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Newsreel: July 2010

Jul 31: Endless Cry in the Red Corridor – Gladson Dungdung

Jul 30: Delhi – Public Meeting to protest against the killing of Azad and Hem Pandey, Aug 03 – Concerned Citizens and Forum Against War

Jul 27: Andhra – Interim Report of fact-finding on the police firing at Sompeta

Jul 26: Interview of Himanshu Kumar – Why we should support Tribal Resistance

Jul 26: West Bengal – MASUM Fact-finding report on atrocities committed by Joint Forces and Police in Sonamukhi

Jul 25: Azad’s assassination: An insight into the Indian state’s response to peoples’ resistance – Gautam Navlakha

Jul 24: Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh – Seminar on Working Class Movement in India in the Twenty-first Century, Jul 26-28

Jul 23: Delhi – PUDR Convention against UAPA

Jul 22: West Bengal – Massive protest by women against rapes committed by security personnel in Sonamukhi

Jul 19: Delhi – A discussion on Role of Journalists in Undeclared Emergency, Jul 20 – organized by Journalists For People

Jul 18: Getting to know the Second Green ‘Revolutionary’ Ruler-Corporates! by Forum Against Monopolistic Aggression

Jul 18: Threat to democratic rights in West Bengal – APDR statement

Jul 17: Andhra – NAPM condemns the brutal killings and lathicharge on Srikakulam villagers

Jul 17: Statements on the killing of Azad, spokesperson of CPI(Maoist), in an alleged fake encounter– PUDR, PUCL, Intellectuals, Campaign for Peace and Justice

Jul 12: West Bengal – Police atrocities on the women of Sonamukhi near Jhargram

Jul 11: Kolkata – Pamphlet protesting the charging of Debalina Chakrabarty with UAPA – Matangini Mahila Samiti

Jul 11: Kolkata – Deputation by FAMA to Agriculture Minister regarding the proposed 2nd Green Revolution

Jul 02: Statement on arrest of Dr. Nisha Biswas and other civil rights activists in Lalgarh

Newsreel: June 2010

Jun 29: Terrorizing the Democratic Space: A Report on Ranchi Rally Against OGH – Gladson Dungdung

Jun 27: APDR memorandum submitted to District Magistrate of West Midnapore

Jun 25: Letters from P. Chidambaram and CPI(Maoist) to Swami Agnivesh regarding the possibility of dialogue

Jun 24: Gujarat – 14 trade union activists arrested in the name of Maoist activity – Kavita Srivastava

Jun 24: Ranchi – Rally against Green Hunt, Jun 25

Jun 23: Stop the witch-hunt – Statement by Civil Society groups and concerned citizens

Jun 23: Delhi – In defence of democracy: remembering the Emergency, Jun 25-26

Jun 22: Delhi – Rally for Justice in Bhopal, 24 Jun

Jun 21: Lalgarh Mancha – Appeal for unconditional release of activists arrested in Junglemahal

Jun 21: PUDR Statement condemning recent spate of repression in Lalgarh

Jun 19: Bringing out the kill – Siddhartha Mitra

Jun 19: I Have Seen Her Crying – Gladson Dungdung

Jun 17: Lalgarh – Statement against arrest of activists – Sanhati

Jun 17: Delhi – Convention against slum evictions for C’wealth Games, Jun 19

Jun 16: Why India’s AFSPA should be scrapped ? – Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights

Jun 13: Kolkata – Protest against one year of joint forces in Lalgarh, Jun 18

Jun 10: CRPF violating PESA Act in Jharkhandi villages – Stan Swamy

Jun 09: Responses to Judgement on Bhopal Gas Leak of 1984; Kolkata protest on Jun 15

Jun 08: Maharashtra – Fact Finding Report on Police firing at Dhulia

Jun 07: Distorted reporting of Arundhati Roy’s Mumbai Speech – Protest letter to PTI

Jun 06: The Indian Government Should Surrender To The Maoists: An Immodest Proposal – Jesse Ross Knutson

Jun 04: State violence in Kalinganagar – Those who appeal to the judiciary are not spared either

Jun 04 : Kolkata – Bidroher Gaan, Jun 11 – A Cultural Programme against Green Hunt

Jun 03 : Delhi – Protest demonstration against arrest of activists in Gujarat, Jun 4

