Newsreel Archives 2014

Newsreel: December 2014

Dec 29: Assam: Harvest of Innocent Blood: The Democracy Deficit in Bodoland – New Socialist Initiative

Dec 28: Assam: PUCL Statement on the Mass Killings of Adivasis

Dec 28: Punjab: Shehnaz, Another Brave Girl, Goes Down Fighting – Lakhwinder

Dec 24: Demystifying Haider: Whose Tragedy is it? – A Film Review – Mudasir Wani

Dec 23: Kolkata: JUTA Observes “Save Jadavpur University Day”, Sit-in Demonstration 23-24 Dec.

Dec 23: Statements on Peshawar Massacre: DSU and KNS

Dec 23: लालकुंआ(उत्तराखण्ड) में साम्प्रदायिक उन्माद फैलाने वालों का विरोध करो।

Dec 23: Delhi: Protest on repeal of AFSPA – North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS)

Dec 20: Delhi: Vicious conspiracy of the Sangh Parivar to fan communal tensions – Naujawan Bharat Sabha

Dec 20: Haryana: दिशा सांस्कृतिक मंच: ‘जिंदादिल’ ‘देवेंदर’ जिंदाबाद – Varavara Rao

Dec 19: The Virus Behind Ebola – Sourav Banerjee

Dec 16: ALERT: Police lathicharge on ASTI and MUNJAL KIRIU workers’ demonstration at Labour Office, Gurgaon

Dec 13: Narendra Modi in Nepal – Vishnu Sharma

Dec 9: Ration for Assam Tea Garden Workers to Stop – Debarshi Das

Dec 9: Call made from Jantar Mantar– Abki baar, humara adhikar!

Dec 9: Manesar, Haryana: ASTI Workers Strike Updates

Dec 4: श्रम कानूनो में मज़दूर विरोधी संशोधनों के खिलाफ कन्वेंशन

Dec 3: भोपाल गैस काण्ड और नन्हीं कली

Dec 3: As Operation Green Hunt extends to engulf the Western Ghats, what do we stand to lose? – JNU Forum against War on People

Dec 3: Today’s Bihar: Development Hype and Ground Reality– Survey Report by CPI(ML)

Dec 3: Dec 5th protests against labour law changes

Dec 3: Indefinite Hunger Strike of Contract Labourers of ECL: A Report

Dec 3: Kanshi Ram: Leader of the Masses – Abhay Kumar

Dec 2: Chhattisgarh: Another accident in the cement industry, or rather criminal negligence ? – Pragatisheel Cement Shramik Sangh

Newsreel: November 2014

Nov 30: Chhattisgarh: report of police brutality on villagers in Kukanar – Jagdalpur Legal Aid Group

Nov 29: Modi rule has pushed us into another dark age – Abhay Kumar in conversation with D.N. Jha

Nov 27: Statement condemning harassment of released political prisoner – Sanhati

Nov 26: Karnataka: Challakere Villagers Overcome BARC lies to Reclaim Amrit Mahal Kavals

Nov 26: Statement by All India Workers Council in support of nationwide strike of Coal workers

Nov 26: Uttar Pradesh: Statements against police crackdown on students in BHU

Nov 24: One sparrow does not herald a spring – PUDR

Nov 24: Workers’ struggle in Jay Ushin Limited, IMT Manesar

Nov 24: An Account of factory workers activity today: Maruti Suzuki Cars, Manesar, India

Nov 24: Chhattisgarh: 2000 villagers gherao thana to get woman released in Bastar

Nov 20: Protests Across India Against NDA Government’s Attack on Forest Rights – Campaign for Survival and Dignity

Nov 20: The Kiss on the brink – Nandini Chandra

Nov 18: Update of Anti-POSCO Movment

Nov 17: Prof M.S.S. Pandian: A Critical Historian of Non-Brahmin Movement, Culture, Nation – Abhay Kumar

Nov 16: Bhaliaguda Fake Encounter – A Memorandum to the Odisha Governor

Nov 14: Chhattisgarh: PUCL statement condemning sterilisation deaths

Nov 14: West Bengal: Indefinite hunger strike of contract workers of Eastern Coalfields Limimited for implementation of new wage structure – ECL Thika Sramik Adhikar Union

