Newsreel Archives 2012

Newsreel: December 2012

Dec 31: The Power of Shame – Saroj Giri

Dec 30: Statement on Cash Transfers and UID

Dec 30: Koodankulam: Roselyn, an Idinthikarai activist, victim of State’s neglect

Dec 29: Fight Violence Against Women Across the Country – Viplav Sanskritik Manch

Dec 27: Appeal to all concerned with violence against women – Center for Struggling Women

Dec 26: Jammu and Kashmir – PUDR statement welcoming IPTK-APDP study on the culture of impunity

Dec 26: Delhi Gang Rape: Statement by women’s and progressive groups and individuals condemning sexual violence and opposing death penalty

Dec 26: Delhi Gang Rape: Statement of Kavita Krishnan, Secretary of AlPWA

Dec 24: Andhra Pradesh – HRF Press Release against the proposed nuclear power plant in Kovvada

Dec 23: Statements on the passage of amendments to UAPA – Lok Morcha, JTSA

Dec 22: Kolkata – Report on the recent attack on Nonadanga slum dwellers

Dec 21: PUDR statement demanding the commutation of Mohammad Afzal’s death sentence

Dec 20: Andhra Pradesh – Report on Police Atrocities on Adivasis in Khammam District – Human Rights Forum

Dec 19: Orissa – CDRO press release on killing of villagers in fake encounters

Dec 18: PUDR statement on the incarceration of activists by the Jharkhand government

Dec 16: Uttar Pradesh – Press Note and Memorandum of Dharna in Azamgarh – Rihai Manch

Dec 16: Delhi – Report from dharna on Right to food

Dec 15: Drone strikes, factory fires and imperialism in Pakistan – Akram Javed

Dec 12: Tamil Nadu: PMK unleashes violent hate campaign against Makkal Mandram

Dec 12: Jharkhand – Sanhati statement on the detention of Aparna Marandi, her infant son and other activists

Dec 9: Delhi – Convention of automobile workers – MSWU Press Releases

Dec 9: PUDR statement on disappearance and detention of activists in Jharkhand

Dec 8: PUDR statement against intimidation and harrassment of Maruti-Suzuki workers

Dec 8: IPTK-APDP report : alleged Perpetrators – Stories of impunity in Jammu and Kashmir

Dec 8: Orissa – Update from POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti

Dec 6: Tamil Nadu – A fact-finding report on the attack on Dalits in Dharmapuri

Dec 6: Orissa – CDRO Statement on the arrests of Samgram Mohanty and Kailash Mandal

Dec 3: Delhi: Rally On Occasion of World Disabled Day – Blind Workers Union

Dec 2: ‘Naxalbari … Will Never Die’: The Power of Memory and Dreams – Bernard D’Mello

Dec 1: Discovering the tragedy and farce of aam aadmi at Jantar Mantar – Asit Das

Newsreel: November 2012

Nov 29: PUDR Statement on the execution of Ajmal Kasab

Nov 28: Sri Lanka – Peaceful student protest attacked by SL military in Jaffna

Nov 27: Jharkhand – Why are five Adivasi activists and Xavier Dias sent to Chaibasa Jail? – a note by Xavier Dias

Nov 24: Orissa – HRF Press Release on the killings in Gajapati

Nov 24: Uttar Pradesh – Report on yet another death of a worker at IIT-Kanpur

Nov 22: Orissa – PUDR Statement on the killing of villagers by paramilitary forces

Nov 22: Bal Thackeray, or, Why the Communists Did Nothing – Saroj Giri

Nov 21: Statement by National Fishworkers’ Forum on the occasion of World Fisheries Day

Nov 20: Delhi – Report of protest at Israeli Embassy against assault in Gaza

Nov 20: PUDR Statement condemning the arrest of Facebook users questioning shutdown of Mumbai

Nov 20: NAPM press release at the conclusion of ninth biennial conference

Nov 15: West Bengal – A report on the police firing in Dubrajpur district– CPI(ML) Liberation

Nov 14: Tamil Nadu – Press statement from eminent women urging immediate release of the three women of Idinthakarai

Nov 12: Pro-Imperialist policies are the cause of Dr. Sunilam’s arrest – Sunil

Nov 12: On field trials of GM crops : Open letter from scientists to the Supreme Court

Nov 12: Uttar Pradesh – Press note on SP Government’s statement regarding release of innocent Muslims – Forum for the Release of Innocent Muslims imprisoned in the name of Terrorism

Nov 11: Madhya Pradesh – the case of Multai police firing – Sunilam

Nov 11: Kolkata – Report on arrest of protestors at film festival

Nov 9: Uttar Pradesh – Fact-finding reports on communal riots in Faizabad

Nov 8: Haryana – MSWU Press Release on ongoing hunger strike; PUDR Statement

Nov 8: Statement demanding an end to manual scavenging in India

Nov 7: PUDR Statement on Calcutta High Court judgement on political prisoners

Nov 6: Madhya Pradesh – NAPM, PUCL statements demanding release of farmers and activists in Chhindwada

