Mainstream Politics vs Alternative Politics

December 2, 2014


Semi-colonial, semi-feudal path of Development
People Oriented, Eco-friendly, sustainable, New Democratic, socialist path of Development

[This paper, written by the political prisoners at Visakhapatnam central prison, was sent to the seminar at Hyderabad on 21st September 2014 to hail the ten years of the unified revolutionary movement, organized by Forum for Alternative Politics. But the newly formed Telangana State unleashed a spurge of attacks on the people and arrested nearly 400 people and did not let the meeting happen.]

We, the political prisoners of the Central Prison at Visakhapatnam (AP), would like to extend our revolutionary greetings to this forum which has been formed to uphold and propagate alternative politics and to celebrate the unified revolutionary movement on the occasion of the ten years of the formation of CPI (Maoist). 21st Sep, 2014 is a red-letter day in the annals of the revolutionary movement in India. It was on this day, ten years ago, that two parallel streams of revolution led by the erstwhile MCCI and CPI (ML)-PW merged and the CPI (Maoist) was formed. With the formation of CPI (Maoist), a new glorious chapter began. The dream of revolutionaries and the revolutionary camp had at last come true. The unification had put an end to the inglorious history of three decades of splits in the revolutionary movement into parties and groups. This development also enthused the Marxist revolutionary forces throughout the world.

Let’s look at the victories achieved and failures faced by the revolutionary movement in the past ten years. The successes in brief are –

– A single, and the biggest, revolutionary party has been formed which can further act as the nucleus around which all the other revolutionary elements and groups that have not become a part of it so far can be rallied. This revolutionary party is born by standing the test of the time by not only withstanding the brutal campaign of repression, but raising the level of people’s war to the level of guerilla warfare.

– A strong people’s liberation guerrilla army has emerged, which is one of the three main weapons of revolution. This PLGA is instrumental in valiantly fighting back the biggest offensive, by far, on the revolutionary movement in the form of Salwa Judum and Green Hunt in Dandakaranya. Similarly, it has withstood the combined offensive of various vigilante groups and gangs like Tritiya Prastuti Committee (TPC), JLF, JPC, SPM, Shantisena, Nagarik Surakhsa Samithi (NSS) in Jharkhand and private armies like Ranvir Sena in Bihar, and the Green Hunt. The PLGA, under the leadership of the party and by mobilizing vast masses and forming people’s militia, has successfully defeated Salwa Judum and the strategy of “strategic hamlets” and curtailed the dreams of Chidambaram to finish off the Maoist movement within three years of launching Green Hunt.

– Alternative People’s power has been established in the form of Janathana Sarkar in the vast areas of Dandakaranya and RPCs in Jharkhand and in some areas of Jharkhand and Orissa. This embryonic alternative people’s power has enthused the revolutionary camp throughout the country. Its people-centric developmental model could emerge as the rallying point for all the pro-people forces of the country depending on its further establishment, which is in turn dependent on the intensification and expansion of the people’s war and establishment of regular people’s liberation army and stable base areas. It also depends on the economic crisis unfolding at home and internationally, which would compel many vast sections of people into struggle.

– In these ten years, the revolutionary movement has successfully developed guerrilla warfare in new areas, especially in Orissa and West Bengal in spite of every effort of the central and state Governments to arrest the spread of the movement to newer areas. In West Bengal, however, there has been a setback. Further, despite severe leadership losses and in spite of being encircled by vast number of state forces, the revolutionary guerrilla forces are able to sustain in the tri junction of Karnataka , Kerala and Tamil Nadu and have been striving to further spread the movement.

– The party has led many mass upsurges, the most significant among them being in Lalgarh, Nandigram, and Narayanapatna and is some areas like Dumka in Jharkhand, even if on a lesser scale. The militant mass mobilization has given very rich experiences in combining mass upsurges with militant armed mass struggle. People led by the party evolved newer militant forms of struggles on a mass scale. There were also fine examples of forming united fronts with various political forces.

Apart from the Nandigram movement and to an extent the Lalgarh movement which were led by the party, struggles in Singur, Kalinganagar and other places were led by other forces. These infused new energies to the movement against displacement, led not only by the Maoist forces, but also by various other democratic forces in the country. These struggles have also established the Maoist Party to be the foremost leading party in all such struggles.

Though the Lalgarh upsurge and the revolutionary movement in Bengal in general has received a severe jolt by the martyrdom of Com. Kishenji, it is again trying to re-emerge.