Nov 12: Preliminary fact finding report on the inhuman murders of Dalits in Ahmednagar – Dalit Atyachar Virodhi Kruti Samiti

Nov 12: PUDR Statement: When T-shirts become Seditious

Nov 9: Defeat of communalist forces in Bawana – Sunil Kumar

Nov 8: Statement regarding increasing attacks by the Sangh Pariwar – Krantikari Naujawan Sabha

Nov 8: Faridabad Mazdoor Samachar, November 2014 issue

Nov 6: UP: An investigative report on the attempts to create a communal laboratory in Mewat

Nov 5: PUDR Statement: Justice not Compensation

Nov 3: Delhi: Updates on the situation of communal tension in Trilokpuri – Statement by PADS

Nov 2: Delhi: Hindutva Forces trying to Instigate Communal Tension in Bawana – a report

Nov 2: West Bengal: APDR fact-finding report on the recent violence in Makhra

Nov 1: Statement condemning Prime Minister’s mythology of science – AIFRTE

Nov 1: US-India Bilateral Relations on Intellectual Property – Open Letter to PM

Nov 1: Haryana: In solidarity with the Munjal Kiriu workers in IMT Manesar – A report by Workers Solidarity Centre, Gurgaon

Newsreel: October 2014

Oct 31: Delhi: A brief fact-finding report of communally instigated tension at Trilokpuri

Oct 31: Kathputli Colony facing threats of evictions and police action

Oct 30: Chhattisgarh: Complaint regarding repeated attacks on the Christian community in – PUCL

Oct 30: WSS Statement Against the Restrictions on Soni Sori

Oct 30: On Love Jihad – Kavita Krishnan

Oct 30: Towards a Democratic Platform of People’s Struggles: All India People’s Forum

Oct 30: Global Rally against ISIS – for Kobanê – for Humanity!

Oct 30: Investigate Koodankullam Irregularities: Eminent People Urge

Oct 30: Update on powerloom workers strike in Ludhiana

Oct 26: Hem Mishra’s letter from Nagpur Jail

Oct 26: एक दीप बुझ गया… – विजय कुमार आर्य

Oct 26: Towards a Democratic Platform of People’s Struggles – All India People’s Forum

Oct 24: Gurgaon: Protest Program and Rally Against Anti-Worker Labour Law Reforms – Workers Solidarity Centre

Oct 17: October 2009 – October 2014: Five years of the anti-people Operation Green Hunt! – JNU Forum Against War on people

Oct 17: NEFIS statement on the recent attacks on the northeastern community

Oct 15: Stop harassment of social activists

Oct 11: Condemn the raid and attack on Forward Press Magazine – Revolutionary Cultural Front

Oct 11: PUCL Condemns Vizag Police for illegally detaining Civil Liberties Activists

Oct 8: IFTU Report on alleged plan of cow slaughter in JJ Colony Bawana

Oct 6: Can Ideas and Ideals by Gagged? – Varalakshmi, Revolutionary Writers’ Association

Oct 5: Delhi: ALERT- Explosive Situation of Imminent Communal Violence in Bawana/Narela

Oct 5: Update from Maruti Suzuki Workers Union

Oct 5: AIFRTE Condemns Rajasthan Government for Closure of Government Schools in Name of Merger

Oct 4: Colours of the Cage by Arun Ferreira: Video of Book Launch

Oct 2: Swachhta Abhiyan- For whom and by whom? – T. Prathamesh

Oct 2: 118th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Comrade Irabot in Delhi – NEFIS

Newsreel: September 2014

Sept 25: Kolkata: Turning the Tide – Saroj Giri

Sept 23: 100 Days of Modi Point to Emergent Disaster – Ghadar Alliance

Sept 23: Kolkata: Reflections on the Jadavpur Protests – Saurobijay Sarkar

Sept 23: Telengana: Statements condemning mass detention and arrests in Hyderabad – CDRO, Sanhati, CRPP

Sept 22: Delhi: Protest in front of Telengana Bhawan against burning of hostel room of a dalit student in Osmania University – KYS

Sept 22: Manipur: Condemn the arrest and detention of rights activists by Manipur state government – CDRO

