Newsreel Archives: January 2011 to December 2011

Newsreel: December 2011

Dec 28: Let the sons of the revolution not die being peace-trapped – Sandipan Mitra

Dec 23: Is the US Labour Market Doing Well? – Deepankar Basu

Dec 23: New Bengal Regime’s Dismal Record With Unorganised Sector Workers

Dec 23: Reporting from India? – Merlin Flower

Dec 21: Delhi: National Conference of Community Groups Press Statement

Dec 21: Rajasthan: PUCL executive member and leading anti mining activist Kailash Meena arrested

Dec 20: NAPM statement on the storming of the Plachimada Coca Cola factory by activists

Dec 19: Punjab – Report on Moga Convention against attack on democratic rights

Dec 18: The specter of Kishenji, ‘Peace-Talks’ and Us – Anubhav Sengupta

Dec 16: Jharkhand – PUDR statement on the acquittal of Jiten Marandi by High Court

Dec 15: Press Release on Nationwide Opposition to Government Refusal to a Peaceful Fast in Support of Irom Sharmila

Dec 14: PUDR, CRPP Statements against state’s attempt to vilify people’s movements

Dec 8: PUDR statement against the proposed National Industrial Manufacturing Zones

Dec 4: Sanhati statement condemning the state’s attack on the leaderships of people’s resistances

Dec 3: Statements on the killing of CPI(Maoist) leader Kishenji – CDRO fact-finding report

Newsreel: November 2011

Nov 30: Orissa – Anti Posco Movement : PPSS leader Abhay Sahoo arrested – PUDR, PPSS, and other activists’/citizens’ statements

Nov 30: Post-mortem – Rajib Guha

Nov 29: NAPM Press Statement on FDI in Retail

Nov 29: A report on the Ranchi People’s Convention for the release of Jeetan Marandi

Nov 27: Didi’s Bengal – Debarshi Das

Nov 27: Jharkhand – Statements condemning the murder of Sr. Valsa John – PUDR; NAPM, NFF, NFFPFW; JHRM

Nov 25: Of Nussbaum, I don’t Singh – Sanjeev Mahajan

Nov 24: On Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project – Questions, Questions, No Answers – S. P. Udayakumar

Nov 23: Orissa – Statement protesting against state repression on people’s movement in Narayanpatna

Nov 21: West Bengal – Plain Thoughts in the Time of a War – Krishanu Mandal

Nov 18: West Bengal – MCDSA statement regarding police attack on students of Calcutta Medical College

Nov 17: Joint Press Statement rejecting 2011 Land Acquisition Bill

Nov 16: West Bengal – MKP Pamphlet against attack by Trinamool cadres in West Midnapore

Nov 13: Delhi – JNU administration revokes the ban on Forum against War on People

Nov 11: Mamata’s “tide of development” gives rise to new waves of corruption in Jangalmahal – Partho Sarothi Ray

Nov 4: Notes on the Oakland Commune – Jesse Ross Knutson

Nov 1: Orissa : Anti-Posco struggle – Update from PPSS

Newsreel: October 2011

Oct 28: On Jangalmahal : Second Open Letter to the Chief Minister of West Bengal

Oct 25: The Mystery of Disappearances and Discovery of Mass Graves in Kashmir – PUCL, PUDR Press Statement

Oct 23: Kashmir – Lies about sanctions under AFSPA – JKCCS Press Statement

Oct 20: Orissa : Anti-Posco struggle – Update from PPSS

Statement of Solidarity, Occupy Wall Street, Zucotti Park

Oct 17: West Bengal – On Jangalmahal : Will Mamata Learn from the Past? – a CDRO Press Statement

Oct 16: Haryana – Workers’ struggle continues at Maruti-Manesar – Appeal letter from workers’ unions; Press Release from MSEU

Oct 16: West Bengal – NTUI Press Statement condemning the arrest of trade union leader Prafulla Chakraborty

Oct 15: West Bengal – Report on an incidence of alleged rape by joint forces in Junglemahal

Oct 14: Punjab – A Report on Ludhiana textile workers’ strike and the owners’ propaganda – Amritpal