The militant resistance of the Maoist Party from Lalgarh to Surajgarh has stopped the comprador big bourgeoisie and MNCs in their tracks, preventing the uprooting of the tribals from the forests and the plundering of mineral and forest wealth.

It will also be apt to remember here that as soon as the Maoist guerrilla forces were compelled to withdraw from the Saranda forest area, due to unprecedented concentration of paramilitary forces, various private mining companies have moved in and have been doing an irreparable damage to the forest there, with utter disregard to the lives and livelihood of the Ho tribal people there.

These struggles and the heroic resistance to the Green Hunt offensive, has catapulted the Maoist movement from the state and regional levels to the national politics. It has fired the imagination of people far beyond the areas of the movement. In fact, it is one of the few Maoist movements in the world which is holding a beacon of hope for socialist transformation.

It has to be said, however that the needs far outweigh the successes.

Let us also look at the major shortcomings, losses and weaknesses of the revolutionary movement and the party.
– In the past ten years, the single most striking shortcoming has been the inability to prevent the loss of leadership especially of the central and state-level leaderships. A total of 21 CCMs have been arrested. Five among them have been killed in fake encounters. One succumbed to cancer due to lack of treatment during prolonged incarceration. Only three among them could break free from the confinement of the enemies. Three more senior-most CC comrades succumbed to cerebral malaria, contracted in the forests. Many state level leaders have also been arrested and some killed. Many senior leading women comrades, steeled in class struggles, are also behind bars. This huge loss of leadership has severely limited many plans of the party to expand to newer areas, to intensify the people’s war and to open up newer fronts of class struggle, especially in the urban areas, the working class and the vast plains.

– Forced by the unprecedented military offensive and the very serious losses that have been incurred, the Maoist movement has temporarily withdrawn to the strategic areas of the forests. The ruling class apologists and the media are trying to utilize this enforced situation to depict the movement to be at the most a tribal movement fighting against displacement etc. This obscures the fact that the movement is essentially a revolutionary movement aiming to transform the very base of the Indian society from a semi-colonial and semi-feudal exploitative system to a sovereign new democratic system and eventually to a socialist system. It also tries to obscure the fact that the revolutionary movement basically built a very strong anti-feudal movement mobilizing tens of lakhs of agricultural workers and peasants, a overwhelming number of them being from the oppressed backward and Dalit Castes, in the vast plain areas and also a strong urban movement by building workers struggles in Singareni, Hyderabad and the coal belt areas in Jharkhand, Vidarbha etc., apart from mobilizing other urban sections like students, employees, youth etc., in many cities throughout the country.

– Though the party has been striving hard, it has so far not been successful in resurrecting the peasant movement in the plain areas, in building the workers movement in urban areas and forming a powerful united front with various struggling forces. The huge losses of the central leadership has been exactly in striving to carry this out.

The movement has to overcome these weaknesses. The various mass organizations and all the well wishers of revolution have to strive to work in these areas with a long term perspective and initiative, which will in turn facilitate the party to seize initiative in overcoming the above shortcomings.

The Maoist movement in India is offering alternative politics and an alternative vision of the society, while the capitalists and their apologist intellectuals are shouting from the rooftops that “There Is No Alternative” (TINA), to capitalism.

“There Is No Alternative” to Socialism and Communism

In the Soviet Union and later in China, the Socialist states and societies were defeated, from within, when the capitalist-roaders inside the Communist Party captured power. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the capitalists of the world got an ideological boost to repeatedly assert that Socialism is history and that history has come to an end.

If we look at what capitalism in its highest stage of imperialism, through MNCs, TNCs., and multilateral institutions like WB, IMF, WTO, UN has done to the people of the globe in the past nearly thirty years since it proudly announced TINA, we can see that the inequality between the poor and the rich has multiplied several times. While the richest one percent are amassing humongous amounts of wealth, billions of people are compelled to eke out their living below subsistence levels, with tens of millions of children suffering malnutrition, preventable communicable diseases etc., with tens of millions without jobs even in the developed countries. While the world has been witnessing huge increases in the productive capacities in every conceivable field, the capitalist production relations are thwarting the realization of its potential. The production capacities are put to wastage and under-utilization, while billions of people suffer from want of their needs.

