List of Victims of Operation Green Hunt in Chattisgarh since August 2009

June 13, 2011

The victims of operation Green Hunt that has been going on over vast stretches of central India have been veritably unknown to us, lost in the statistics of “so many killed” or “so many missing”. It does not matter to the government which as a rule does not count the dead bodies of its enemies. Neither does it matter to the media of shining India whether some adivasi girl with a strange name is killed or raped in some equally strangely-named village in some forest of central India. That these are people with names, with parents, brothers, sisters, wives or husbands, with hopes and aspirations like everyone else, is all lost in the reporting in the inside pages of newspapers or in the scrollbars of 24 hour news channels. After all, we do not name the animals that are hunted. When the hunter sometimes get killed, like when the 76 CRPF jawans were killed in Chattisgarh, the state and the media wakes up to its patriotic duty, declares them as martyrs and writes human interest stories on them and their families, carefully omitting the fact that these jawans are also sent as cannon fodder to kill their fellow citizens to clear the ground for rapacious multinational corporations and the ruling class of India that serves them. This hue and cry over the killing of police and paramilitary forces and the so called special police officers carefully hides the real killers of the adivasi people of India. After all, doesn’t the state have the license to kill a Maoist insurgent or an adivasi boy out in the forest to collect mahua flowers?

The following list tries to bring out the names and identities of these nameless people into the open, to confront them with the conscience of the public. Sanhati has previously published the names of the people who have been killed by the joint central and state forces in Lalgarh over the period when these merciless killers were unleashed on the people of jangalmahal in West Bengal. Now we bring out for the first time the names of 195 victims of Green Hunt in Chattisgarh since August 2009, when Operation Green Hunt was launched. Updated on June 1, 2011, it is a list which has been drawn up by difficult and meticulous work by political organizations working in remote villages and forests of Chattisgarh. It is still an incomplete list because many incidents of killings or disappearances have been unreported or where all witnesses have been killed. It is a list which gives names and ages to the statistics and tells the circumstances of the killings. – Ed.



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