Sept 19: Statements condemning police attack on students’ protest at Jadavpur University – AIFRTE, KNS, APDR

Sept 18: Ohio, USA: Intimidation will not stop fight for Palestine – Sam Agarwal

Sept 18: Rajasthan: What the New Land Acquisition Bill Actually Says – Campaign for Survival and Dignity

Sept 15: Mehnatkash, September 2014

Sept 15: Regular Incomes for All – Lokavidya Jan Andolan Booklet

Sept 13: Delhi – Destitutes On Their Own Land: A Preliminary Report on Demolitions in Aya Nagar – KNS

Sept 13: Haryana: Worker killed at work in POSCO factory in Bawal – KNS

Sept 13: Gujarat: Narmada Water for Coca Cola. Government must Rethink. – NBA

Sept 11: WB: Struggle of Coal Workers in Eastern Coalfields against the installation of Bio Metric Attendance system – Mine Workers Employee Union

Sept 11: Europe: Demonstrations demanding the release of political prisoners in India

Sept 8: AP: Red sandal labour killings in the name of protecting national resources – M.K.Kumar

Sept 8: Implications of Fascism in India – Hiren Gohain

Sept 6: Attack on the democratic processes in Bastar under the guise of counter insurgency is an issue of concern – PUCL

Sept 6: ‘शिक्षक दिवस’ को जनतांत्रिक बनाओ! – Lok Shikshak Manch

Sept 4: AIFRTE Condemns Attempts by Modi Sarkar to Reduce Teachers Day to a Tamasha

Sept 4: People’s King, Shivaji – Talks by Govind Pansare and Ram Puniyani – Lokayat

Sept 4: AP: Press Release on Sivaramakrishnan Report – Human Rights Forum

Sept 3: Pakistan: Zarb-e-Azb and the Left- On Imperialism’s Materiality – Syed Azeem and Noaman G. Ali

Sept 1: UP: Press note on communal violence in Bhitergaon, Kanpur

Sept 1: Manipur: NEFIS Strongly Condems the Killing of Peaceful Protestors in Ukhrul

Sept 1: Manipur: NEFIS Strongly Condemns the Re-Arrest of Irom Sharmila

Newsreel: August 2014

Aug 25: उत्तराखंड: श्रमकानूनों में डकैती बर्दास्त नहीं – मज़दूर सहयोग केंद्र

Aug 25: On the death of Palestinian poet Samih Al-Qasim – Revolutionary Cultural Front

Aug 22: Uttarakhand: Pancheshwar dam project- Beginning of a new danger in the Himalayas – Matu Jansagathan

Aug 22: शिक्षक डायरी: मेरी छात्राओं की शिक्षा यात्रा – फ़िरोज़ अहमद

Aug 17: West Bengal: Plight of Political Prisoners in Hooghly Jail – Amit Bhattacharyya

Aug 17: Review of Korean Film Snowpiercer – Johanna Connors

Aug 15: Faridabad Mazdoor Samachar, August 2014

Aug 15: CDRO Bulletin, August 2014

Aug 12: बाजारवाद और अंधराष्ट्रवाद का नाम क्रिकेट – सुनील कुमार

Aug 12: Madhya Pradesh: People’s struggle to save Mahan forest in Singrauli – Kisan Adivasi Visthapit Ekta Manch

Aug 12: Press Statement from 25th APDR Conference

Aug 12: Madhya Pradesh: Statement Condemning Sexual Harassment of a Gwalior Additional District Judge by a MP High Court Judge – WSS

Aug 7: Red Salute, Nabarun Da! – Liberation Newsletter

Aug 6: Rajasthan: Critiques of the Labour Law Reforms – Ashok Khandelwal and Prem Krishan Sharma

Aug 6: उत्तर प्रदेश: सोनभद्र में सामंतो द्वारा दलित आदिवासियों पर किये गये हमले के मामले में की गई कार्रवाई की रिपोर्ट – अखिल भारतीय वन-जन श्रमजीवी यूनियन

Aug 6: मोदी सरकार का एजेण्डा नम्बर 1 – रहे-सहे श्रम क़ानूनों की धज्जियाँ उड़ाना – मज़दूर बिगुल

Aug 6: Book Review: Media, Indian State and Anti-Sikh Violence (1980s) Abhay Kumar