This is one side of the picture. On the other hand, the rapacious greed of the profit-mongers is promoting consumerism and wastage to such an extent that they are pushing the globe to the brink of catastrophe. Even though there are very clear warnings about the impending ecological disasters, rising global warming etc., the greed of the imperialists is compelling them to ignore all these warnings and go about their business as usual, resulting in destruction of forest covers of the globe and plundering of the mineral wealth and forest wealth. To lay their hands on newer and newer mineral and oil resources, they do not mind destroying whole civilizations by waging wars from the skies. With the greed to lay their hands on all the golden eggs of the goose at once, they are plundering land, air and water; bringing about changes in organisms by abusing the scientific and technological developments without bothering about consequences, causing extinction of many species and irreversible loss of biodiversity etc., Capitalistic agriculture has robbed the soil of its fertility, depleted its ground water, increased the incidence of pests, spread the crop diseases and has been slowly poisoning humans and animals via the food cycle.

The economic depression that has befallen the imperialist world in the past few years, reminding all about the Great Depression of the 1930’s, has proven beyond all doubt that capitalism has no answers to solve the contradiction of social production and private ownership. While the wealth of the billionaires and the MNCs is ever increasing, the burden of the crisis is being pushed on to the back of working masses.

So, what if “There Is No Alternative To Capitalism” and what does it mean?

Capitalism means war; war on nations, war on countries, war on nature, war on working masses and war on women and children.

Capitalism means exploitation and expropriation of the labour of the working class.

Capitalism means commodification of everything – the women, the intellect, the breathing air, the drinking water, the nurturing earth, the religious beliefs etc.,

Capitalism means over-consumption, colossal wastage and pilferage. It means the agglomeration of wealth, on one hand, in the hands of the one percent and destitution, on the other hand for most of the rest. Can there be a better example for this than the US, the richest ever nation on earth, where hundreds of thousands are homeless, jobless and are forced to take shelter in crammed community shelters?

Capitalism means degradation of human values: the values of compassion, love and everything positive that humankind has developed in the course of its civilized life and its replacement with greed and the animal instinct of “survival of the fittest”.

Capitalists are glad when you are thirsty for water, hungry for food, sick from diseases, because that is when they can maximize their profit and fill their coffers.

This is what the end of history means. This is what happens if “There Is No Alternative” to capitalism. But there is. And that alternative is socialism and communism.

It is, however, important for us to remember at this juncture about what was achieved by the first socialist states in the Soviet Union and China.

When we look at the current economic depression of the world, we are reminded of the Great Depression of the 1930’s on the one hand and of the Soviet economy, on the other hand, where there was no economic crisis at all. While the imperialist countries were reeling under huge unemployment and under employment, Soviet Union had provided jobs to all because of the planned economy of Socialism. It was the Soviet Union and the Chinese revolutionary movement which were instrumental in the defeat of Fascism of Germany and Japan respectively through colossal sacrifices, valour and correct tactics of the united front. It is the socialist economy that lifted crores of people – the peasants and workers – from out of poverty and built self-sufficient economies. The principle of the right of nations to self-determination has gone a long way to the universal recognition of that right. Women were provided equal rights and opportunities, hitherto unseen in any patriarchal capitalist society.

These and many more achievements were made amidst peripheral imperialist threats, embargoes and interferences etc., which makes them more commendable.

It is true that the first Socialist states also committed many mistakes. Especially in the Soviet Union, there were mistakes in implementing mass line in collectivization of land, and in dealing with unrest in certain nationalities; in one-sided emphasis on heavy and basic industry vis-a-vis small and consumer goods industry; on industry vis-à-vis agriculture; in not giving enough attention to the impact of big demand and huge industries on the environment; in not always following the principle of democratic centralism in its true-spirit and mechanical and one sided implementation of the proletarian dictatorship, while forgetting that the proletarian dictatorship should also ensure the fullest implementation of proletarian democracy too.

A glorious attempt was made to correct some of the mistakes in China during and before cultural revolution. New initiatives were initiated on a mass scale to empower, the workers, the women etc., economically, socially, culturally. They collectively became masters of their own fate, albeit for a brief period.

It is true that those attempts and initiatives have been proven inadequate, but a great beginning had been made. There was no prior experience in building socialism, to learn from and therefore it is quite possible to make mistakes. But, the capitalists and their ideological apologists are only magnifying these mistakes and failures and totally ignoring and brushing aside the colossal victories. By this, they want to hide their own colossal failure.

