Reactions to Lalgarh in Telugu media

June 29, 2009

With regard to Lalgarh people’s uprising, there have been a lot of news and views in Telugu during the last two weeks. Sanhati invites English translations of the articles below.

1. Varavara Rao wrote an edit-page piece in Andhra Jyothi daily on June 13.

2. N. Venugopal wrote an edit-page piece in Surya daily on June 16.

3. Almost all Telugu news channels have run special stories and debates on Lalgarh where several progressive intellectuals like K G Kannabiran, Prof G Haragopal, Prof M Kodandaram, Prof G Chakrapani, APCLC secretary Kranti Chaitanya, along with Varavara Rao and Venugopal participated.

4. More than a hundred Telugu writers and intellectuals issued a statement in favour of Lalgarh adivasi struggle and demanded immediate withdrawal of paramilitary forces from the area.

5. Singur to Lalgarh via Nandigram, the report prepared by Amitabh Bhattacharya was translated into Telugu and the book was released in a well-attended public meeting on June 27.

6. Prajasakthi, daily run by CPI (M) has been spitting venom everyday on Lalgarh adivasis and Maoists.

We thank Venugopalrao Nellutla for bringing this to our notice.