Nov 5: People under surveillance, privacy law for whom ? – Ranjit Sur

Nov 1: Release Dr. Sunilam, Protest March – Lokavidya Ashram

Newsreel: October 2012

Oct 29: On the ongoing military intervention in Mali – Shiv Sethi

Oct 27: Uttar Pradesh – Statements on communal tension in Faizabad

Oct 27: Uttar Pradesh – Report on another death of a worker at IIT-K

Oct 24: West Bengal – Joint protest letter against attack on Bimal Chakraborty

Oct 24: Statements condemning incarceration of Dr Sunilam and Dayamani Barla

Oct 23: Rihai Manch statement on the extradition of Fasih Mahmood

Oct 22: Uttar Pradesh – Memorandum against repression of worker’s movement in Haridwar

Oct 22: Orissa – PPSS Statement on Dhinkia Gram Sabha’s unanimous resolution against diverting forest land for POSCO

Oct 18: Prosecution of guilty police officials and reparation of victims is must– PUCL

Oct 17: Malala Yousufzai: Women’s Rights and the Narratives of Ruling Elites – Akram Javed

Oct 17: Lucknow: Tarique Quasmi’s Letter addressed to the People Sent from the Lucknow Jail – Rihai Manch

Oct 17: New Land Bill will Further Intensify Conflicts – NAPM

Oct 17: Press note on UP health minister Ahmed Hasan’s statement on innocent Muslims imprisoned in terror cases: Rihai Manch – Rihai Manch

Oct 15: Lucknow – Press note on Abdul Razzak’s suicide due to pressure of IB in Hyderabad -Rihai Manch

Oct 15: Koodankulam – Human Rights Activists From Across India Arrested When Heading to Koodankulam Be Released Immediately – PUCL

Oct 14: Koodankulam – Condemn the Arrest of All India Fact-finding Team members -Revolutionary Democratic Front

Oct 12: Delhi – NCW Shamed into Reopening the Soni Sori Case After Gherao – Justice for Soni Sori Campaign

Oct 12: Lucknow – Press conference demanding release of innocent Muslim youths framed in the name of terror – Socialist Party (India)

Oct 11: Haryana – Fact Finding Report on Gang Rape of Dalit Girl by Dominant Caste Youth – National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights

Oct 11: CDRO Press Release on continued incarceration of Narayan Sanyal

Oct 10: Genocide as Counterinsurgency – Brief Notes on the “Sri Lanka model” – Karthick RM

Oct 9: Greeks demand dignity – An interview with Taki Manolakos

Oct 7: Delhi – CDRO Report of All India Rally and Dharna

Oct 4: Uttar Pradesh – Press note on release of innocent Muslims imprisoned in jail

Oct 2: How to Kill a Democracy – S. P. Udayakumar

Oct 2: Tamil Nadu – Looting tanks and hillocks while farmers denied their rights – R. Seenivasan

Newsreel: September 2012

Sep 30: Media release from National Campaign against Fabricated Cases

Sep 30: Punjab – CDRO Statement against the recent arrest of publishers and editors

Sep 28 : Andhra Pradesh – CDRO statement against arrest of APCLC activists

Sep 26 : Assam – CDRO Statement on secret killing of rights activist

Sep 25 : NAPM statement on FDI in retail sector

Sep 25 : Anti-Posco struggle – PPSS response to government’s CSR package

Sep 24 : Uttar Pradesh – Report from convention on anniversary of Batla House encounter

Sep 24 : Karnataka – CDRO fact-finding report on encounter killing in South Canara

Sep 20 : Big Bang Reforms: Why Now and For Whom?– Deepankar Basu and Debarshi Das

Sep 18 : Andhra Pradesh – Fact-finding report on Laxmipet atrocity

Sep 15 : Delhi – Memorandum on behalf of mass organizations in solidarity with Marikana workers

Sep 12 : Tamil Nadu – Update on the anti-nuclear struggle at Koodankulam

Sep 11 : PUDR statement on the arrest of Aseem Trivedi on sedition charges

Sep 6 : West Bengal – APDR, PUDR, APCLC appeal to NHRC on condition of Sushil Ray

Sep 5: West Bengal – Statement against police attack on Nazrul Islam’s book

Sep 5: Delhi – Blind workers demonstrate for their rights

Sep 3 : Haryana – Press release from protest by families and relatives of Maruti Suzuki workers

Sep 1 : Chhattisgarh – Locked away from justice

Newsreel: August 2012

Aug 30 : Anti-Posco struggle : PPSS Update on visit of MoEF Review Committee

Aug 28 : Assam – MASUM Report on Kokrajhar riots

Aug 27 : Delhi – Press release on the Joint Protest Demo during Osamu Suzuki’s visit