Yes, we have to defeat this conspiracy of the capitalists. We have to learn from the Socialist experience and take it forward. We have to draw proper lessons from the flawed implementation of the proletarian dictatorship and the inadequate implementation of mass line and reassert the other side of the same coin which is Proletarian democracy or socialist democracy by ensuring mass line, proper organizational structures forums and methods to ensure its full implementation etc., under Chavez and in fact from all such movements and also from some of the hitherto neglected Marxist theoreticians like Rosa Luxemberg, Gramsci We should also draw lessons from Mao’s critique of the Soviet economy and further take forward by a critical appraisal of the Chinese experience under Mao. The inadequacy of the assessment of the environmental impact by a some what one sided emphasis on the development of productive forces has to be corrected.

Yes, all these things have to be done. The corrections have to be made both theoretically as well as practically.

But let us reassert that the Socialist path i.e. the Socialization of means of production in the only alternative path before the mankind for the pre-history to end, for the real history of civilization to begin, to put an end to hunger, disease, alienation, war and ecological catastrophe. Let us reassert that there can be no Utopian Socialism but only the Socialism founded firmly on the scientific Marxist principles.

Let us resurrect the dream of Socialism which had inspired the workers, the women, the downtrodden and the progressives all over the world for over the past two centuries.

Socialism is neither a luxurious nor a Utopian dream. It is a necessity even if we have to breathe clean air, drink pure water and eat healthy food.

The CPI(Maoist) is one of the main parties in today’s world which are standing for and fighting for this alternative to capitalism that is socialism.

If we look at today’s India, what is it that is on offer in the so-called mainstream politics in India?

The so called “Mainstream Politics” and Alternative Politics in India

In India, the democracy is reduced at the political level merely to “election and Voting”. This is the only facet of the democracy that has been firmly entrenched. Other facets of any real democracy like even rule of law and real democratic values like the right to speak, right to association, right to strike etc., are only limited to paper and they are “allowed” only to certain vocal sections in some urban pockets and that too only in a limited way, at the mercy of the rulers and not as a right per se.

Even the “parliamentarism” is only a sham. Nowadays it takes crores of rupees to win an election. Most of those who win are those who can “invest” such money. Naturally this investment seeks proper returns of profit, to be extracted multifold in the five-year period. The investors expecting quid pro quo are the mining mafia, coal mafia, spectrum mafia, real estate mafia etc, who masquerade as capitalists. The biggest ones among them also decide which persons should get which portfolio in the ministry and this gets implemented by puppets like Manmohan Singh. If the concerned minister does not dance to their tunes or not work to their utter satisfaction, then they are changed overnight either by the wishes of the imperialist masters or the comprador big bourgeoisie.

If a Manishankar Aiyar or Natwar Singh angers their imperialist US overlords, they would be unceremoniously shown the door by the PM. If Jairam Ramesh does not give enough environmental clearances and tries to introduce a moratorium on the trials of Bt.Brinjal, Monsanto will ensure his removal. Similar fate befalls Jayanthi Natarajan too when she doesn’t sign on the dotted line. When Jaipal Reddy does not dance to the tune of Mukesh Ambani, he would be shown the door of the petroleum ministry and the ever servient Moily would be brought in . At the value of all these murky affairs would be the so called “Honest to the core” Manmohan Singh, about whose honesty the media never fires to sing paeans. Manmohan Singh himself is said to have been made finance minister by P.V. Narasimha Rao at the insistence of WB and IMF, as quid pro quo to pull India out of the payment crisis in 1991. So much for the sovereignity! The biggest democracy was bestowed with a selected PM. Rather than an elected one for ten years.

The buying and selling of the MP and MLAs to form or topple the government needs no elaboration. The less said about the debates and policy making in the legislative bodies, the better. All the policy matters which concern the MNCs and or the CBB are decided before hand and are passed without even a façade of debate or discussion. Day in and day out skeletons of scams are tumbling out of the cupboard. They sometimes get to see the light of the day owing to the inter-ruling class group clashes.

Occasionally when the ruling dispensation is forced to make a relatively progressive law or to make some progressive provisions in a law, say for e.g., the provision to compulsorily obtain the permission of Gram Sabhas in the PESA areas for any project they make a mockery of it in its implementation.

Though the overwhelming majority of Telangana people demanded Telangana the ruling UPA Government only relented when it calculated that it would get electoral dividends to it and not when more than 500 students and youth sacrificed their life for it. So much for the “rule by the people”! One has to only compare this to what is happening in Scotland or earlier in Quebec in Canada to understand the hollowness of democracy in India.

