of us were kept, a daylong session was conducted. The morning session was chaired by Padma of AMARULA BANDHUMITRA SANGHAM (organization for family and friends of martyrs) and the afternoon session by Anjamma, the president of that Sangham. The speakers Pani, Varalaxmi of Virasam, Kanakaiah, CRPP, Annapurna, CLC, Devendra, CMS, Jeetan Marandi of Jharkhand Abhen, and Utpal of Jharkhand spoke.

It was a different type of meeting compared to the traditional one, where speakers sit on a pedestal and the audience members are mute listeners. Here both the audience and speakers intermingled, sat together. We saluted the harbingers of the Maoist movement, Charu Majumdar, Kanhai Chatterji, who fought relentless battles against revisionism. We also reminded ourselves of the heroic role played by Rawoof and Sushil Roy in the fields of politics and building organization. We fondly got back to our memories of our association with Ganti Prasadam, who was done to death in broad day-light by government sponsored goons. One of the speakers reviewed the successes and failures of the revolutionary movement, its way of establishing a new democratic government, JANATANA SARKAR in Dandakaranya Region, Power to the People, Peoples’ Army and United Front.

Meeting held in police custody

Speaker after speaker spoke about the ups and downs faced and the successes achieved by the United Revolutionary movement led by CPI (Maoist) Party during the last decade. The formation of CPI (Maoist) Party is a telling answer to those skeptics who doubted the merger of various Revolutionary parties. The merger of CPI (ML) Peoples ‘War and MCCI mocked at those who have been propagating the false assumption that there is no alternative to Capitalism. The forces of revolutionaries were further strengthened by the merger of CPI (ML) Naxalbari Party. This created jitters in the ruling class, and made them shivers in their boots. “Operation Green Hunt” failed to deter the masses from actively engaging in the war against their oppressors. Here, the false propaganda that the Revolutionary movement has lost the sympathy of masses in Telangana and A.P. States was proved wrong. The government acts of ruthlessness in arresting people and gagging their democratic rights is nothing but its innate fear of the oppressed masses who are ready to uproot this oppressive social setup. Government’s acts of cruel and inhuman suppression may have resulted in Maoists abandoning open activities. But, that they are with the people, rather the people are with them is quite evident in the arrival of people in droves from nooks and corners of both the states. The meeting place reverberated with Revolutionary songs and slogans and drumbeating by cultural troupe.

Now, who can dare say that the meeting of the FORUM FOR ALTERNATIVE POLITICS was not conducted? Its mission is fulfilled.

Post Script: We heard a student who does not have an inkling of the Maoist Movement, asking, ”When will this meeting be conducted again?”, after observing the emergency like atmosphere in around the meeting places. Then he asserted that he would surely attend the meeting, when it is held.

What more would the organizers want?

The writer is Secretary, Revolutionary Writers’ association.

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  1. a. k. maleri Says:
    October 7th, 2014 at 02:30

    a lesson for the powers that be. no power can gag the voice of the people

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