Oct 13: On Jangalmahal : An Open Appeal to the Chief Minister of West Bengal

Oct 13: Besimari on NH 52 – Debarshi Das

Oct 13: Press Releases condemning attack on Prashant Bhushan – PUDR, CRPP, NAPM

Oct 11: West Bengal – Arrests of activists continue in Jangalmahal in the backdrop of ceasefire offer – Partho Ray

Oct 11: Chhattisgarh – Statement on the arrest and custodial torture of Soni Sori

Oct 10: Jharkhand – Police Atrocities on Adivasis of Saranda Forest : A Fact Sheet – JHRM

Oct 9: Of Poverty, Planning Commission and the Media – Sunil Gupta

Oct 6: Goon-running, Rabindranath and the Netri – Krishanu Mandal

Oct 4: West Bengal – On the repressive situation in Junglemahal – Report on beating up of MKP activists by TMC goons

Oct 3: Statements condemning the raid at the house of Kavita Srivastava by CG Police

Newsreel: September 2011

Sep 30: West Bengal – Ranjit Murmu dies in custody while being held under UAPA – CRPP Statement; Reports by Ranjit Sur, Partho Ray

Sep 30: Statement of protest against the deportation of David Barsamian from Delhi

Sep 29: Rajasthan – Fact-finding reports on police firing at Gopalgarh

Sep 28: Orissa : Anti-Posco struggle – Report of an arrest on trumped up charges

Sep 28: Maharashtra – Letter of complaint against the abduction of Arun Fereira and subsequent arrest

Sep 28: Sikkim earthquake – Press Statement from campaign against mega-dam projects

Sep 26: PUDR Press Release on the Hypocrisy of the ‘Poverty Line’

Punjab – Report of ongoing textile workers struggle – Sourav Banerjee

Sep 25: Punjab – Update on the struggle against landgrab in Gobindpura – N.K. Jeet

Sep 22: Does Didi want to make Jhargram into another Nandigram? – Partho Sarothi Ray

Sep 20: A primer on the UID Project – Simi Chacko and Pratiksha Khanduri

Sep 19: Haryana – Update on the struggle of the Maruti-Manesar workers – Statements condemning the arrest of MSEU leaders

Sep 18: On the repressive situation in Jangalmahal – Report on arrest of activists and journalist

Sep 18: Jiten Marandi – a victim of conspiracy – Prasant Haldar (in Hindi and English)

Sep 18: On the killing of Niyamat Ansari – A response from CPI(Maoist)

Sep 17: Jharkhand – Fact finding report on atrocities committed by CRPF and police in Saranda

Sep 17: Against the Terror of Mamata Banerjee’s Militia: Womens’ Protest Rally in Jungal Mahal – Images and Report by Abhijnan Sarkar; Leaflet from Nari Ijjat Bachao Committee

Sep 15: Statements condemning arrest of Lingaram Kodopi by CG police – Press note from CDRO

Sep 14: Tamil Nadu – Field Report on struggle against Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project

Sep 14: Manufacturing complicity: Paramakudi killings (Source – Round Table India)

Sep 12: Police commit murders, Naxalites framed – Himanshu Kumar

Sep 10:The Aftermath of Fukushima in Koodankulam – S. P. Udayakumar

Sep 7: The Neoliberal Revolution – Anand Teltumbde

Sep 6: NAPM Statement on the proposed Land Acquisition Bill

Sep 5: Update from POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti

Sep 4: The Anna Hazare Movement and the Second Generation Reform – Vishnu Sharma

Sep 3: ‘Eelam Tamil’ – The politics behind the term – Karthick R M

Sep 2: Who will wash the tribal blood stains on Tata Steel’s image? – Surya Shankar Dash

Newsreel: August 2011

Aug 31: San Francisco – Report on Aug 23 Public Meeting on People’s Movements in India

Aug 30: Killing, Denial and Manipulation – Gladson Dungdung

Aug 28: PUDR Statement – Commute the Death Sentence of Santhan, Murugan and Perarivalan

Aug 24: A Great Opportunity, A Serious Danger – a statement from intellectuals and activists on the anti-corruption movement

