Coordination of Democratic Rights Organisations (CDRO) Bulletin, November 2012

November 18, 2012

Contents of November 2012 Issue, CDRO Bulletin


Click here to read CDRO Bulletin, November 2012 [PDF, English]

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One Response to “Coordination of Democratic Rights Organisations (CDRO) Bulletin, November 2012”

  1. Anonymous Says:
    March 14th, 2013 at 06:56

    Sanhati people are actually disgruntled anti national and anti social elements scribbling non sense. They are born losers and utterly negative. Actually, they are good for nothing and putrefied part of society. They even go to the extent of supporting Kashmiri separatists, SIMI, and every kind of negative force. They think they can do lot of harm to society by creating negative publicity and creating forum such as this. They spend lot of time in these scribblings (well, what else do they do, by the way ??) and they think they can hum the world. Little do they realize that their efforts have not effect on society and that they are utterly disliked by common people.

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