Jun 02 : Orissa Situation Worsening – Surya Shankar Dash

Newsreel: May 2010

May 31: Mumbai – Report of May 25 Stop Posco demonstration

May 30: Institute Inquiry into Gyaneshwari Express Sabotage – PUDR Press Statement

May 29: Open Letter to the President of India – Peace Now in Tribal Areas – B. D. Sharma

May 29: News Management on the North-east – Hiren Gohain

May 27: Amitav Ghosh and the Dan David Prize – A Letter from Concerned South Asians

May 25: PUDR-AFDR Statement on State Repression in Punjab

May 24: Lalgarh – Third PCAPA letter to APDR, Lalgarh Mancha and the Intellectuals, Apr 29

May 24: Chhattisgarh – Attack on bus in Dantewada : Responses from different organisations

May 23: Lalgarh – Second PCAPA letter to APDR and Lalgarh Mancha and Intellectuals, Apr 21

May 22: A member of the civil society responds to Chidambaram – A. K. Agarwal

May 22: Mumbai – Struggle of the urban poor against slum demolitions

May 21: Protest against MHA’s attempt to silence dissent – an Open Letter to Chidambaram

May 21: Kolkata – National Meeting on “Displacement and Democratic Space”, May 22

May 20: Why climate change activists must support the people no matter what – Anandi Sharan

May 19: Orissa – story of the injured in the anti-POSCO villages – Partho Sarathi Ray

May 18: Dodgy development: DfID in India (Part 4) – Impact in Orissa – Richard Whittell

May 17: Jharkhand – Illegal detention of Human Rights Activists, Writer and Photographer

May 15: Orissa – Stop Police Attacks On Peaceful Protesters – Appeal By Concerned Citizens

May 15: Jharkhand – Another bloodbath is on the way – Gladson Dungdung

May 15: Mumbai – Slum hutments demolished

May 14: Orissa : POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti – Urgent Appeal to join Resistance Week (May 15 – May 21)

May 14: PUDR – Stop State Violence on People’s Movements in Orissa

May 13: Halt the Offensive Against People and End Militarisation of the Forests – Joint Statement of Forest People’s Movements

May 13: The non-names of the non-entities – Siddhartha Mitra

May 11: Uttar Pradesh : Forest Rights Act subverted in Sonebhadra district – Independent Citizens’ Fact Finding Team’s Media Release

May 10: Kolkata : Protest against MHA’s Press Note warning intellectuals – Statement by Forum of Artistes, Cultural Activists and Intellectuals

May 09: Evolving Nepal : In Kathmandu – Kaveri Rajaraman; Reports by Jed Brandt

May 09: Lalgarh : PCAPA report to State Human Rights Commission, Dec 2009

May 08: CDRO opposes draconian UAPA

May 07: Statements against Government’s attempts to suppress dissent – Sanhati, Gladson Dungdung

May 06: Kolkata – Convention against Indo-US Agricultural Knowledge Initiative May 8

May 06: Post-Dantewada : Statement of intellectuals/activists renewing call for the government to engage in dialogue

May 05: A Background Note to new Civil Society initiative for talks between the Centre and the ULFA – Hiren Gohain

May 04: Searching for Jake Sully in India’s heartland – Harsha Walia

May 01: Can There Be Any Hope? – EPW

Newsreel: April 2010

Apr 30: Am I a Maoist ? – Gladson Dungdung

Apr 29: Harassment and persecution of activists in North Bengal – a NFFPFW Press Release

Apr 27: Narayanpatna, Orissa: Chronological reporting– Custodial Death of Gangula Tadingi, A PUCL Report

Apr 25: Kolkata – Street Meeting on Chernobyl Day Apr 26

Apr 25: Development for Dummies – Javed Iqbal

Apr 24: Don’t choke off dissenting voices – Opposing plans to prosecute Arundhati Roy

Apr 21: Independent People’s Tribunal Reveal the Underbelly of Indian Development – Deepankar Basu

Apr 21: Delhi : Public Meeting against Green Hunt, Apr 24

Apr 20: CDRO condemns disinformation campaign against civil rights team

Apr 20: The Biggest Reservation of All – Anandi Sharan Meili

Apr 17: Kolkata : Prominent human rights activist Kirity Roy arrested – MASUM Statement; Discussion Meeting on Apr 19