Aug 21: West Bengal – Sanhati statement on the repressive situation in Jangalmahal

Aug 19: Punjab – Reports of resistances to forced land acquisitions – N.K. Jeet

Aug 18: Chhattisgarh – Update on contract workers’ struggle at ACC-Holcim

Aug 17: Tamil Nadu: Ten thousand people embark on hunger strike protesting Koodankulam nuclear power plant

Aug 16: Unconstitutional Detention of Anna Hazare and His Supporters by Central Government: PUDR, NAPM Statements

Aug 16: West Bengal: Tool-Down strike at Haldia Dock Complex

Aug 15: Issues of the Rights Movement in West Bengal: An Insider’s Report – Ranjit Sur

Aug 12: PUDR Statement on the cases of death penalty to Md Afzal and Md Arif

Aug 8: PCAPA letter to the civil society representatives of the WB govt

Aug 5: Delhi : Sangharsh dharna demands UPA government to ensure land rights

Aug 2: Punjab : Brutal repression on protest against land acquisition – N.K. Jeet

Newsreel: July 2011

Jul 31: Killing of Niyamat Ansari – PUDR Statement against alleged threats by Maoists

Jul 23: Mumbai : NAPM Press statement against eviction notices to Golibar residents

Jul 21: Karnataka – Press release urging government to cancel meeting
on field trials of GMO crops

Jul 18: Encounter deaths or cold blooded murders? – Ranjit Sur

Jul 17: National Transformation and Future Strategy of Movements – Wardha Resolutions – NAPM Statement

Jul 17: West Bengal – Contract workers at Kalyani Spinning Mills attacked by factory goons

Jul 17: Jagatsinghpur Resistance : Playing By the Book – Vinay Bhat

Jul 12: Chhattisgarh – PUDR Statement regarding SC judgement on unconstitutional appointment of SPOs; Full text of the SC judgement; PUDR responds to statement from CPI(Maoist)

Jul 11: Delhi Metro Workers stage demonstration against violation of labor laws

Jul 11: Do we also have the democratic rights? – Gladson Dungdung

Jul 6: The heroic role of women in the Van-Gujjar struggle – Sushovan Dhar

Jul 5: Orissa – Brutalities cannot be forgotten – Deba Ranjan

Jul 4: A discussion on the demand for release of political prisoners : What is this review committee about ? – Ranjit Sur

Jul 1: Who is making them cry ? – Gladson Dungdung

Newsreel: June 2011

Jun 27: Assam – Delhi protest on Jun 29 against Guwahati police killings; Statements from Delhi Action Committee, PUDR, NAPM

Jun 26: West Bengal – Memorandum on political prisoners submitted by APDR-Hooghly

Jun 26: Mumbai – Urban Poor Pose Challenge : Jan Sangharsh Yatra: Jun 28

Jun 19: Orissa : Two days in Bonda territory – A fact finding report

Jun 18: Orissa – Mass Rally in Bhubaneshwar against OGH and Posco land acquisition, Jun 19

Jun 15: Workers’ movement at Maruti Udyog – Statement from support group against attack by company guards

Jun 14: An urgent and intense united left resistance to the Posco land-grab is required – Imtiaz Hussain

Jun 13: Journalism in Mamata land – Ajitha Menon

Jun 13: PUCL Chhattisgarh Facing Ban?

Jun 6: Delhi – Press meet on ongoing repression in POSCO villages, Jun 7

Jun 5: NAPM – Government’s attack on anti-corruption protestors at Delhi undemocratic

Jun 4: Uttar Pradesh – A major victory for the agitating workers in Gorakhpur

Jun 4:
Kolkata – Demonstration demanding unconditional release of political prisoners, Jun 7

Newsreel: May 2011

May 31: Statement by intellectuals on government’s decision to conduct caste enumeration

May 28: PUDR Statement against detention of Gautam Navlakha at Srinagar airport

May 28: Delhi – Statement condemning JNU administration’s attempts to curb protests against Green Hunt – JNU Forum against War on People

May 26: Punjab – On the arrest and torture of Harbhinder Jalal – N.K.Jeet

May 24: Madhya Pradesh – PUDR Statement against vicious attack by Adani goons on those protesting against the power project

