Newsreel Archives 2013

Newsreel: December 2013

Dec 27: Haryana – Report on workers’ strikes at Munjal Kiriu, Autofit factories in Gurgaon-Manesar – Workers Solidarity Center

Dec 26: RDF Statement condemning the political assassination of Telangana people’s leader Akula Bhoomaiah

Dec 26: PUDR Statement on armed conflict and the protection of non-combatants

Dec 25: Statement on casteist verdicts on Bathani Tola, Laxmanpur Bathe and other Dalit massacres – Republican Panthers

Dec 24: Kashmir – Press statement on unmarked/mass graves, enforced disappearances and the unabated cover ups – Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons

Dec 24: Haryana – MSWU Press Release on day-long mass hunger strike

Dec 20: Nelson Mandela: A hero for the oppressors, a betrayer for the oppressed – Democratic Students’ Union

Dec 15: Press statement on NGOisation of education – Shiksha Adhikar Manch

Dec 12: Assam: Demand for a moratorium on construction work of Lower Subansiri Hydro Power (LSHP) – KMSS

Dec 11: PUDR Statement on the SC ruling related to re-criminalization of same sex relations

Dec 10: Pehele AAP, pehele AAP, phir Modi – Saroj Giri

Dec 10: Responses to the death of Nelson Mandela – APDR, Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Dec 8: Jharkhand: Fact-finding report on the abuse of labour and democratic rights by UCIL

Dec 8: WTO: India wilts under US pressure at Bali – Anuradha Talwar and Biraj Patnaik

Dec 5: Delhi – Blind Workers Union Protest Against Unfulfilled Promises, Commemorate World Disability Day

Dec 5: Delhi – Statement on the denial of paid leave to lakhs of workers on polling day – WUCI

Dec 5: WSS Statement : Women’s bodies are not political battlefields!

Dec 3: The case of Tarun Tejpal : Responses on sexual assault at the work place

Dec 1: Maharashtra – Report on workers’ strike at Alfa Laval factory in Pune – Joerg Nowak

Dec 1: Mumbai – Report against police brutality and BMC’s violence against migrant workers – Students Against Eviction in Agarwadi

Newsreel: November 2013

Nov 30: PMANE Statement regarding non-involvement in recent blast at Idinthakarai

Nov 26: Labour in West Bengal: Scenario under the Trinamool Congress rule – Partho Sarathi Ray

Nov 26: Kolkata: Withdraw Bicycle and other NMTs Prohibition Orders – Kolkata Cycle Samaj

Nov 26: Manipur, Nagaland: Press Statement on Recent Salt Panic – NEFIS

Nov 25: A commentary on the right to fair compensation and transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act – NAPM

Nov 24: West Bengal – Appeal from workers of Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers

Nov 17: Punjab – गुण्डागर्दी के खिलाफ मज़दूरों ने आवाज़ बुलंद की (Workers Protest Goondagiri) – Karkhana Mazdoor Union, Ludhiana

Nov 17: Maharashtra – Brutal assault on Sushma Ramtekke, undertrial political prisoner by Byculla District Prison staff – CPDR

Nov 17: Kerala Government’s Salwa Judum Experiment – S. Mohammed Irshad

Nov 16: जनसंहार की राजनीति और प्रतिरोध (The Politics of Massacres and Resistance) – Sushmita

Nov 13: NAPM statement on the complete annihilation of small farmers in World Agricultural Congress at Hyderabad

Nov 12: Kashmir – PUDR Statement on adverse events following Pentavalent vaccination

Nov 12: The World Turned Upside Down : a class struggle indicator in Global Competitiveness Report – Analytical Monthly Review editorial

Nov 8: उत्तर प्रदेश – जाट महापंचायत के वीडियो में दिखेगी भगवाधारी नेताओं की हकीकत – रिहाई मंच

Nov 8: Gujarat- Government cracks down on right to freedom of expression – Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti

Nov 6: Statements against the arrest and frame-up of Rajkishore Singh – CRPP, RDF

Nov 5: Bloodthirsty Justice: Laxmanpur Bathe. Bathani Tola. Mianpur. Nagri Bazar. Haibaspur. Shankar Bigha. – Sumati