Apr 15: “Adivasis forced into violence” – Arundhati Roy on CNN-IBN

Apr 15: Chidambaram’s Crocodile Tears – Gladson Dungdung

Apr 14: Bastar : Business as usual – Siddhartha Mitra

Apr 12: Statements against attack on freedom of expression – Sanhati; JNU Teachers

Apr 12: Narmada Indefinite Action Begins

Apr 11: People’s Tribunal on Land Acquisition, Resource Grab and Operation Green Hunt April 09-11, New Delhi – Press Release (Day 1,2,3), Interim Recommendations

Apr 09: Kolkata : Prominent human rights activist Kirity Roy arrested – MASUM, ACHR Statements

Apr 07: Chattisgarh : Death of CRPF jawans – PUDR Statement; A Response by Sumanta Banerjee

Apr 05: Cleansing The Maoists? – Gladson Dungdung

Apr 05: State violence in Kalinganagar, Orissa: Developing News

Apr 03: Kolkata : Development Discontent – A Film Festival

Newsreel: March 2010

Mar 31: Oppose Green Hunt – Krishak Committee

Mar 28: Arundhati Roy on GritTv – Becoming Internal Security Threats

Mar 28: West Bengal : Kenddungri – Against Green Hunt, a leaflet from the villages

Mar 26: Orissa – Tata sponsored ‘Green Hunt’ in Kalinga Nagar

Mar 24: Kolkata – Laid off Workers wage lone battle – Nilanjan Dutta

Mar 24: Coca-Cola Liable for Rs 216 crore for Damages – Government Committee

Mar 16: Chattisgarh : Arrest of Ekta Parishad activist

Mar 07: The murder of Lalmohan Tudu and two others by CRPF – statements by Concerned Citizens, PUDR and Sanhati

Feb 12: In conversation with Ganapathy – Jan Myrdal and Gautam Navlakha

Apr 13: Kolkata : Campaign against OGH, UAPA, Apr 14 – Arundhati Roy, Gautam Navlakha

Mar 25: Kolkata – Meeting on anti-POSCO movement, Mar 26

Mar 24: Kolkata – Lecture by Felix Padel on bauxite mining in tribal lands, Mar 27 , organised by Radical Humanists

Mar 22: Is it Operation Maoist Hunt ? – Gladson Dungdung

Mar 22: Foreign universities bill to sell education – Anil Sadgopal

Mar 16: Forgotten Country: The Cut-Off Area Of Malkangiri – Javed Iqbal

Mar 16: Orissa – Throttling of Freedom of Thought and Expression

Mar 13: Operation Green Hunt: its stated and unstated targets – Kumar Sanjay Singh

Mar 07: Kolkata Public Meeting by Himanshu Kumar on Mar 9 – organized by Ekhan Bisangbad

Mar 06: Abduction of a social activist in Kolkata

Mar 06: Iron in the Soul: Looking forward at Rio Tinto’s diamond mining lease in India

Mar 05: Protesters in Eastern India Battle Against Mining Giant Arcelor Mittal – Moushumi Basu

Newsreel: February 2010

Feb 28: Press statement against vilification of civil liberties groups

Feb 28: January Bulletin of Coordination of Democratic Rights Organizations

Feb 26: Judicial probe of Tudu’s death, the NSCN model of ceasefire, and the assault on Gandhian movements – Sumanta Banerjee

Feb 25: Gujarat – Protests against proposed cement plant – 5000 farmers detained

Feb 24: Government should respond to Maoist offer – Concerned Citizens’ Press Release

Feb 20: All India Protest against Operation Green Hunt, Feb 22 – organised by CDRO; Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore events

Feb 20: PUDR Press Release on 17 February killings in Jamui, Bihar

Feb 16: Campaign Condemns Environment Ministry’s “Review” of the Forest Rights Act

Feb 15: Himachal Pradesh – Contractors attack activists protesting against proposed Hul Hydro Power Project

Feb 15: On the eviction of slums in Kolkata: A leaflet and documentary film

Feb 13: Vedanta Mining – Amnesty exposes violations; Journalist detained

Feb 10: Dodgy development : DfID in India – Richard Whittell

Feb 09: Citizens protest against war orchestration of Chidambaram and chief ministers in Kolkata: A report

