Leaflet from Bandi Mukti Committee – calling for unconditional release of Binayak Sen, Sumit Sarkar, Amitava Bhattacharya, and other Hindmotors Workers

On 14th May, 2007, the General Secretary of the PUCL (Peoples Union for Civil Liberties) – Chattisgar Branch, Dr. Binayak Sen, was arrested under the “Unlawful Activities Prevention Act” and “Special Public Security Act”.

We regard this arrest as yet another brutal assault on democratic rights by the State. We denounce this Fascist act of the Raman Singh government.

As common people continue the struggle for rights, the State continues to escalte its oppression. No government is an exception – from the religious right to the so-called Left. The right-wing Chhattisgar government has arrested Dr. Binayak Sen to continue its oppression undisturbed. It is obvious why they have chosen him. Dr. Sen has led many movements in Chhattisgar for civil and democratic rights. The government is striking back – on May 1, they had arrested Piyush Guha in Raipur, charging this Calcutta youth to be a terrorist. He is languishing in jail.

The government of West Bengal is, of course, no exception. From 2000, several thousand people have been arrested on political grounds – among them are Sushil Ray, Patit Paban Haldar, Probodh Purokayastha, Tom Adhikary, Milton Barman, Harsha Bardhan Das, Bansi Badan Barman, and others. In North Bengal, numerous Kamtapuri and Great Cooch Bihar activists have been jailed on false charges. 29 members of SUCI and 11 people charged with Maoist connections are currently serving life in prison.

Recently, the State arrested a number of activists associated with the Hindmotors movement. Swooping down late at night, the police arrested SSKU leaders Amitava Bhattacharya, Subhendu Biswas, and six others as they continued their hunger-strike. Sumit Sarkar was arrested simply for participating in the resistance, and sent to Midnapur Jail. In this context, we should remember that Sumit Sarkar had been arrested a few years ago, with his wife and newborn baby. He was kept in jail for over an year.

We demand the unconditional release of Dr. Binayak Sen, Piyush Guha, Sumit Sarkar, Amitava Bhattacharya, and his coworkers. To strengthen this appeal, we have arranged a meeting on May 21, in front of Boubazar Bank of India.

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