Report on India’s first airport city (Andal Airetropolis) from Adhikar

This study on the Airetropolis project in Burdawn district, Durgapur sub-division of West Bengal has been published by a local group called Adhikar, based in Asansol.

Andal, in West Bengal, is going to be the site of India’s first Airetropolis – a private airport city at a cost of 5 billion dollars and based on 3500 acres of land. The city will be owned by the Singapore’s Changi International Airport, and constructed by Bengal Airetropolis Project Limited. Notice for the project was served according to Section 4(1) from the Burdwan Collector’s Office. Various newspapers printed the notice between December 11-21, 2008.

In the first phase, initiative was taken for the acquisition of 2362.84 acres of land, and the notice called on any person associated with the land to come forward and raise objections. But the notice wasn’t circulated or publicised through the Panchayats in the villages. As a result, many people do not know about the notice. Even as authorities from Singapore claim that they have spoken to the land owners multiple times.

Land to be acquired in the first phase includes the following villages under (1) Andal Block: Andal, Tamla, DakshinKhanda, Ukhra, Khandra, Moyra, Bhadur, Dhupchuriya and (2) Faridpur Block: Amloka, Bhangori, Arati, Patshaora. These belong to Burdawn district, Durgapur sub-division.

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