May 23: Two Years after the Eelam War – Democratic Students’ Union (JNU)

May 22: Uttar Pradesh – Statement against land grabbing in Noida – NAPM & BAPA

May 21: Kolkata – Press Release demanding unconditional release of political prisoners – APDR (BBD Bag Committee)

May 21: Buddhababu’s Shilpayon (Industrialization) – Sunil Gupta

May 20: Uttar Pradesh – Leader of Gorakhpur workers’ struggle arrested

May 18: Yes, Mamata is likely to usher in a fascistic regime and no, the red flag is still held aloft in Bengal – Krishanu Mandal

May 18: Orissa – Police enters villages to acquire land for POSCO; Intellectuals demand inquiry into project clearance

May 17: Delhi – Protest against approval of POSCO, May 18 – Jan Hastakshep

May 17: Jharkhand – Interim fact-finding report on massive demolition drive in cities – Delhi Protest on May 19

May 16: Delhi – Public Meeting Against Green Hunt and the military intervention in East-Central India, May 21

May 16: APDR Rally in Kolkata for Release of Political Prisoners

May 12: Uttar Pradesh – NAPM Statement against attack on resistances to land acquisition

May 10: Orissa – Allegations of sexual assault by security personnel on adivasi girls – Himanshu Kumar

May 7: Orissa – Press Release of All India Fact Finding team on attack on villagers during anti-Maoist operation

May 6: Orissa – Protests against Environment Ministry’s final clearance to POSCO project : Statements, Press Meet – PPSS and others

May 3: Uttar Pradesh – Workers returning from May Day attacked by hired goons

May 1: Chhattisgarh – Update on the idefinite dharna by contract workers at ACC-Holcim

Newsreel: April 2011

Apr 28: West Bengal – An analysis of the election manifestos of Left Front and Trinamool Congress – Samir Saha Poddar

Apr 27: Orissa – Preliminary report of fact-finding visit to Narayanpatna – DSU

Apr 26: The Anna Hazare scam – Analytical Monthly Review

Apr 26: Is there anyone to hear the boy’s cry? – Gladson Dungdung

Apr 25: Reports from National Anti-Nuclear Yatra from Tarapur to Jaitapur, Apr 23-25

Apr 22: Screening of Rajarhat landgrab film stopped: The not-so-subtle face of media censorship in India

Apr 21: The State on the couch – Sunil Gupta

Apr 21: Statement by Sanhati on Binayak Sen’s release on bail

Apr 21: Chidambaram khush hua – Mahtab Alam

Apr 20: Maharashtra – Statement against police firing on protesters in Jaitapur

Apr 18: Chhattisgarh – An update on the indefinite dharna by contract workers at ACC-Holcim

Apr 18: Kolkata – Rally against Operation Green Hunt, Apr 20

Apr 18: Videos: Documentary on Rajarhat Land Acquisition – Promod Gupta

Apr 16: Reflections on Jagan Reddy’s Wealth: What Elites Own is an Indicator of Society’s Dominant Production Relations – Deepankar Basu

Apr 15: Ivory coast, Libya and modern imperialism – Shiv Sethi

Apr 14: Orissa – An update on repression in Niyamgiri – Surya Shankar Dash

Apr 12: Kolkata – Convention demanding unconditional release of political prisoners, Apr 13

Apr 12: Orissa – Protest against the government’s compliance report of favoring POSCO project – PPSS Statement

Apr 12: Uttar Pradesh – Labour leaders arrested on false charges in Gorakhpur

Apr 10: Caught in your game? – Saroj Giri

Apr 10: Why the difference in two languages? The Trinamool Congress should clarify its stand on SEZs – SEZ-birodhi Prachar Mancha

Apr 07: Kolkata – Programme against Green Hunt in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Apr 11 – Organized by Sanhati

Apr 07: Kolkata – Baghajatin State Hospital – Protest against privatisation – Press Release

Apr 6: Kolkata – Appeal to participate in Sramajibi Adhikar Jatra, Apr 9 – Nagarik Mancha