Nov 5: Voice of Resistance – Magazine and Political Commentary

Nov 5: Manipuri Students Association Delhi (MSAD) elects North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) students as President, GS

Nov 5: IADHRI Demands Freedom for Soni Sori and Lingaram Kodopi

Nov 4: Madhya Pradesh : Fact-finding report on communal violence at Chippawad town of Harda district

Nov 1: HRF Report : An inhuman counter-insurgency

Newsreel: October 2013

Oct 31: बिहार – पटना धमाकों में आईबी एवं आरएसएस की भूमिका की हो जांच – रिहाई मंच

Oct 29: Gujarat – Statement condemning World Bank President’s refusal to accept CAO findings confirming Tata Mundra Plant violations – Machimar Adhikar Sangharsh Sangathan

Oct 26: Haryana – Update on clampdown against Oct 27 protest by Maruti workers

Oct 26: Delhi – A critical report on education reforms

Oct 20: NCEUS Reports

Oct 19: West Bengal – Statement in protest against the censorship on documentary film Musalmaner Katha

Oct 15: Kerala : An appeal regarding the state government’s showcause notice to Thejas daily

Oct 15: Bihar – NAPM statement on the acquittals in the Laxmanpur Bathe massacre case

Oct 13: Chhattisgarh : Delegation Comes to Delhi to Demand Extension of Shah Commission of Inquiry – Chhattisgarh Bachao Andolan

Oct 11: Orissa : NAPM Press statement on the illegality of the announcement to start work for POSCO project

Oct 6: NEFIS Press Release on 117th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Comrade Irabot

Oct 5: Casting a backward glance after a court order: the UID project – Usha Ramanathan

Oct 3: U.P. – Evil Stalks the Land: Fact-finding Report on the Muzaffarnagar Riots from Anhad

Oct 3: Supreme Court Orders No Clinical Trial Without Proper Mechanism on NCE

Oct 3: Kerala – CRPP Statement on the targetting of Muslims using the pretext of being threats to communal harmony

Oct 1: Unlawful cases against students of EFLU for conducting and/or participating in EFLU Asura Week

Newsreel: September 2013

Sep 28: Anti-Aadhaar litigants and the rhetoric of fear – Mythri Prasad-Aleyamma

Sep 28: A Note on Recent Ethnic Violence in Assam – Hiren Gohain

Sep 24: Sanhati statement against repression of activists by Maharashtra government

Sep 23: Gujarat – Protest statement against Government of India’s move to dilute Nuclear Liability Act

Sep 22: Madhya Pradesh – Statement on illegal arrest of activists protesting against Reliance power plant

Sep 22: West Bengal – APDR Statement on the death of main witness in Kamduni case due to police lathicharge

Sep 22: Uttar Pradesh – Death, destruction and the electoral calculus : A report on Muzaffarnagar riot – a statement by Shramjivi Pahal

Sep 21: The Bathani Tola Massacre and the Ranbeer Sena in Bihar – Bela Bhatia (Source : EPW)

Sep 19: Delhi – PUDR Statement on the futility of capital punishment

Sep 13: Statements against police raid at GN Saibaba’s house

Sep 8: Killing Civilians to Protect Civilians in Syria – Marjorie Cohn and Jeanne Mirer (Source : MRZine)

Sep 7: Statements on the arrest of Hem Mishra and Prashant Rahi; Report from protest at Jantar Mantar

Sep 1: Maharashtra – CDRO Press Release on Gadchiroli encounters

Newsreel: August 2013

Aug 31: Joint Press Release on ‘Gorkhaland’ Movement

Aug 31: Jharkhand – CRPP Statement condemning the kidnapping of cultural activist Utpal Bhaske and anti-displacement activist Ispat Hembram

Aug 31: West Bengal – CRPP Statement condemning the state-sponsored intimidatory tactics of security agencies

Aug 27: Maharashtra – FTII Students’ Association Calls for Solidarity

Aug 26: Maharashtra – Statements condemning the arrest of Hem Mishra

Aug 25: West Bengal – Appeal to express solidarity with contract workers’ struggle at ECL-Raniganj – Adhikar