Feb 08: Delhi Convention on Communities, Commons and Corporations; Feb 24-25 – organised by Perspectives

Feb 06: Statement from poets, academics, and activists on Swapan Dasgupta’s death in UAPA custody

Feb 06: Orissa – Fear of attack on Anti-POSCO movement

Feb 02: Descent into darkness – Colin Gonsalves

Newsreel: January 2010

Jan 30 : Howard Zinn – a Sanhati tribute

Jan 25: West Bengal : Downright assault on Human Rights activists – a NAPM statement

Jan 23: Haiti and Bastar: Comparative notes on disappeared peoples – Siddhartha Mitra

Jan 23: Lalgarh – Chhatradhar Mahato responds to Mamata Banerjee

Feb 04: Chandigarh – Public Meeting on State’s War against People

Jan 31: Resistance to Dispossession – Binayak Sen interview by Karan Thapar

Jan 21: South City Projects Ltd.: A montage of anti-people activities in Kolkata

Jan13: Kolkata – Press Statement of the Citizens’ Expert Committee on BT Brinjal

Jan 6: War Against the People and the Historic Lalgarh Movement – Amit Bhattacharyya

Jan 12: In the State of Telangana – Kalpana Kannabiran

Jan 9: West Bengal – Labour leader Sunil Pal killed in Asansol

Jan 8: Chattisgarh – The Jan Sunwai That Never Was – a PUDR Press Statement

Jan 5: The Strange Case Of Sodi Sambo – Siddhartha Mitra

Jan 1: Almond Workers’ Strike in Delhi – 15 Day long strike comes to conclusion

Jan 1: West Bengal – Pollution caused by sponge iron factories – Leaflet by Nagarik Mancha and others

Newsreel: December 2009

Dec 17: Dantewada Padyatra – Women activists not allowed to enter

Dec 15: Rally Against War on People, December 17, New Delhi

Dec 12: All India National Convention against SEZ, land-grabbing, displacements – December 13, New Delhi

Dec 11: Chattisgarh – Activist and lawyer illegally detained

Dec 7: Chattisgarh : Dantewada Padyatra, Satyagraha and Jan Sunwai, December 14 – January 7

Dec 8: Dialogue in Democracy: Challenges for Government-Maoist Talks – Manoranjan Mohanty

Dec 1: Jean Dreze on hunger in India

Newsreel: November 2009

Nov 30: PUDR Statement denouncing the derailment of Tata-Bilaspur train

Nov 26: Democracy and ban cannot go together – Amit Bhattacharyya

Nov 22: Starvation deaths in West Bengal – AHRC, MASUM joint statement

Nov 17: Anatomy of Chidambaram’s Tehelka Interview: “Give me 72 hours!

Nov 2: Citizens Initiative for Peace and the Maoist Challenge – Nandita Haksar

Newsreel: October 2009

Oct 29: Your Mama! Or The Blitzerization Of Indian TV

Oct 27: Lohandiguda, Bastar: The threat of a desi East India Company?

Oct 21: Burnt in oil: A fact-finding report on State operations in Dantewada in September-October 2009

Oct 21: A message of solidarity from Cordillera Peoples Alliance, Philippines

Recent Statements: Oct 12:

Statement from national platform of adivasi and forest dwellers’ mass organisations (Campaign for Survival and Dignity) on Government offensive, Oct 10: PUDR statement condemning Francis Induwar’s death, Oct 9: Statement of intellectuals on the comments of the Home Minister characterizing all dissent as Maoist [PDF, Bengali] », Oct 6: Arrests begin in Kolkata: Sanhati statement, Oct 6: Statement on the arrest of Chhatradhar Mahato by Radical Socialist, Sept 28: Condemnation of Chhatradhar Mahato’s arrest by organizations and individuals, Sept 28: CPIML – Liberation statement on Operation Green Hunt, Sept 27: Statement on Lalgarh by writers and intellectuals of West Bengal

Oct 9: Perspectives on Operation Green Hunt:

Weapons Of Mass Desperation (Tehelka), An interview with Arundhati Roy (Democracy Now), Discussions between Gautam Navlakha, Swapan Dasgupta, and Sudeep Chakravarti (CNN-IBN)