Aug 5: जेयूसीएस ने इजराइल द्वारा मारे गए पत्रकारों के जज्बे को किया सलाम, साहित्यकार नवारुण भट्टाचार्या को दी श्रद्धांजलि

Aug 5: Brazil: Free all political prisoners and End the Extra-State Judicial Persecution and Execution – Cebraspo

Aug 5: Gurgaon Workers News Update

Aug 2: Bihar: AIFRTE Condemns Police Assault on Students in Patna

Aug 2: उत्तर प्रदेश: सहारनपुर में हुआ संघर्ष स्थानीय प्रशासन के फेल होने का नतीजा -रिहाई मंच

Aug 2: Relations of Production and Modes of Surplus Extraction in India (Assamese) Amit Basole and Deepankar Basu (Translation: Mayur Chetia)

Newsreel: July 2014

Jul 27: Haryana: Land, Caste, and Sexual Violence Against Dalit Girls and Women – A Report by WSS

Jul 27: उत्तराखण्ड: ऐरा श्रमिकों पर बर्बर लाठी चार्ज, नेतृत्वकारी मजदूरों व इ.म.के अध्यक्ष की गिरफ्तारी के खिलाफ विरोध प्रदर्शन

Jul 27: Declaration on Gaza by Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award

Jul 27: Press Statement on the suspension of an Associate Professor at AMU– AIFRTE

Jul 24: Uttar Pradesh: Ramgarh’s Dalits Threatened As They Testify in Court Against Attack– A Report

Jul 24: From fundamentalism to Fascism and beyond: the trajectory of Hindutva– Siddhartha Mitra

Jul 24: उत्तराखण्ड: यूनियन का झंडारोहण करने पर एरा मज़दूरों का भारी पुलिसिया दमन

Jul 22: Madhya Pradesh: Jan Chetna Yatra July 17- 20– Chutkha Parmanu Sangharsh Samiti

Jul 22: पंजाब – पावरलूम मज़दूरोंं (लुधियाना) की हड़ताल की रिपोर्ट -टेक्सटाइल हौजरी कामगार यूनियन

Jul 22: Delhi: NEFIS Press Release on the brutal murder of a BPO worker from North-East

Jul 18: Political prisoners: CRPP statement on the struggles of Kobad Ghandy and Anup Roy

Jul 18: NAPM Statement condemning Israeli genocide in Gaza

Jul 17: Delhi: PUDR report on ongoing Wazirpur struggle

Jul 14: The Anarchy Of Sexual Violence In India: Uma Chakravarti – 6th Anuradha Gandhy Memorial Lecture

Jul 08: Statement by Jan Myrdal on the imprisonment of G.N. Saibaba

Jul 07: Remembering Sushil Roy

Jul 06: West Bengal: Sand-Mining at Dadanpatrabar : A brief (and slightly belated) coastal bulletin – DISHA

Jul 05: Mississippi Freedom Summer – A personal account – David Kotz

Jul 04: Press Release on the formation of the Committee for the Defence and Release of G N Saibaba

Newsreel: June 2014

Jun 28: West Bengal: Political Prisoners languishing in abysmal conditions: Plight of Prasun Chatterjee – Amit Bhattacharyya

Jun 28: बसपा का शीराजा क्यों बिखरा – आनंद तेलतुंबड़े

Jun 27: Karnataka: Lockout at Stump, Schuele, and Somappa: A Citizens’ Fact-finding Report

Jun 27: Maharashtra: Fact Finding Report on the Brutal Killing of Sanjay Khobragade

Jun 26: Election results 2014: Winners and losers – S. Mohammed Irshad

Jun 25: Pakistan: Campaign demanding an end to military operation in FATA

Jun 22: Three Vectors to a Nightmare – Biju Mathew

Jun 21: Delhi: PUDR Report on ongoing labour strike in Wazirpur Industrial Area

Jun 20: On the abduction and incarceration of G.N. Saibaba: Letter to Chief Justice from Campaign Against Criminalising Communities

Jun 19: Delhi: Press release from protest against changes in Labour laws by Rajasthan government