The recent elections which propelled the BJP and Modi to power has clearly shown how the corporate world was hell bent on making Modi the Prime Minister. Adanis and Ambanis splurged money on his campaign like never before expecting their pound of flesh after the elections. Modi didn’t disappoint them. FDI in defense and railways, 133 environmental clearances at one stroke for various projects, permission to conduct field trials of Bt. brinjal are only the beginning.

NDA partner Chandra Babu Naidu who had opposed Bauxite Mining in the agency areas of A.P. is shamelessly reneging on it.

The so-called “mainstream” politics has infused a new life into the caste system. This system has failed to provide education and jobs to all. Even after more than six and half decades, universal compulsory education is a mirage. Because of the lack of proper education and job opportunities to all, the importance of reservation has grown for the oppressed castes. This has reinforced the caste. In the scramble for reservations the divisions among even the oppressed castes is deepening day by day. All the parliamentary parties shamelessly exploit and invoke caste and religion for electoral gains and they even provoke cast attacks on Dalits. Thus and in many more ways, they are perpetuating the obnoxious caste system.

Indian “Democracy” has no qualms about the majoritarian Hindu rule. The whole corporate world and their media practically fall silent on increasing saffronization and the communal riots provoked wantonly by the Sangh Parivar. This state goes after the so-called Muslim terrorists, hiding in other countries as well, but does not dare to arrest the Shiv Sena and BJP leaders who are behind Mumbai and Gujarat Pogroms. Religious minorities and especially Muslims and Christians are forced to live the lives of second-class citizens. Religious bigotry of Hindutva forces is and will be on the rise, with the architects of Gujarat pogroms at the helm of affairs.

This is what is on offer in mainstream politics!

In their scheme of things, the votaries of this democracy have no place for the toiling masses, except as voters to be wooed once every five years and more frequently nowadays by providing them alms and dole outs but not jobs. In their grand economic theories and policies, the toilers can only get what “trickles down” sometimes economists like Manmohan Singh are worried that not enough is “trickling down”. They shamelessly advocate that the policies should have a “human face” so akin to wolf in sheep’s skin.

The “mainstream democratic policies” of this country in the past two and half decades of liberalization, privatization and Globalization have been successful in creating ultra rich individuals; and corporations to get named among the world’s richest. The number is increasing year after year by the plunder of nation’s resources and crony capitalism. At the same time they have left the country with more than half of world’s poorest people, as an ill nation with such chronic and preventable diseases like diarrhea, malaria TB, etc., chronic malnutrition among the children, deaths at child births etc.

The policies pursued by the political representatives and servants of the landlords the comprador big bourgeoisie and the imperialists has left the country neither sovereign nor self sufficient in the past six and half decades.

The continuous extraction of the surplus from the agriculture by the bureaucratic big bourgeoisie and the MNCs, through high costs of inputs, low prices for the produce and by huge promotion of consumerism has left agriculture in perennial crisis. Eking out even a subsistence living from agriculture is becoming very difficult for the vast majority of agricultural workers, poor peasants and middle peasants and though attempts are being made to migrate to urban areas throughout the country, they are unable to do so, as there is little industrialization as compared to the needs of the surplus agricultural population and whatever the spectacular growth story is offering is only jobless growth.

Imperialism and its crisis of over production do not permit any large-scale labour-intensive industrialization in India because of semi-colonial relations. This is borne out by the lessening contribution of manufacturing sector to the economy vis-à-vis the mostly unproductive service sector.

Semi-colonial exploitation is on the one hand draining the surplus from agriculture preventing capital formation there and causing agrarian crisis and on the other hand impeding and distorting the industrialization necessary. The multinational agri-business Corporations and their Indian partners are going to further exacerbate this situation by promoting agri-business, corporate agriculture etc.,

Thus, the imperialist yoke is the biggest dead weight that in weighing down the Indian economy. The imperialist yoke includes the comprador big bourgeoisie, it being the former’s vehicle of operation in India along with the feudal forces.

Therefore, the “alternative” politics of the CPI(Maoist) envisage the destruction of the semi feudal and semi colonial economy and build in its place new democratic economy as a step towards socialism.

How is the new state envisaged and how would be the ‘alternative development path’ in the new society?

