Condemn the raid and attack on Forward Press Magazine – Revolutionary Cultural Front

October 13, 2014

Condemn the raid and attack in the office of Forward Press Magazine following the diktats of Brahmanical forces!

On 9th October, the special branch of Delhi police brazenly attacked and vandalised the Delhi office of Forward Press magazine, a Hindi-English bilingual monthly of Dalits and Bahujans, and forcibly seized copies of their October special issue on Bahujan Sramana Tradition along with arresting four employees.The consulting editor of the magazine who is being maliciously targeted and threatened with arrest has stated in a press release that the October issue of the magazine has attempted a Bahujan reading of the story of Mahishasur and Durga through the medium of pictures and essays. This motivated act of police violence following the diktats of Brahmanical forces, is because of the attempt by Forward Press to challenge the dominant myths about Mahishasura. He also added that the police forces were confiscating copies of the magazine from stalls in Delhi without any order of any court or competent authority.On the same night, rabid ABVP goons attacked and assaulted students attending a programme conducted by AIBSF on Mahishashur in JNU. Hoodlums from ABVP even filed an FIR against a student in the Vasant Kunj police station for distributing copies of the article ‘Kiski Puja Kar Rahe Hai Bahujan’ from the magazine.

This is only a flashpoint in a chain of instances where writers, artists and scholars have faced a backlash from a right-wing bolstered by a communal fascist state and its machinery. When James Laine’s book on Shivaji, Paul Courtwright’s book on a hindu deity, Wendy Doniger’s The Hindus: An alternative history or AK Ramanujan’s essay Three Hundred Ramayanas (which was removed from the history syllabus in Delhi University) allegedly ‘hurt the sentiments of certain religious communities’, it was not only these ‘hurt’ jingoist guardians ‘from Hindu right-wing organisations, but also the high court, universities and home ministry that issued diktats that the books be removed from syllabus, or banned, and even sanctioned arrest warrants and unleashed the police force upon them.

Agents of this state like the newly appointed ICHR chairperson Yellapragada Sudershan Rao or the self appointed custodian of preserving hindu myths, Dinanath Batra, however, are free to make open and rabid casteist and communal statements and celebrate their saffronized reinterpretation of history. At a time when everyone is hysterically brandishing a preposterous peace prize awarded to Kailash Satyarthi, at the same time, any other voice from the marginalized which even remotely challenge the dominant notions of history or even dare to present an alternative reading of the myths face censorship, clamp down and state repression. The incarceration of cultural activists like Sudhir Dhawale, Hem Mishra and many others or clamp down on magazines like Peoples March only reveals one half of the oppressive face of the juggernaut that is the Indian State. The point is that it is not the adherence to a particular ideology or the use of violence that this state suppresses, it attacks and attempts to suppress all democratic voices of dissent even when they follow the politics of parliamentary democracy and Indian constitution. The attack on Forward Press magazine only exposes the true character of the Indian State in cahoots with the oppressive agenda of Hindutva. We condemn the police crackdown on the staff of Forward Press in strongest terms.

Revolutionary Cultural Front


2 Responses to “Condemn the raid and attack on Forward Press Magazine – Revolutionary Cultural Front”

  1. AK Says:
    October 17th, 2014 at 07:51


  2. NotRequired Says:
    October 17th, 2014 at 22:07

    Something Brah^man|c^l forces couldn’t bear. These idiots[aforementioned forces] or so called saviors of their disgusting and hide0us rel|g|0n always keep on shouting that we are in democracy but forget that it is the democratic republic that we accpeted and not the democracy also called mobocracy. It is the republic that granted every Indian born human being the right to free speech, perhaps, $upreme C0ur7 shouldn’t had declared that H|nDU|$M is the way of life which ultimately is a disgust for non-believers and hinderance for free speech[No contempt towards Apex Court]. If the saviors really know that whatever in #ForwardPress edition about fictional character D|_|RG^ [G0dde$$ to some people] never happened in reality then why are they so scared of it that they couln’t tolerate it or rather take it as fiction or pehaps use the democratic way of free speech in order to oppose them while on the other hand keep praising the mindless agenda of something called peace and harmony[which this nat|0n cannot witness at least till this rel|g|0n exist].

    While I should criticise Delh| P0l|ce as well but I won’t as P0l|ce and army is the major power that keeps any g0v7 at large. P0l|ce, by its very foundation is bound to follow politics, officially or not, that’s a different matter.

    Tomorrow, these perverts will say that in their view #AnnihilationofCaste is derogatory to their so-called pure nonsense pure crap rel|g|0n and that it should be banned and that the True savior[extremely personal opinion] of Depressed Castes/Oppressed Castes/Women of every caste, none other than Mr B R Ambedkar, his work, his ideology is a threat and should be banned, his followers to be burnt alive like what happened to a Mahadalit recently, its women brutally tortured and gang raped[Khairlangi] just because they happened to rise from their socio-economic status, you think you will win?

    NO! Never again! We Got Ambedkar’s work! No matter how many times you distort and rewrite history, you can’t win. You’ll never be able to do it irrespective of how many illogical/baked/semi-truth facts you create against B R Ambedkar.

    We will take whatever we can imagine ours, even if it mean taking back the seat you idiot[sorry, saviors infact] enjoy socially-cum-economically. Enjoy the game if you can, while you can.

    Note: Nothing in the aforesaid text shall be construed as hate/disrespect towards any living or dead being[including supernatural]. The editor is exercising his Right to Free Speech as is granted by the Constitution of India. In case, one found the context intolerable or unconsummable, then by all means, ignore it. Keep it Simple, Dear Reader.

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