Jun 17: First conference of Workers Solidarity Centre (Gurgaon): Press Release

Jun 15: Delhi: Report on the steel workers’ strike in Wazirpur Industrial Area

Jun 14: NAPM Statement on the NCA decision to raise the height of Sardar Sarovar Dam

Jun 14: CRPP Statement on the struggle of Palestinian prisoners lodged in Israeli prisons

Jun 13: Press Release on the continued imprisonment of G.N. Saibaba – Delhi University Community Against Police Repression

Jun 13: An Open Letter to Editor of Daily Pioneer: protest against vilification of students, teachers and student organisations of JNU – JNU

Jun 11: PUDR Statement condemning the targetting of Muslims and the attack on freedom of expression

Jun 11: PADS statement on the murder of three young persons in Badaun and Pune

Jun 5: Statement against sexual assault on women protesting against eviction of Bhagana survivors – Women Against Sexual Violence and State Repression

Jun 4: Delhi : Press Release and Resolutions of the meeting on Democracy and Dissent Meeting

Jun 4: Open Statement for protection of our constitutional and democratic rights – Concerned Citizens

Jun 3: Truth is stranger than fiction: a note on the Akshardham acquittal – R. Ravishankar

Jun 3: Uttar Pradesh: PUDR Statement condemning brutal sexual assault and murder of two minors in Badayun

Newsreel: May 2014

May 28: Petitioning Chief Justice of India : Release Dr.Saibaba On Bail And Order A Judicial Investigation

May 28: Bihar: PUCL Statement on the ABVP attack on a civil liberties seminar

May 22: Remembering Suniti Ghosh – Sumanta Banerjee

May 17: A moment of clarity – Saroj Giri

May 16: Modi, the secular right-wing and communalism – Saroj Giri

May 16: On Palestine and India: An interview with Samia Al-Botmeh – Syed Mohammad Raghib and Abhay Kumar

May 15: Abduction and Arrest of G.N. Saibaba: Statements, Letters, Protests

May 15: Suniti Kumar Ghosh (1918-2014) – RUPE

May 15: West Bengal: APDR Statement on voting during May 12

May 14: জেলখানায় সাংস্কৃতিক প্রতিরোধ – সব্যসাচী গোস্বামী

May 13: Remembering Mukul Sinha

May 13: Haryana : Press Release from Bhagana Kaand Sangharsh Samiti

May 12: West Bengal: APDR Statement on Supreme Court’s Order for a CBI Probe in the Saradha Scam

May 9: Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-first Century – some critical commentaries

May 6: Uttar Pradesh: A Report on the attack on worker activists at Sriram Piston, Ghaziabad – Bigul Mazdoor Dasta

May 5: Gujarat: Modi School of Education System – Sanjeev Kumar

May 5: Attack on workers of Sriram Piston in Bhiwadi – Memorandum to Rajasthan Chief Minister seeking action against the police administration

May 1: Kerala: Statement against police’s attempt to criminalise activists under the garb of fighting terror – CRPP

Newsreel: April 2014

Apr 30: Gujarat : Nine mythbusters on 2002 post-Godhra riots – Shehzad Poonawalla

Apr 28: Rajasthan – Report of police repression on workers of Sriram Piston in Bhiwadi – Workers Solidarity Centre

Apr 28: Delhi – Protest against abduction and rape of schoolgirls in Hissar-Haryana; AFDR-PUDR Fact-finding Report

Apr 27: Defeating the Forces of Communal-Fascism – a resource compilation

Apr 27: An Un-Ethical Code – P.K. Vijayan (Source : Countercurrents)

Apr 24: Andhra Pradesh: Press Release on Tsundur Judgement of High Court

Apr 24: CPI (Maoist) Spokesperson Comrade Abhay Interview on General Elections – 2014

Apr 24: Some Myths About Muslims

Apr 22: Rana Plaza: A Personal Journey – Litu Kabir

Apr 21: On the death of Marquez – RCF-JNU

Apr 21: দিনলিপি: নির্বাসন পর্ব – সব্যসাচী গোস্বামী

Apr 18: Gujarat: Gujarati Muslims can forget Godhra, but what about these economic figures? – Sanjeev Kumar

Apr 18: Telengana: Electrocution and amputation of limbs of a brick kiln worker – a report