Aug 26 : The Myth of the Bangladeshi and Violence in Assam – Nilim Dutta

Aug 24 : Sangharsh statement on the conclusion of Jan Morcha

Aug 23 : Manifesto of People’s Demands and Release of Political Prisoners

Aug 21 : Inference from the case of Pinki Pramanik – Rupa Aich

Aug 21 : PUDR Statement condemning dismissal of Maruti workers and militarisation of workplace

Aug 20 : Andhra Pradesh : Statements condemning the banning of RDF – PUDR, HRF

Aug 18 : Anything but the truth – WSS and Saheli response to IE article on Soni Sori

Aug 17 : South Africa – Abahlali baseMjondolo statement against the killing of mine workers at Marikana Platinum

Aug 17 : A note on the current situation in Syria – Shiv Sethi

Aug 16 : West Bengal – APDR Statement on the arrest of Shiladitya Chowdhury

Aug 16 : RDF statement against the imposition of ban by Andhra Pradesh government

Aug 14 : PUDR Press Statement on sexual assault by CRPF personnel on a woman in Odisha

Aug 13 : NAPM Statement on the imminent threat of submergence in Narmada Valley

Aug 11 : A Paradigm Shift in Development Planning and Land Reforms is Need of the Hour – Statement by NAPM, NFFFW, KSS and others

Aug 9 : Delhi – Press Release on detention of activists during demonstration against repression on Maruti workers

Aug 4 : West Bengal – A Report on hopelessness and desperation in the Hills and Dooars

Aug 3 : Audio Recording of Symposium on “Working Class Movement in the age of Globalization”, Mumbai

Aug 3 : Uttar Pradesh – Lucknow jailor engages in communal misconduct – Rajeev Yadav

Aug 2 : West Bengal – Rajarhat: When the Government Loots – Pranab De

Newsreel: July 2012

Jul 30 : WSS Press statement on the abuse of Dalit employees in CSI Hospital Kancheepuram

Jul 30 : On the ongoing ethnic violence in Assam: A Statement

Jul 29 : The Second Singur ‘Rebellion’ by Ma, Mati and Manush – Satyabrata Chakraborty

Jul 26 : Commentary on Egypt’s presidential election – Shiv Sethi

Jul 25 : Uttar Pradesh – PUDR Statement regarding atrocities on Dalits in Ramgarh village

Jul 25 : Joint Memorandum in solidarity with workers of the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union

Jul 24 : West Bengal : Jaagte raho ! – Ranjit Sur

Jul 22 : Delhi – Images from protest against the repression of Maruti-Manesar workers

Jul 20 : Two Poems– Rewa Yunus; Sam Agarwal

Jul 20 : The Government of Violence : A Massacre In Dandakaranya – Kamal K.M

Jul 19 : Haryana – Statement from Maruti Workers Union on recent events at Manesar plant

Jul 18 : West Bengal – APDR’s 40th anniversary – Press release from state conference

Jul 17 : Delhi – Press Release on protest against Bijapur massacre

Jul 16 : Andhra Pradesh – Statement condemning the abduction of APCLC activists in Hyderabad

Jul 15 : Delhi – Report on protest against unequal water distribution by city authorities

Jul 11 : Haryana – PUDR Statement on the atrocities against Dalits in Bhagana village

Jul 11 : Chhattisgarh – Fact-finding reports on the killings in Bijapur – CDRO, J.P. Rao et al; Statements against the killing of villagers during the alleged encounter – PUDR, PUCL-CG, AIFFM, CSD, RDF, SFR

Jul 10 : PUDR statement condemning attacks on rights-activists

Jul 8 : Uttar Pradesh – Report on the launching of Seema-Vishwavijay Rihai Manch at Allahabad

Jul 7 : The martyrdom of Com. T P Chandrasekharan and the future of transformative politics in Keralam – Gilbert Sebastian

Jul 6 : Delhi – Report and Joint Statement from protest against evictions and state repression

Jul 1 : Punjab – Report on recent police firing on peasants near Patiala – BKU (Dakaunda)

Newsreel: June 2012

Jun 28 : A critique of the Allahabad Court Judgement – PUCL & PUDR

Jun 27 : West Bengal – Release of political prisoners : Review Committee debate revisited – Ranjit Sur

Jun 27 : West Bengal – Statement in solidarity with struggles for livelihood and housing

Jun 26 : An Appeal on the occasion of 40 years of APDR

Jun 26 : Nonadanga anti-eviction struggle : Sanhati statement on the recent arrests; APDR Statement

Jun 22 : Andhra Pradesh – RDF Press Release condemning the dalit massacre in Srikakulam

