Free the Pricol Eight

February 11, 2016

Eight workers have been sentenced with double life imprisonment for the ‘crime’ of struggling for workers and organising them in a trade union. This is probably the first time such a verdict has been given against workers or a trade union where the deep class hatred, prejudice, and enmity of the capitalists/corporate houses towards workers asking for their rights can be clearly seen. The message of the verdict is clear- if you raise your head, if you form the union of your choice, if you talk about your rights and wages, you will be crushed. The working class of the country is constantly being given this message. FROM Maruti to PRICOL…………
This compiled materiel is the part of “FREE THE PRICOL EIGHT” campaign to Fight the Double Life Imprisonment for Trade Union Activists by AICCTU. Others reporting and campaign material has been appeared in various pro people magazines (tehelka, thewire), organization mouthpiece (like Liberation) and progressive blogs (, sanhati) and PRICOl’s own blog.

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