Aug 23: Dabholkar has Done a Gandhi – Anand Teltumbde

Aug 19: AMR Editorial on Political Economy of Indian Media

Aug 18: Jammu and Kashmir : JKCCS statement on the Kishtwar incidents

Aug 11 : Women’s Groups and Civil Liberties Organizations Demand Justice for Soni Sori, Lingaram Kodopi and Other Adivasis of Central India

Aug 6 : Two open letters on freedom of expression and its enemies – Varavara Rao

Aug 6 : Kolkata – Press statements on the illegal detention of Jayeeta Das

Aug 5 : Orissa : Statement on the current situation in the anti-POSCO resistance villages – Sanhati, PUDR, WSS, AIFFM, NSI and MZPSG

Aug 1 : Uttarakhand – Flooding of Alaknanda river : letter from Vishnuprayag Dam calamity affected People’s Group

Newsreel: July 2013

Jul 31 : Kolkata – Resolution adopted at APDR-organized People’s Convention held on 25 July 2013

Jul 29 : From Jaitapur to Koodankulam: Resistance to nuclear hegemony in India – Rajeev Ravisankar

Jul 26 : West Bengal – KNS Statement condemning the detention and harassment of political activists in Belghoria

Jul 25 : Haryana – MSWU : Press Release on the release of workers on bail and the continuation of the struggle

Jul 23: Kerala – NAPM Statement condemning brutal police attack on protest against Nitta Gelatin in Kathikudam

Jul 21: Bihar – Report on detention and torture of cultural activists in Vaishali

Jul 18: Delhi – Justice for Maruti Workers Campaign : Press Release and Resolution from 13 July Program

Jul 17: Andhra Pradesh – Statements against the killing of Ganti Prasadam – Report from protest in Delhi; Ganti Prasadam : His Legacy Cannot Be Erased – N. Venugopal (Source : EPW)

Jul 14: What Lies Behind the Doubling of Gas Prices? – Rahul Varman

Jul 9: Brazil 2013: Mass Demonstrations, the World Cup, and 500 Years of Oppression – Tomas Rotta (Source : Counterpunch)

Jul 4: Jammu and Kashmir : CDRO Statement on Kupwara court’s order for reinvestigation of the mass rape incident in 1991

Jul 4: Karnataka – Press release on report against illegal diversion of the Kaval commons in Chitradurga

Jul 3: A Letter to Mr. Chetan Bhagat from Indian Muslim Youth

Jul 3: Sanhati at Left Forum 2013 – a brief report

Jul 2: Orissa – Anti-Posco struggle : Update from PPSS

Jul 1: Uttarakhand disaster : Report on the impact of hydroeletric project across Alaknanda

Newsreel: June 2013

Jun 30: Orissa : IHRC and ESCR-Net report on human rights abuses related to POSCO project

Jun 30: NAPM Statement against the decision to increase the height of the Sardar Sarovar Dam

Jun 29: Press Release by ILCR on repression of workers at Maruti Suzuki

Jun 29: Tamil Nadu – The curious case of police preventing ex-Maoists’ return to electoral path – A. Marx

Jun 27: Kolkata – KNS statement against government’s attempts to silence protest movements

Jun 26: Uttarakhand – Statement on the catastrophe – India Climate Justice collective

Jun 25: Whistle Blowers and the Public Interest – M.V. Ramana

Jun 24: A Critique of the Kabir Kala Manch Defence Committee – P. A. Sebastian; Statement from KKMDC; A response from West Bengal– Ranjit Sur

Jun 21: Uttarakhand – Report of attempts by state administration to disrupt strike by workers

Jun 21: West Bengal : Commentaries on the recent incident of rape in Barasat; Statement from APDR

Jun 20: Nonadanga, Kolkata – Report of sexual assault on a minor

Jun 17: Turkey : Update from the night of June 16; Statement from Textile Workers Union

Jun 17: In a Guerrilla Zone: Two Reigns of Political Violence in Bastar – Bernard D’Mello and Gautam Navlakha

Jun 16: Press Release and appeal to stop FYUP in Delhi University – For Alliance for Social Justice

Jun 15: Kolkata – Statements regarding the detention of activists protesting against violence on women – Maitree, NTUI

Jun 13: Orissa – Appeal to observe anti-Posco Black Day at Patnahat village on June 22

