Booklet from FAMA on entry of big capital in retail in Bengal and India

FAMA or the Forum Against Monopolistic Aggression is fighting against the entry of big capital in retail in Bengal and India, and the consequent dispossession of millions of small traders, their employees, people employed in transportation, storage, etc. This booklet, produced in 2008, provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject.

Contents: (1) Introduction: Entry of monopolistic capital in unorganised retail in Bengal and India (2) Why unorganised retail is a profitable vista for big business (3) The international experience (4) A summary of the present situation of unorganised retail in India (5) How the present situation is changing with the entry of big capital (6) The myth of job creation and the contraction of employment (7) Predatory pricing: customers take a hit (8) How agriculture will be affected: an increase in farmer suicide? (9) The new culture of consumption (10) Adverse effects on the environment (11) The hypocrisy of Parliamentary parties (12) Conclusion: comments on the struggle ahead

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