Apr 18: An appeal to the country from social activists in Varanasi

Apr 18: Lok Sabha elections: APDR appeal to voters

Apr 17: वाह रे कारपोरेट मीडिया का ‘लोकतंत्र’ ! मेक्सिको के कुछ सबक – पी. कुमार मंगलम

Apr 17: Banbehari Chakraborty (1924-2014)

Apr 13: Haryana : MSWU statement on victory in Maruti Suzuki Union elections

Apr 12: Hey, What Are These Progress And Development? And What Is This Corruption? – Faridabad Majdoor Samachar

Apr 10: PUDR Statement opposing award of death penalty as punishment for rape

Apr 9: RDF Statement on Loksabha Elections

Apr 6: Justice for Prashant Rahi: Urgent Appeal

Apr 6: Hum Ko Bacha Lo: Death of a Worker in Gurgaon – A fact-finding report

Apr 5: Kolkata – CDRO Convention :: Press Release demanding release of political prisoners

Apr 1: গারদের আঁধার ফুঁড়ে ভোরের আলো – সীমা আজাদ

Newsreel: March 2014

Mar 25: साम्राज्यवादी वैश्वीकरण के दौर में भगत सिंह के विचारों की प्रासंगिकता – अर्जुन प्रसाद सिंह

Mar 24: West Bengal : Don’t you dare write to Anna, or else Police will come – Ranjit Sur

Mar 21: Delhi: AIIMS Nurse Suicide- Press Statement on Protest Meeting and Memorandum – FINA and CSW

Mar 19: Copper Colonialism : Vedanta KCM and the copper loot of Zambia – a report by Samarendra Das and Miriam Rose (Source : Foil Vedanta)

Mar 16: Andhra Pradesh – HRF statement against the proposal of major port near Dugarajapatnam-Nellore

Mar 12: The Class and Caste Question: Ambedkar and Marx – Anand Teltumbde

Mar 9: Haryana – Statement in in solidarity with struggling workers of Bajaj Motors (Gurgaon) – Workers Solidarity Centre

Mar 9: Assam – NAPM statement condemning arrest of Akhil Gogoi and other KMSS activists

Mar 7: Delhi – Press release and memorandum on police atrocities and inaction regarding an attempted rape – NEFIS

Mar 3: Orissa : A Report on migrant workers’ palm chopping incident – PUCL

Mar 2: Remembering Gurudas Pal: The Peoples’ Singer – Sanjay Pathak

Mar 1: From the Pen of the Resistance : The Lalgarh Uprising – Bernard D’Mello (Source : EPW)

Newsreel: February 2014

Feb 28: Kerala – Press Release condemning the brutal police violence on the activists of VIBGYOR

Feb 27: Chokwe Lumumba (1947-2014)

Feb 25: Delhi – PUDR statement on the looming demolition of Kathputli colony

Feb 23: The evictions at Agarwadi: of unworthy victims and institutional interventions – Mrittika Desai

Feb 21: Haryana – Report on recent workers strikes at Asti and Baxter factories in Manesar

Feb 19: Chhattisgarh – Press Statement against Bhilai Steel Plant’s criminal activites in Rowghat mines – Chhattisgarh Bachao Andolan

Feb 18: APDR Letter to Anna Hazare : Fact-sheet on West Bengal

Feb 18: PUCL statement on the Supreme Court’s commutation of death sentence of Rajiv Gandhi assassination prisoners

Feb 17: Will Ambani have the last laugh? Or why the Aam Aadmi Party needs a small lesson in Marxism – Saroj Giri

Feb 16: Chandigarh – Struggle against slum demolition and in demand for housing rights – Ghar Adhikar Sangharsh Morcha

Feb 12: Delhi – WSS Statement on the suicide of Dr Khurshid Anwar, Director ISD

Feb 10: United Tea Workers Front Moves Ahead on Minimum Wages

Feb 10: Blind workers express concern over Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill

Feb 10: Maharashtra – Update on hunger strike at Nagpur central prison

Feb 8: Delhi – Thousands of workers stage demonstration at Secretariat for enacting Contract System abolition Act – Delhi Mazdoor Union

Feb 7: Delhi – KNS Open Letter of Protest to SIAM, ACMA, CII in Auto Expo 2014

Feb 6: UP – Battered and Betrayed: A Report of Visit to Muzaffarnagar, 19-20 January 2014– Hasina Khan and Saumya Uma