Jun 13: An Appeal from Analytical Monthly Review – Subhas Aikat

Jun 11: Uttar Pradesh – PUDR statement on the death of Khalid Mujahid in police custody

Jun 10: Critiquing Intersectionality, Populism and Gender Disembodied of Class: A Marxist Reassertion – Maya John

Jun 6: States of Desire: Homonationalism and LGBT activism in India – Interview with Debanuj Dasgupta

Jun 6: Delhi – Pamphlet from Joint Forum in solidarity with the struggle of Maruti workers

Jun 5: Tayyip Istifa – Amit Basole reports from Instanbul; Analysis, feed from the upsurge in Turkey

Jun 4: Ballia, Uttar Pradesh – Atrocities by the feudal-police nexus against dalits and other labourers

Jun 3: Kolkata – Resolution proposed at the citizens’ convention on the chit funds scam – APDR

Jun 1: The unending spiral of violence in Chhattisgarh – PUDR

Newsreel: May 2013

May 31: Delhi – Protest by the contract workers of Metro Rail – Delhi Metro Kamgar Union

May 31: Struggle of Maruti Workers : Update from MSWU

May 29: Sanhati statement on the unprecedented detention of CDRO team by Jharkhand police

May 28: Chattisgarh – The Killing of Adivasi Civilians by CRPF at Edesmeta in Bijapur District – HRF

May 28: Capitalism, Sexual Violence, and Sexism – Kavita Krishnan

May 28: Petition: Opposition to N. Ram’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” – May 17 Movement

May 27: From Great Depression to Occupy Wall Street: Slogans Require Philosophy – Paramjit Singh

May 26: PUDR releases ‘Driving Force: Labour Struggles and Violation of Rights in Maruti Suzuki’

May 26: Delhi – Press statement and memorandum from protest against attack on Maruti workers

May 25: Movie Review: Red Ant Dream – Azaan Javaid

May 25: Joint statement on the arrest of Abhay Sahoo – PUDR, JNU Student Union, AISA, et al.

May 24: Sanhati supports the workers of Maruti Suzuki and their union

May 24: Uttar Pradesh – A Glance at the Workers of the Brick Kilns – Sunil

May 24: AP – Uranium Mining in Kadappa – Human Rights Forum

May 23: MP – Thousands of Adivasis protest against a law breaking district administration in Barwani – Jagrut Adivasi Dalit Sangathan

May 23: Faizabad – Attack on Advocates is conspiracy hatched by SP and communal forces – Rihai Manch

May 21: Hyderabad – Report on public meeting of the brick kiln workers’ movement

May 20: Maruti Suzuki Workers’ Union press release against state repression; PUDR statement

May 16: Delhi – LDTF, AIDSA leaflet on disastrous consequences of new DU undergraduate program

May 16: Letter from Indian Scientists on concerns about quality of equipment used at the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant

May 15: Fugitive – Sourav Banerjee

May 14: Orissa : PUDR Statement on the arrest of Abhay Sahoo

May 11: International Nurses’ Day: Some Pride, More Plights – Maya John

May 11: Anti-POSCO struggle – PPSS statement on the arrest of Abhay Sahoo

May 9: A critique of the proposed ‘reforms’ in Delhi University: working class students’ perspective – Krantikari Yuva Sangathan

May 8: Chhattisgarh – Letter to NHRC on the denial of rights to political prisoners at Raipur Central Jail – Prashant Rahi

May 5: Press statement on refusal of Delhi Press Club to hold press meet on fast by Yasin Malik

May 4: Orissa – Joint statement condemning police excesses in Lower Suktel Project in Bolangir

May 1: Haryana – Ground report on the real estate mafia’s reign of terror in Noida – Bigul Mazdoor Dasta

Newsreel: April 2013

Apr 30: Maruti Suzuki Workers Union pamphlet on the occasion of May day

Apr 27: Anti-POSCO struggle – PPSS Call to join struggle at Govindpur from Apr 29

Apr 26: How Does the Subaltern Speak? – A conversation with Vivek Chibber

Apr 26: National call from the All India Forum for Right To Education; Report from demonstration in Bhopal

Apr 23: Delhi – Report on the Workers’ Struggle at Wazirpur Industrial Estate

Apr 23: West Bengal – The chit fund crisis: looting the poor with political connivance – Partho Sarathi Ray