Apr 6: Chhattisgarh – Contract Workers of Holcim begin indefinite dharna – PCSS

Apr 5: The Locusts in the Libyan Skies – Shiv Sethi

Apr 5: West Bengal – Press Statement regarding hunger strike by political detainees of Medinipur jail

Apr 4: Orissa : Statement urging the government to implement resolutions agreed to during Malkangiri episode – CRPP

Apr 3: Chhatradhar Mahato: On the attack on prisoners in Midnapur Jail

Apr 3: Fact Finding Report of the Chintalnar Massacre, 11-16 March 2011, Chhattisgarh

Newsreel: March 2011

Mar 31: Delhi – Protest against State Terrorism in Chhattisgarh, Apr 1

Mar 28: Sanhati Joins Left Forum to Discuss Movements in Contemporary India – A report by Panayiotis Manolakos

Mar 28: Are these anti-Naxal Operations, Mr. Chidambaram? – Gladson Dungdung

Mar 28: Lucknow – Public Hearing on Poor implementation of Forest Rights Act, Aprl 2 – NFFPFW

Mar 27: Orissa – Tribals gather on Deomali – unite against bauxite mining

Mar 26: West Bengal – CRPP Statement against the attack on prisoners in Medinipur Central Jail

Mar 25: Orissa – POSCO affected villagers seek responsible investment, not charity, from Buffett – MZPSG

Mar 25: Kolkata – Mass Convention against Posco SEZ, Mar 26

Mar 24: Attack on political prisoners in Medinipur central jail, West Bengal – Partho Sarathi Ray

Mar 23: “Where the slogan is Lal Selam” : an audio report from Chhattisgarh – Suvojit Bagchi

Mar 23: Delhi – Anti-Nuclear Parliament March on Mar 25

Mar 22: Nuclear Power : CPI(M)’s “No” To Jaitapur Should Also Mean “No” To Haripur – PBKMS Statement

Mar 22: Kolkata – Seminar on “Development in current and earlier phases”, March 24

Mar 22: Univ. Delhi Talk on Mar. 24 by Praful Bidwai: Does Nuclear Energy have a Global Future?

Mar 21: NAPM Press Release – Nukes, Wikileaks and Corruption : PM Must Reveal Truth to Nation

Mar 19: Chattisgarh – Press Statement on latest attacks by state forces on Adivasis – Forum Against War on People

Mar 18: Japan’s Nuclear Crisis and The Indian Bureaucrat-Scientist – Kuver Sinha

Mar 18: Nandigram: PBKMS Letter To West Bengal Chief Secretary

Mar 18: Will Anna get justice ? – Gladson Dungdung

Mar 16: Chhattisgarh – CMM Statement on persecution by state govt and the MNC Holcim

Mar 16: Statement by Ilina Sen at the RTI Convention, Shillong

Mar 15: The Trial of Binayak Sen and Few Disturbing Questions – Mrinmoy Biswas

Mar 10: Kolkata – Campaign Against Second Green Revolution, Protest on March 16

Mar 10: UPenn – Conference on Maoism and the State of the Indian Left, Mar 17

Mar 10: Statements condemning the murder of Niyamat Ansari

Mar 08: Orissa – Anti-Posco Movement – Dhinkia Chalo, Mar 13

Mar 06: Kalyani Mills: The W.B. Government’s blatant disregard for labour laws – Sangrami Sramik Union

Mar 05: Bangalore – the problem with garbage landfill at Mavallipura

Mar 04: Orissa – Press Statement from a mediator urging for early implementation of agreement

Mar 02: Kolkata – An evening to share experiences on Palestine

Mar 01: Orissa – Minutes of the discussions between government officials and mediators, during the Malkangiri hostage standoff

Newsreel: February 2011

Feb 28: Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh – NAPM statement against killing of villagers by police firing on demonstration against Bhavanapadu Project

Feb 28: Karnataka – Campaign against the US Water Trade Mission to India

Feb 24: Sundarban, West Bengal – Public Consultation to implement Forest Rights Act, Feb 25-26

