Newsreel Archives: August 2010

Newsreel: August 2010

Aug 30: Lalgarh – Letter from Nari Ijjat Bnachao Committee to Kabir Suman

Aug 27: Aneek Special Issue on “Social Revolution and Armed Struggle”

Aug 25: Kolkata – Screening of exclusive footage of Salwa Judum, Aug 26

Aug 22: Faking An Ecounter: Killing the Peace Process – CDRO Fact finding report on the Killing of Azad and H. C Pandey

Aug 21: More than Just an Arrest – Nagarik Mancha; Protest Meeting on Aug 22, Kolkata

Aug 20: People’s Movements oppose the possible re-introduction of the land acquisition and resettlement-rehabilitation bill

Aug 20: Delhi Declaration of All India Left Coordination

Aug 18: PUDR statement on the arrest of Naba Dutta

Aug 17: Kolkata – Eminent human rights defender, Naba Dutta, arrested under false charges

Aug 16: Response of various left formations to the Lalgarh rally by Mamata Banerjee and CPI(M) mini congress in Vijaywada

Aug 16: The cold-blooded murder in Jharkhand – Gladson Dungdung

Aug 15: Report of Aug 13 New York Protest against Operation Green Hunt

Aug 15: This is your Army Mr Chidambaram ! – Reyaz-ul-Haq

Aug 10: Orissa – Anti-Vedanta Dongria Kondh leader Lado Sikaka abducted – Surya Shankar Das

Aug 10: People’s Movements Warn Corporations and Issue Ultimatum to Quit Their Land, Rivers and Forests – NAPM

Aug 07: For Whom Are The Forests Turning Red ? – M Suchitra

Aug 07: Barwani, Madhya Pradesh – Adivasis jam police stations protesting wrongful arrests

Aug 04: Open Letter to Swami Agnivesh from Srikant, Central Committee member of CPI(Maoist)

Aug 04: Resolution of the All India Convention against UAPA – Coordination of Democratic Rights Organizations

Aug 03: The sad story of dispossession and criminalisation of the Adivasis of Central India – Stan Swamy

Aug 03: Delhi University – Interactive Discussion on The Search for Peace and State Violence

Aug 01: Punjab – Democratic mobilization resists police onslaught on activists – Narinder Kumar Jeet