Apr 22: Maharashtra – Statements against forced land acquisition in Raigad district – NAPM, Jagatikikaran Vriodhi Kruti Samiti

Apr 21: Odisha: Report on Lower Suktel Project and People’s Protest

Apr 21: Chhattisgarh: Protest Government’s Attempt to make Soni Sori undergo “Psychiatric Evaluation”

Apr 20: Student Suicides: A Petition of University Teachers

Apr 20: West Bengal – CRPP statement against illegal detention and brutal torture of activists

Apr 18: Delhi – Statement of condemnation by concerned students on the situation at St. Stephen’s College

Apr 17: West Bengal – APDR pamphlet on recent incidents concerning democratic rights

Apr 15: Lies, Damn Lies and Satellite Data – the Maharashtra Forest Department’s ‘Study’ on the Forest Rights Act – Campaign for Survival and Dignity

Apr 14: Mumbai – Report on the hunger strike against the Golibar demolitions

Apr 13: Andhra Pradesh – HRF Press Release on farmers suicides in Mahabubnagar district

Apr 13: Cheerleader of a Lynch Mob – Sanjeev Mahajan

Apr 12: On the death penalty – PUDR on the Supreme Court’s dismissal of Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar’s plea

Apr 12: West Bengal – AISA on the recent attacks against dissent and democracy

Apr 11: PUDR on the manhandling of a Delhi University teacher by the authorities

Apr 10: DSU on Kabir Kala Manch

Apr 10: Debunking Pharma’s Cant Against the Novartis Judgment: Myth and Fact – Brook K. Baker

Apr 9: Delhi – Protest against the imposition of Hindi/Modern Indian languages upon the students of the North-East – North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS)

Apr 8: Delhi – Protest at Haryana Bhawan against violence on Dalits in Rohtak

Apr 7: Chhattisgarh – Report of events in the JK Laxmi Cement Factory : accident, arson and arrests

Apr 4: Haryana – Statement from Maruti Suzuki workers’ ongoing dharna

Apr 4: Andhra Pradesh – HRF on PESA and bauxite mining

Apr 4: Maharashtra : Kabir Kala Manch – Statement from Friends of KKM Defense Committee

Apr 2: A debate on the caste question and Marxism : Republican Panthers’ response to Chandigarh conference; Reply from Abhinav Sinha; Rejoinder by Anand Teltumbde

Apr 1: Growth for Whom: An Investigation of India’s Inclusive Growth Strategy – Paramjit Singh

Newsreel: March 2013

Mar 31: The Indian Ideology by Perry Anderson – a book review by Latief Dar

Mar 29: Jharkhand – RDF on the killing and abduction of Maoist cadres

Mar 29: Statements on the kidnapping of student leaders from Chandigarh by Andhra police – PUDR, CRPP

Mar 26: Children being detained, tortured and executed in India’s conflict afflicted districts – ACHR statement

Mar 26: Delhi – Protest against the imposition of Hindi/Modern Indian languages upon the students of the North-East – NEFIS statement

Mar 25: Uttar Pradesh – NAPM fact finding report on possible police complicity in murder of anti-corruption crusader in Muzaffarpur

Mar 24: Delhi – Investigate the fake arrest of Liyaqat Shah – Rihai Manch

Mar 23: Republican Panther Response to Chandigarh Conference on The Caste Question and Marxism

Mar 20: Report from the conclusion of NAPM Mumbai-Delhi Sangharsh Yatra

Mar 19: Andhra Pradesh – Report on the attack on volunteers investigating the condition of workers at Brick Kiln

Mar 19: Uttar Pradesh – RD Nimesh commission report released in Lucknow by political and social activists – Rihai Manch

Mar 19: Orissa – Mr Patnaik apologize to the Women of Govindpur, Patana and Dhinkia

Mar 19: UP – Samajwadi Party government completes a year of false promises, feudality and communalism – Rihai Manch

Mar 19: Delhi – Press note on Kisan Khet Mazdoor Mahapanchayat

Mar 16: Chhattisgarh – Preliminary Report on the Fact Finding in Bijapur – Democratic Students’ Union

Mar 13: Punjab – Update on repression being let loose on farmers

Mar 13: London – Demonstrations outside Parliament and the Debate Outcome in the Lords on Caste Discrimination in UK