New Democracy

The revolutionary movement seeks to establish real grass roots democracy in contrast to the current ‘first past -post system’ of the so called majority parliamentary system which is only a hollow democracy. The rule of the real majority shall be ensured by putting up candidates from four class alliance by implementing universal suffrage to all those who are above 18 years (except a miniscule of the most reactionary elements) and the recall system. Constant vigilance shall be ensured by constituting various types of people’s committees. The new democratic state shall ensure the right to speak, right to assemble, right to association and right to strike etc., and make them inviolable.

A truly Independent Sovereign Federal Republic:
It shall establish a truly Federal Republic by ensuring the right of the nationalities to autonomy including the right to secede. The new federal structure shall be built on the voluntary union of nationalities. Provision for referendum/Plebiscite shall be provided for the option of secession or autonomy etc.,

It will also be ensured that regional imbalances in the country and within states shall not be there by ensuring the equal development of all the states and regions. The inter-state water disputes etc,will be settled with a principled stand and not with the favoritism etc,. displayed currently.

The country shall be made truly Independent and Sovereign by annulling all the unequal treaties, agreements etc,. imposed by the imperialist countries at present. The country shall be transformed from the present semi-colonial one into a sovereign state by confiscating and nationalizing all the banks, financial institutions, industries, companies and all the properties of the imperialist agencies including MNCs and of the comprador big bourgeoisies. Their loans will be abrogated.

A People oriented Eco-friendly all round Development Path:
The paradigm of development will be shifted from the current capitalist model to a people oriented, eco friendly development path, towards which the following steps will be taken up.
(1) It shall seize the land belonging to landlords, religious institutes and absentee owners and distribute it among the landless agricultural workers and pool peasants. It shall ensure equal right of women and land. Public investments shall be made to provide irrigation facilities, mechanization etc., in a scientific manner. In the place of green revolution technology more scientific agricultural practices like minimum tillage, organic farming integrated nutrient, pest and water management, diverse cropping etc,. will be followed that takes care of ground water availability, restores soil fertility and ensure sustainable agriculture. A holistic approach will be taken about big – farming, small-farming. One-sided drainage of surplus from agriculture shall be stopped by ensuring the availability of inputs at low-prices, the proper prices for the crops, the loans by co-operative institutions etc,.

(2) Small scale and medium scale industries shall be protected and encouraged, but their scale and scope will be controlled. People’s need-based industries and agro industries shall be set up on a large scale in a decentralized manner so that the agriculture and industry can progress together. In setting up industries, there will not be one sided emphasis on the development of mega-cities served by vast areas of hinter land, which is a bane in terms of colossal wastage of transport travel time metabological rift etc., it shall ensure that “the antithesis between town and country” is abolished.

(3) It shall ensure six-hour day. Child labour and piece rate shall be abolished.

(4) Mining and industrial policy will be formulated keeping in view the short-term as well as long -term interests of people, while taking into account the ecological impact on our vulnerable planet. In the energy sector, nuclear power will be scrapped, thermal sector will be phased out, no big hydro-electric projects. Alternate renewable energy sources will be innovated and utilized. Efforts will be made to revive and clean rivers and marine ecology etc.,

Steps towards caste annihilation:
The new democratic state shall take up the following steps to destroy the economic base that sustains caste system, apart from the ideological struggle against the Brahminical ideology of Caste, so that the obnoxious system of caste is rooted out.
(1) The distribution of land to the landless and the poor peasants, shall benefit mostly the Dalit and other oppressed castes, as 90% of those classes belong to these castes only.
(2) It shall be ensured that the Revolutionary people’s committees and councils are led by the landless and poor peasants, for a possible, which will ensure that leadership starting at the village level shall by default be in the hands of the Dalits and the other oppressed castes in the main. Thus the economic and political power shall provide a firm basis for social equality, which will be further accelerated by education.
(3) Universal compulsory education shall be provided with timely targets. Children who need special drive and teaching due to their social background shall be provided so, to ensure that they get equal opportunities.
(4) Till such time when such equality ensures in general, there shall be provision for reservations or /and positive discrimination in education, jobs, executive, legislature judiciary etc,.
(5) It shall be ensured that the present system of unwritten reservation of menial jobs to Dalits is actively abolished. Whatever jobs of hygiene that are necessary for society shall be the duty of all, in turns, irrespective of caste.
(6) The practice of caste discrimination, untouchability, caste attacks shall be severely punished.

