Analytical booklet on government policy : In the Clutches of Development – Singur, Nandigram

“Unnayoner J(N)atakole Singur, Nandigram…” ( In the Clutches of Development – Singur, Nandigram…) – a booklet by academics and intellectuals.

Includes articles by Pinaki Mitra “Singur, mithye bolchhe Sarkar” (Singur – The Government is Lying), Shakti Das “CPM-er unnoyon dorshone Marx(bad)” (Marxism and the CPM’s Philosophy of Development), Anindita Sanyal “Shilpayan : Bhobishyoter bhittihin swapno” (Industrialisation : The Utopia of the Future).

The first article contains detailed data analysis of the nature of land acquisition and peasant “consent” in Singur, “compensation” by the government, and an analysis of the prospect of creation of new jobs by the Tata plant there.

The second article critically examines various slogans of the State such as “Agriculture is our foundation, Industry is our Future”, “Industry is needed for the uplift of peasants”, “This model of Industrialisation will create jobs, reduce unemployment”, “If we don’t give Corporations what they want, they will go to other States”, and “This is not the time for revolution, but for bargaining with world capital”.

The third article contains detailed discussions of the nature of industrialisation and its relation to jobless growth.

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