South City Projects, Kolkata: A montage of anti-people activities


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This booklet, published in Bengali by the Forum Against Anti-People South City Projects, traces the activities of South City Projects, a real estate giant in Kolkata [company logo: Live the way the world does]. This literature is a part of the South City page at Sanhati.

Included is a collage of leaflets and news pieces dating back from 2002 to the present:

1. A ten-point complaint prepared by a citizens’ convention at Jadavpur University and a leaflet from July 2006 by various fora outlining illegal activities

2. A timeline and investigation of the illegal filling of Bikramgar Jheel, a water body in the area, by APDR (Sept 2006)

3. A leaflet investigating the deaths of at least 6 workers during the construction process of South City Towers, and the total absence of security measures for workers (by APDR, Nagarik Mancha, AICCTU, Nagarik Samanway Committee)

4. The displacement of erstwhile workers of Joy Engineering from their living quarters, culminating in the assault and destruction of Shambhu Singh’s home on Dec 18 2008

5. A short critique of the continuous transfer of factory land into real estate hubs in West Bengal.