Feb 22: Tamil Nadu – Attack on struggle against handing over land to Michelin

Feb 18: Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly

Feb 17: Jagatsinghpur, Orissa – Update of Anti-Posco Movement

Feb 17: My Journey of Chhattisgarh to release policemen held by Maoists – Swami Agnivesh

Feb 17: Orissa – PUDR Statement requesting the Maoists to unconditionally release the hostages

Feb 16: Bangalore – Panel Talk on War on People, Feb 20

Feb 15: PUDR Statement on Supreme Court Judgment regarding Arup Bhuyan v/s the State of Assam

Feb 15: Notes on the uprisings in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East – Saroj Giri

Feb 11: Free Binayak Sen Campaign – Press Release on assault and detention of peaceful demonstrators in Mumbai

Feb 08: Development with Dignity: Looking Beyond – A discussion meeting and workshop with Prof. Amit Bhaduri

Feb 08: Workers’ struggle at Calcutta Leather Complex: 3-day sit-in in Dec 2010 – Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri

Feb 07: Full text of the Supreme court order – Mere membership of banned organisation not a crime

Feb 07: Manufacturing Sedition from Political Dissent : The Judgment against Binayak Sen – P. A. Sebastien

Feb 04: A drama of the absurd (Midnapore: Raid by West Bengal police in relief camp and beating of reporters)

Feb 04: West Bengal – Officials Accept Badges of Shame on NREGA Lajja Diwas – Statement by PBKMS

Feb 03: The Political Significance of Arab Turmoil – Marzouq Alnusf

Feb 02: Posco Project, Orissa – Press Statements, Open Letter opposing Environment Ministry’s nod for the project

Newsreel: January 2011

Jan 31: Campaign to free Binayak Sen and others – Protest in Kolkata/USA/Canada/UK, artists write to PM, Ilina Sen’s open letter

Jan 29: IAWS Letter to Home Minister and Press Statement against the police harassment at Wadhwa conference

Jan 29: Bangalore – Invitation to Consultation on Sedition Laws – January 29, 2011

Jan 28: Obituary: Sambhu Singh (Sambhu Singh vs. South City: the battle against corporate retail and real estate in a microcosm)

Jan 25: MoEF report vindicates struggle against the mega-scale violations by Lavasa – NAPM statement

Jan 24: Fact-finding Reports on Tamaka and Basangmali encounters

Jan 23: Muzzafarpur, Bihar – NAPM Statement condemning police firing on protest against asbestos company

Jan 22: Orissa – Update of Anti–POSCO People’s Movement

Jan 21: People valiantly fight black laws in Punjab – N. K. Jeet

Jan 18: Supreme Court hearing on Salwa Judum – Press release on latest developments

Jan 14: “Democratic forest management” a cover for intensified state control – Campaign for Survival and Dignity

Jan 14: Politics of Fake Encounter in Odisha – Dandapani Mahanty

Jan 12: Developing news: Barbaric firing by CPI(M) harmads in Lalgarh – APDR Fact-finding Report, Statements from Sanhati, PUDR

Jan 11: The Binayak Sen Judgement 2010 Video – Why is Binayak Sen being jailed?

Jan 9: Punjab: Protest march and rally for Binayak Sen and companions – Democratic Front Against Operation Green Hunt

Jan 9: Can Anyone Save this Tribal Girl?: The Ongoing Persecution of Soni Sori – Himanshu Kumar

Jan 6: 3rd Anuradha Ghandy Memorial Lecture: The Road to New Democracy in Nepal – Mumbai, Jan 14

Jan 5: K. G. Kannabiran passes away – Obits from CRPP, RDF

Jan 4: Dalit Activist Sudhir Dhawale Arrested under UAPA in Maharashtra

Jan 4: The need to enlarge protests around Binayak Sen to all cases of sedition – PUDR Statement

Jan 4: Nisan Sammelan-2010: “Cultural Resistance: War on People in Corporate Interest” – A Report from Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

Jan 4: Protest march in Kolkata against sentencing of Binayak Sen, Piyush Guha, Narayan Sanyal and Asit Sengupta – Jan 5

Jan 4: Kolkata Scientists oppose proposed field trial of GM rice at RRS, Chinsurah