It shall take steps to end all gender discrimination and patriarchy. All necessary steps shall be taken to liberate the women from household drudgery and make them equal participants in social production and activities, by providing community kitchens, cretches , maternity leave to both men and women etc., Cultural campaign to uphold the dignity of household work and for equal participation of men in such work shall be taken up. Positive discrimination and/or reservations and all such special policies needed to bring women on par with men at the shortest possible time shall be adopted.

It shall provide autonomy of the Adivasi areas for their local self rule and also provide all amenities and opportunities to them to avail the fruits of modern development also, voluntarily. It shall not take up the path of “white man’s burden (or Chidarmbarm’s burden) to bring them forcibly into the rest of the world.
– The state shall be truly secular and shall not take up any religious activity. Religion shall be a personal activity. It shall ensure the right of the individual to follow religion of their choice and observe religious activities and shall ensure social harmony. It shall ensure that there shall not be any discrimination against religion minorities. It shall take up suitable measures for their social and economic development. It shall not allow any religious fundamentalism to crop up and grow.
– It shall ensure scientific education, new democratic culture etc., in place of the present system.
– It shall ensure the rights of the children, the physically challenged, the old people, people with different sexual orientation etc.,
– It shall shun all kinds of expansionism and jingoism and strive to develop peaceful relationship with all the neighbouring countries etc,.

Dear friends,

In the light of the above discussions on the present day “mainstream politics” and the alternative politics of the revolutionary movement we shall appeal to build a solidarity struggle for the alternative politics and political power taking shape in the form of revolutionary people’s committees and Janathana sarkars.

The solidarity has to be in two forms. One is to directly propagate about it and ensure all kinds of help to it and the other is to build struggles and movements on various issues of the people-the peasants, the workers, the slum dwellers, the students, the unemployed, the employees etc. with a long term perspective.

In the plain areas, where the movement was strong once, revolutionary elements have to strive to build movements in a creative way. New tactics have to be developed, newer forms are to be invented, new platforms have to be built in the broadest possible terms, getting rid of any sectarian approach so that gradually over a period of time the tide can be turned from the current state of white terror.

We appeal to the Dalith organizations, Ambedkarites and all those forces who are fighting for the rights of the downtrodden castes to join hands with the revolutionary movement in the struggle for caste annihilation. It is present state, the big bourgeoisie and the imperialists who are hand in glove with the Brahminical forces in perpetrating caste. Caste annihilation is possible only when the economic base and the state standing in guard of it are transformed in a revolutionary way, along with the struggle against Brahminical ideology and the struggle in the social and cultural fronts. So join us.

We also appeal to the environmentalists /ecologists to realize that the capitalist system itself, which considers everything only as an exchange value and not as a use value, is the enemy to the ecology. It is not enough to fight for the protection of a forest here and a hill there. It is necessary for us to join together for a comprehensive alternative path of development, we elaborated above.

The Janathan sarkars and RPCs are moving with such an alternative vision. Stand in support of them.

We also appeal to the women’s organizations and feminists to stand in support of the women’s organizations actively functioning among the most backward adivasi women in the forests and plains of Chathisgarh, Maharashtra, Odisha and Jharkhand. They are among the biggest organizations actively participating and leading the class struggle, armed struggle and the struggle against patriarchy, even amidst facing brutal state violence. Stand in support of them and join us in the united struggle against this patriarchal semi-feudal, semi-colonial system for a system based on gender equality.

We appeal to the students, youth to join in the revolutionary transformation of India, which will only ensure education and jobs to all. Capitalism thrives on unemployment for it needs a reserve army of workers. Only social path can ensure jobs for all.

We appeal to all the students, youth to join in the revolutionary transformation of India, only which will ensure education and jobs to all. Capitalism thrives on unemployment for it needs a reserve army of workers. Only socialist path can ensure jobs for all.

As we see, the imperialism is beset with irredeemable crisis and therefore it is pushing the burden on to the people and backward nations etc, in suppressing nations and countries, pushed to the wall there are taking place many movements, in the imperialist countries as well as the developing countries. Some times this resistance is taking the form of obscurantism and terrorism as can be seen in the middle east, Afghansitan etc But it is the abscurantism, because ideologically a consent is manufactured against socialism and communism. The crisis has also renewed interest on the ideology of Marxism and its scientific analysis and espousal.

It is the call of the times to once again uphold the path of socialism and fight for its realization.

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