Feb 6: UP – Less Evident Forms of Violence : Muzzafarnagar riots– Sushmita Verma, Jenny Sulfath

Feb 6: Haryana – MSWU statement on the success of Autofit Workers Union (Dharuhera) in defending their union rights and rights of contract workers

Feb 5: APDR Statement against political censorship at Kolkata Book Fair

Feb 5: NEFIS Press Release on North East students’ protest at Delhi University

Feb 2: Maharashtra – Letter from undertrial prisoners on hunger strike at Nagpur central prison

Newsreel: January 2014

Jan 31: NEFIS statement condemning the fatal attack on a Arunachali youth in South Delhi

Jan 30: Kashmir – Statements condemning the acquittal of army personnel responsible for Pathribal fake encounter

Jan 30: Chhattisgarh – PUDR and PUCL Statements against harassment of Prof.Nandini Sundar

Jan 29: Letter on Imprisonment and Torture, and appeal for campaign against UAPA– Prashant Rahi

Jan 29: West Bengal – Statement demanding release of adivasi leaders of North Bengal tea workers

Jan 28: PUDR Statement on the Supreme Court judgement of commuting to life the death sentences of 15 convicts

Jan 26: Kolkata: Report and Press Release of Protest Against Fastrack Advertisement– Krantikari Naujawan Sabha

Jan 25: Letter to Ministry of Social Justice by Trans Masculine People

Jan 25: Delhi: Racism, moral policing and authoritarianism- not the common man’s tools– PUDR

Jan 22: West Bengal: Stop Criminalizing Community Conservation Efforts and Violating Community Rights over Forests– Uttar Banga Ban-Jan Shromojivi Manch

Jan 22: Odisha: Intervene to Protect Illegal Displacement due to Lower Suktel Dam– NAPM

Jan 22: Delhi: Nurses condemn racist and sexist comments of AAP member, Kumar Vishwas– Center for Struggling Women

Jan 22: Delhi: Condemn the Violence & Vigilantism by AAP against Ugandan Women– WSS

Jan 21: Delhi: Slums, NGOs and “Development”- An experience of Mansarovar basti– Siddhi

Jan 20: Andhra Pradesh: Rescue of 60 bonded brick kiln workers from a brick kiln in Medak district

Jan 18: Delhi: Updates on Maruti Suzuki Worker’s Union Padayatra

Jan 16: Bengal awaits an independent mass movement as crimes against women rise– Biswajit Roy

Jan 16: Kolkata- Demand the release of Dr. Samir Biswas

Jan 16: Odisha- Protest Dastardly Firing by Forest Guards on Innocent Fishermen at Gahirmatha – National Fishworkers’ Forum

Jan 16: Chhattisgarh- Campaign for Release of Lakhan Sahu and six other comrades – Pragatisheel Cement Shramik Sangh

Jan 16: Press Release on Indictment of Devyani Khobragade – Gharelu Kaamgar Sangathana (Haryana)

Jan 13: ‘Muzaffarnagar’ an identity of exclusion – S. Mohammed Irshad

Jan 13: Delhi- North East organizations and women activists protest at Police Headquarters, ITO – NEFIS

Jan 10: Muzaffarnagar- The continuing violence of a communal-fascist state! – DSU

Jan 9: Delhi- Press Release on Maharashtra Police interrogation of Dr. G.N. Saibaba

Jan 8: MP- 40 Narmada Adivasi Oustees in Jail since 4 days, Demand Unconditional Release– NAPM

Jan 8: Muzaffarnagar- Status Report on Condition of Persons living in Riot Relief Camps in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli Districts– PUDR

Jan 7: Open Letter to Markanday Katju, Chairperson, Press Council of India – Catalyst Study Circle, Tamil Nadu Labor Blog, Forum Against Manual Scavenging

Jan 6: Delhi- Call to Join Maruti Suzuki Workers Union Padayatra

Jan 2: Siliguri- Launch of United Tea Workers Front

Jan 2: Delhi- Statement against the Vilification of the Manipuri Woman-Complainant of Rape – Manipur Students’ Association of Delhi