NIA raids in Andhra Pradesh: A brief background and APDR Statement

April 4, 2021

NIA raids on Andhra Pradesh: A brief background (Gutta Rohith)

In November, 2020, Andhra Pradesh Police filed two cases – one in Munchingput PS, Vishakapatnam and one in Piduguralla PS, Guntur – against dozens of people under various sections of UAPA, IPC, Arms Act.

The bottom line of the FIRs is that these people are working with CPI(Maoist) to further enhance their agenda and overthrow the State. In the Munchingput Case, they have listed 64 accused initially. After some days, another 19 names were added to the accused and hence 83 in total on final count.

In the Piduguralla case they have listed 27 as accused. These 27 were also accused in the Munchingput case. Of the 83 accused in the Munchingput case 32 are activists with various organizations that have presence in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The modus operandi of listing the accused is same in both the cases. According to the police, in both cases they nabbed a person who is working for Maoists (in Piduguralla case, according to then, they nabbed a person who is a squad member of Western Special Zonal Committee of CPI (Maoist)). The police claim that during the questioning the nabbed persons spilled out the names of all these accused. The accusations and confessions read alike in both the FIRs with the usual stuff about helping and assisting the Maoists.

Of these accused, 10 people were already arrested by the Andhra Pradesh Police. More than a dozen of the accused approached Andhra Pradesh High Court and got orders to the effect of restraining the Police from arresting them till the case is disposed (they filed the case with the prayer to quash the FIRs filed). Since then no more arrests were made.

In the meanwhile, in the last week of March, 2021 NIA took over the Munchingput case and said that they will continue the investigation henceforth. As part of that 31 houses were raided ( among the 32 activists two of them are a couple. Hence, effectively, 31 houses). It means all the activists who were listed as accused were raided.

After the raids NIA came up with a press release with the usual bluff and listed the objects seized, including CPI(Maoist) flags (what are CPI(Maoist) flags is something incomprehensible). The accused activists were called for questioning yesterday and today that went on for many hours. As of now it stands here.


Association for Protection of Democratic Rights

Press Statement, April 2, 2021.

NIA Gagging the Voice of the Voiceless

On the late Wednesday night (31.3.21) NIA conducted raids in 31 locations in different districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telengana in a bid to search, seize and arrest activists of human rights, women and Dalit rights that include APCLC general secretary C. Chandrasekhar, HRF co-ordinator VS. Krishna, vice-president of CLC V. Raghunath and many other noted citizens.

They are framed under notorious Sedition Law, UAPA, APPSA and Arms Act through the FIR no. RC-1/2021/NIA/HYD dated 07.03.2021 containing 64 names. The 64 dare to speak against the anti-people principles and actions of the puppets of the deep Indian State (the Corporates). Therefore, they are dubbed supporters of Maoist “frontal organizations‟ which are not named identifiably in law thereby always kept open to include anyone as NIA pleases.

This is agreeably bad in law and breeds ineptitude and tyranny and corrupt practices in the functioning of country‟s intelligence agencies. This ineptitude sets an example of doing blatant injustice, huge harassment of many persons concerned and enormous waste of public resources and precious time of the courts.MHA and NIA must not forget that the Agency‟s very existence within the framework of the Indian Constitution is still under the scanner of the highest Court of the country.

The logic of reading every protest and critical voice in the light of so-called “Terrorism” in AP and Telengana and other states is also questionable – in practice this makes “investigation‟ unfair, lopsided, botched up or misdirected. This erodes the Constitution itself along with the country‟s criminal justice system.

APDR maintains that “Law and Order‟ is and ought to remain exclusively in the State List. Super agencies like the NIA are fundamentally against the federal fabric of the constitution and do not support true democracy in any way. How this agency is being used by the Union Home Ministry is apparent from the threatening words of a BJP Minister of Assam Himant Biswa Sarma. During the vote campaign, he threatened his rivals in the state to put them behind bars by using the NIA.

APDR notes with concern that the vindictive manner of using NIA by the MHA actually stopped the revelation of ground-level truth and atrocious facts that exposes the wrongdoers and wrong decisions of the state and governments. It infringes on the very important right of the people to know facts regarding governance. The activists who are now being harassed and imprisoned on false grounds did these works strenuously. Therefore, they are targeted and framed.

However, the voice (vox populi) of the ill-treated in society shall never die. We, APDR, demand strict rules for the NIA operations and a stop to arbitrary searches, arrests, factual concoction and forgery on seized materials in the name of investigation and respect for human rights at the least. Let the Supreme Court take up the case of examining the constitutional validity of NIA forthwith.

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