Mar 12: Jharkhand – Saranda: Maoists Out, Corporates In – CDRO Statement

Mar 12: Delhi – PUDR statement on another custodial death at Tihar jail

Mar 12: Andhra Pradesh : Report on a 42 day strike by guest teachers

Mar 11: A future for the left – Ravi Sinha

Mar 11: Report and Resolutions from Public Meeting of Nurses at Jantar Mantar – Center for Struggling Women, Nurses Welfare Association

Mar 11: CDRO Bulletins, Feb and March 2013

Mar 11: UID, NPR, and Governance – Centre for Internet and Society, Say No To UID Campaign

Mar 11: Farce of Democracy: Condemning the Draft Jammu and Kashmir Police Bill, 2013 – CDRO

Mar 11: Statement on Varun Gandhi’s Acquittal in Hate Speech Case – Rihai Manch

Mar 10: Punjab – PUDR statement regarding state repression on farmers

Mar 8: Mumbai – NAPM statement condemning violence against women at Golibar and other slums

Mar 7: Kolkata – Resolution adopted at the February 13 convention for unconditional release of political prisoners

Mar 6: Punjab – Police crack down to fizzle out rail roko agitation

Mar 6: Orissa – NAPM condemns attack on PPSS and subsequent death of three activists; Video report from Samadrusti; Statement against attack

Mar 5: Delhi – CRPP Press Statement from the protest dharna against the execution of Afzal Guru

Mar 3: NAPM’s response to Union Budget 2013

Mar 3: Report on illegal detention of labour leader and six others by Noida police – Bigul Mazdoor Dasta

Mar 2: Does the Aam Admi require diesel subsidy? – Debarshi Das

Mar 1: Hyderabad: Statements on the Dilsukh Nagar Bomb Blasts – Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association, PUCL, PUDR

Mar 1: Kerala – Joint statement against the spate of arrests under UAPA

Newsreel: February 2013

Feb 28: Mumbai – Fact finding report on demolition in Jai Ambe Nagar

Feb 21: DMIC pe halla bol Abhiyan – NAPM

Feb 21: Report from a rally of Vidarbha Domestic Workers’ Union

Feb 21: Engendering Dignity: Gender Justice, Criminal Law and the Verma Committee Report

– Panel Discussion Report

Feb 21: Press note on IPS Singhal’s arrest in Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case – Rihai Manch

Feb 21: Afzal Guru Execution: Statements and Responses – PUDR, APDR, CRPP, HRF, CPDR, Rihai Manch, J&K Coalition of Civil Society

Feb 20: CRPP on continuing harassment of SAR Geelani by security agencies

Feb 19: Dhaka – On protests at Shahbag Square – Mongoldhoni

Feb 18: Open letter to the Government of Odisha against attacks on anti-Posco movement

Feb 18: Statements on All India Workers’ Strike on 20-21 Feb

Feb 17: Andhra Pradesh – HRF submission before public hearing panel on proposed Kalyanikhani project

Feb 17: USA – MXGM Statement on the Dorner affair

Feb 17: Kolkata – Resolution from CDRO Convention on unconditional release of political prisoners

Feb 13: The Authoritarian Turn in India – Sanhati Collective

Feb 11: The Ashis Nandy Controversy: Inside the Mind of One ‘Intolerant’ Dalit – Anoop Kumar

Feb 11: Bihar: Notice to Govt and CRPF u/s sec 3(2) of Forest Rights Act 2006 to vacate hospital premises – NFFPFW

Feb 11: Orissa – CDRO on the arrest of Dandapani Mohanty

Feb 9: Orissa – RDF on the arrest of Dandapani Mohanty

Feb 8: Delhi – Statements against police violence in DU during Modi’s visit

Feb 8: Capital’s Feudal Deity, Bal Thackeray – Sudhir Dhawale

Feb 7: West Bengal – APDR on assault of adivasi woman by CRPF jawans

Feb 6: Haryana – Maruti workers’ call for all-India day of solidarity action on Feb 5 – MSWU Report on the day of protest

Feb 5: People together : arguments for an initiative – Sumit Chaudhury

Feb 4: Chhattisgarh – Recent burning of village in Dantewada, copy of complaint filed by Bela Bhatia

