Muzaffarnagar Riots: A Collection of Reports and Articles

February 6, 2014

Over the past few months, we have received several fact-finding reports as well as articles about the Muzaffarnagar Riots of 2013. On this page we have collected all these together for easy reference. – Editors

1. तस्वीर के पर्दे में: मुज़फ्फरनगर राहत शिविरों से लौट कर – रियाज़ उल हक़ (Jan 2014)

2. A Photo Essay on Muzaffarnagar – Pramod Mandade (Jan 2014)

3. Battered and Betrayed: A Report of Visit to Muzaffarnagar, 19-20 January 2014 – Hasina Khan and Saumya Uma (Jan 2014)

4. Muzaffarnagar: The continuing violence of a communal-fascist state! by Democratic Students’ Union (Jan 2014)

5. Independent inquiry into Muzaffarnagar Riots – Prof Mohan Rao, Prof Ish Mishra, Ms Pragya Singh, Dr Vikas Bajpai (Dec 2013)

6. Status Report on Condition of Persons living in Riot Relief Camps in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli Districts of Uttar Pradesh PUDR (Dec. 2013)

7. Evil Stalks the Land: Fact-finding Report on the Muzaffarnagar Riots – Anhad (Sept. 2013)

Articles and Statements
1. Less Evident Forms of Violence : Muzzafarnagar riots – Sushmita Verma, Jenny Sulfath (Jan 2014)

2. ‘Muzaffarnagar’ an identity of exclusion by S. Mohammad Irshad (Jan 2014)

3. Women’s bodies are not political battlefields! – WSS Statement (Nov. 2013)

4. Death, destruction and the electoral calculus : A report on Muzaffarnagar riot – Shramjivi Pahal (Sept. 2013)


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