CDRO Bulletin June 2013

July 7, 2013

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# On the Occasion of the International Week of the Disap- peared, Tahira Begum
# Unprecedented Detention of CDRO Team by Police, Sanhati
# Delhi Metro Workers Gathered at Jantar Mantar, DMKU
# Condemn Destructive Project and Forced Eviction, CPDM
# Condemning Police Excesses in Lower Suktel Project in Bolangir
# Refusal of Delhi Press Club to Hold Press Meet on Fast by Yasin Malik, CRPP
# Mahapanchayat Report from Maruti Suzuki Workers Union, PWCMSWU
# Stop the Police Brutality against Maruti Suzuki Workers
# Labour Struggles and Violation of Rights in Maruti Suzuki India Limited, PUDR
# Struggle Continues in the Face of Repression, PWCMSWU
# Arrest of Abhay Sahoo, PPSS
# Arrest of Abhay Sahoo, PUDR
# Condemn Arrest of Jaya Vindhyala of Andhra Pradesh PUCL, PUCL
# People’s Convention against Onslaught on Freedom of Expression and Association
# PUCL Condemns Killings of Congress Party Leaders…,PUCL
# Brief Report of the Killing of Adivasi Civilians by CRPF…,HRF
# Unending Spiral of Violence: Darbha, PUDR

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