Feb 3: Chhattisgarh – PUDR Statement; Report on the death of workers in accident at Ambuja-Holcim factory

Feb 2: Is Ashis Nandy a Sacred Cow: An Interview with Dr K. Satyanarayana – Ravi Chandran

Feb 1: CDRO tribute on the untimely death of three civil and democratic rights activists

Newsreel: January 2013

Jan 31: From Nonadanga to Ejipura: The Urban Battleground – Partho Sarathi Ray

Jan 30: PUDR statement upholding the Maruti workers’ right to protest

Jan 29: Dipankar Chakraborty (1941-2013)

Jan 27: Fact Finding to Dhule: A Preliminary Report – Democratic Students Union

Jan 27: Chhattisgarh – Statement of protest and demand for withdrawal of Meritorious Service award to SRP Kalluri

Jan 27: Tamil Nadu – KKNPP Leaks and Repairs: More Questions and No Answers

Jan 26: Ashis Nandy, radically conservative – Saroj Giri

Jan 25: Haryana – MSWU press statement regarding state represson on ‘Justice Rally’

Jan 22: Update from Posco Pratirodh Sangram Samiti

Jan 22: Press Release on Correspondence Students’ Protest for More Colleges – Krantikari Yuva Sagathan

Jan 21: Mumbai: Relay Fast to Begin at Ambewadi Golibar for Land and Housing Rights

Jan 21: Bangalore: Demolition of EWS Quarters, Latest Updates

Jan 19: Report on the dubious role of Noida Police in covering up the rape and murder of woman worker

Jan 19: Chhattisgarh: Abduction of Adivasi Women by Police – Human Rights Forum

Jan 17: West Bengal: Letter to Mamata Banerjee on threats to Environmental Activists in Chandpara – APDR

Jan 17: Manipur: Forced Displacement of Residents of Floating Islands – Krantikari Yuva Sagathan

Jan 17: Women Demand Necessary Amendments to Laws in Order to Create Safe Workplaces – CSW and Nurses’ Welfare Association

Jan 17: Press Release and Note on Eviction of Dr. G.N. Saibaba – Delhi University Teachers’ Association

Jan 15: Jharkhand: Statements on Latehar Incident

Jan 13: Orissa: Gherao of Forest Range Office at Tarsing of Jagannathprasad block near Ganjam-Nayagarh border

Jan 13: West Bengal: Protest Against Atrocity by Trinamul’s Gundas at the Hunger Strike for Reinstatement of Illegally Retrenched Workers of Sova Ispat – Adhikar

Jan 13: Orissa: 7th Anniversary of Kaling Nagar Firing Observed

Jan 13: Marxism and the Postcolonial Challenge: Lessons from East Asian Debates: A brief report

Jan 12: Statement on deteriorating condition of electoral democracy in West Bengal – APDR

Jan 12: Mumbai: Update from Azad Maidan on struggle of the urban poor – NAPM

Jan 9: Obscuring Empire: A Critique of Amnesty International – Akram Javed

Jan 9: World Bank Inspection Panel to Investigate Vishnugad-Pipalkoti Dam

Jan 9: Press Release demanding a CBI probe into the Faizabad riots

Jan 7: CDRO Bulletin, December 2012

Jan 5: Statement Against Arrest of Jharkhand PUCL Activist Santosh Yadav

Jan 5: NAPM Condemns Brutal Lathi Charge by Police on Farmers Protesting Land Acquisition in Ghaziabad

Jan 4: Press release on Allahabad HC stand on the release of innocents imprisoned in terror cases – Rihai Manch

Jan 3: Singrauli, MP: Lok Sangharsh Yatra, arrest of Sanjay Namdev and other updates – Lokvidya Ashram

Jan 2: The Bitter Truth Regarding Delhi Police’s “Helpline” – An Account – Kavita

Jan 2: Defend Women’s Right to Equality! Fight against Rape and Sexual Violence! – PUDR

Jan 1: Kerala: Condemn the arrests of civil libertarians, students and others as “Maoists”

Jan 1: Vienna: Statement of Solidarity with Protest of Migrants and Asylum Seekers

Jan 1: Kudankulam: Celebration of struggle starts this New Year