Policies on industrial land and the burgeoning real estate scam: A Nagarik Mancha study

This document by Nagarik Mancha discusses the policies of West Bengal government regarding land belonging to industries and the conditions of workers in West Bengal. The first part talks about the infamous 14Z amendment to the West Bengal land reforms act which has allowed the West Bengal government to sell back “leasehold” land to the owners of industries as “freehold” land such that the land can be used for the rejuvenation of the industry. What has actually happened is that the land has been sold off for real estate development and the industry has been closed down. The case at Hind Motors is an example (the earlier case of Usha and South City was the prototype of this process). Biggest land scam in the history of West Bengal going on.

The second part takes a close look at the issues pertaining to workers that have been included in the CPI(M) election manifesto (a total of 30 lines in the 32 page manifesto of a “communist” party!) and the reality of the condition of workers in West Bengal.

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