Pictures and videos

Fact-finding video on Salboni, Jindal SEZ [Google Video, Bengali]

A song on the Lalgarh resistance, November 2008 in Bengali and English [Youtube]

October 13: The 2008 US economic crisis: a Marxian analysis by Rick Wolff [Google Video, 39 minutes]

Documentary on Gorkhaland Movement [Google Video, English]

Song: Mojar Desh by Turup

Documentary: Buddha weeps in Jadugoda [Youtube video, six parts]

Pictures of USDF convention on December 3, 2007.

Sara Flounders of WWP secretariat, speaks on Nandigram and her recent trip to India, at a Workers World Forum, NYC, Dec. 7, 2007 [mp3 audio file]

Paid back in the same coin: A montage of posters from historic rally in Kolkata, November 14, 2007

A documentary on Nandigram, made after the November violence

Video: November 17, 2007: Medical Service Center Video, rape victim

Video: November 15, 2007 : CPIM cadres fired 5000 bullets in Nandigram [CNN-IBN]

Video: November 13, 2007 : Nandigram Violence [CNN-IBN]

Video: Anti SEZ Convention in Kolkata, Oct 1-2, arranged by MKP. Day 1 [Google Video, 3 hours 5 mins]

Video: Anti SEZ Convention in Kolkata, Oct 1-2, arranged by MKP. Day 2 [Google Video, 2 hours 52 mins]

3 Videos on SEZs – discussions and footage (May 31, 2007) – Video 1 [Youtube, 8 mins] , Video 2 [Youtube, 8 mins], Video 3 [Youtube, 8 mins]

Video: Na Hannote – New Video on Nandigram with very detailed footage of March 14 police action [Google Video, 27 mins]

Kabir Suman’s Nandigram album [10 songs, mp3]

A photo essay on Nandigram

Video: Video of Hindmotors Movement [Google Video, 3 mins]

Video: Invisible City – Documentary – Railway shanty dwellers fight against dislodgement for beautification [Google Video, 48 mins]

Video: Images of development – Documentary – Eviction of slum dwellers in Calcutta [Google Video, 26 mins]

Video: Amlashol – Documentary on starvation deaths in Amlashol, West Bengal [Google Video, 12 mins]

Video: Abadbhumi – Documentary on Singur [Google Video, 57 mins]

Video: Unnoyoner Namey – Documentary on protests in Singur and Nandigram [Google Video, 27 mins]

Video: Bujhechho Upen – Documentary on Nandigram before March 14 [Google Video, 47 mins]

Video: They cut my father to pieces – Nandigram orphans [CNN-IBN video]

Video: Nandigram massacre [YouTube]

Video: Farmers fleeing their homes in Nandigram [CNN-IBN video]

Video: Dug-up roads leading to Sonachura [CNN-IBN video]

Video: Police and Protesters [YouTube]

Video: Joy Goswami recites protest [YouTube]