Bondimukti Committee members arrested for protesting political arrests

Bondimukti Committee members protesting against political arrests were attacked by police and have been fasting at College Square, Kolkata, from May 6 2008 in protest.

Dear Friends,

On May 3 2008, as Bondimukti Committee members were protesting at Ranaghat Court against police terror and continued incarceration of political prisoners, an unprovoked attack was launched by the police. Human rights activists Asit Ghosh and Arun Chakraborty were seriously injured, as were Chhoton Das and others. Police arrested eleven Committee workers on the spot and later from the hospital.

To protest against police terror and to demand the unconditional release of political prisoners, an unlimited fast has been started from May 6 at the call of the Bondimukti Committee. The place is the Vidyasagar statue at College Square, Kolkata. We need your solidarity in this resistance.

With greetings,
Amit Bhattacharya

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