Jun 22 : Press Statement on Soni Sori being denied food and medicines by Chhattisgarh government

Jun 21 : Nondadanga anti-eviction struggle : Police attack and arrest demonstrators during dharna – Statement from activists and intellectuals; Evolving news

Jun 21 : In conversation with Shamim Modi – Priyanka Borpujari

Jun 20 : CDRO Bulletin, June 2012

Jun 19 : Orissa – Report of slum eviction in Cuttack

Jun 19 : Tamil Nadu – A Report on the violent attack on Irular people in Thenneri village

Jun 17 : Struggle at Nonadanga – Update from Uchched Pratirodh Committee

Jun 16 : TMC’s CPI(M)-speak (and act) in Nonadanga – Partho Sarathi Ray

Jun 13 : Statements on the life sentencing of Seema Azad and Vishwavijay – PUDR, CRPP

Jun 13 : Maharashtra – PUDR statement condemning the murder of Qateel Siddiqui in Pune Jail

Jun 9 : Orissa – PPSS appeal for solidarity campaigns in protest against POSCO

Jun 7 : Statement opposing the proposed National Counter-Terrorism Center – RDF

Jun 4 : Letter to ICAR opposing the reported offer of Indian gene banks to MNC partners

Jun 3 : West Bengal : Report on the struggle of contract labourers in ECL collieries

Jun 2 : Report on workers’ struggle in Yanam Regency Ceramic factory

Jun 1 : Chhattisgarh – Press Release on emergency situation in Abujmadh – Concerned Citizens’ Collective

Jun 1 : Orissa – Anti-Posco resistance : Update from PPSS

Newsreel: May 2012

May 31 : Madhya Pradesh – Note on the possible expulsion of JADS activists from Barwani

May 31 : Mumbai – NAPM statement against the continuing evictions in Sion Koliwada

May 27 : On Fukushima and nuclear energy – Shiv Sethi

May 25 : Nonadanga anti-eviction struggle – A report on the march to Writers Building

May 24 : Assam – CSD Statement on Akhil Gogoi’s arrest and the struggle against dams

May 24 : Jharkhand – CDRO fact-finding report on the situation in Saranda forest area

May 22 : Odisha – Update on the POSCO struggle

May 22 : Assam – PUDR statement on protest against big dam project in Lakhimpur

May 20 : Kerala – Statement Expressing Concern over the Brutal Murder of Activist Anil Sadanandan -DARSHAN et al.

May 18 : Koodankulam – An Urgent Appeal to the Conscience of the Nation

May 18 : UP – Police stations gheroed to protest false cases on forest dwellers – NFFPFW

May 18 : Odisha – COBRA battalion attacks Kudupar village

May 16 : Assam – Crackdown on anti-dam protestors – PUDR

May 16 : Jharkhand – Cultural activist arrested – RDF

May 15 : Maharashtra – Statement from Kabir Kala Manch Defence Committee

May 15 : Assam – PUDR statement on the fake encounter killings

May 14 : PUDR statement against the ban on SIMI and the arrest of Advocate Shahnawaz

May 13 : Karnataka – Ejipura Slum Eviction – PUCL

May 13 : Greece – The necessity of a transformation causes cracks in the political system – Rudy Rinaldi

May 13 : Assam – On the fake encounter of four alleged Maoist cadres – RDF

May 12 : Nurses of Faridabad on the warpath – Delhi Nurses Welfare Associate et al.

May 9 : On the conviction of Charles Taylor – Shiv Sethi

May 9 : MP – Police atrocities on the rise against farmers – NAPM

May 8 : Delhi – Slum Dwellers Protest Outside CM’s Office – Ghar Bachao Morcha

May 8 : Uttarakhand – Update from the workers’ struggle at Rockman and Satyam Auto

May 7 : A victory for the people of Himachal Pradesh – Himalaya Niti Abhiyan

May 6 : Manipur – Reflections on the 10th Assembly Elections – Malem Ningthouja

May 6 :
West Bengal – Statements on the continued detention of the two activists arrested on Apr 8
– DSU, Concerned
Students and alumni of JU, Sanhati

May 5 : Jharkhand – Police brutality in Latehar – Gladson Dungdung

May 4 : Kolkata – Bybosayee Bachao Samiti attacked at Nonachandan Pukur

May 4 : Delhi – May Day rally of unorganized workers from Yamuna Pushta of Karawal Nagar

May 4 : Ludhiana – Karkhana Mazdoor Union and Textile Mazdoor Union hold May Day conference

May 3 : Bathani Tola is just one among many anti-people verdicts – Arjun Prasad Singh

May 2 : Nonadanga anti-eviction struggle – Poorest of the poor arrested: Profiles from April 28 arrests; Pamphlet by Uchched Pratirodh Committee

Newsreel: April 2012

Apr 30 : PUDR Statement condemning Central Government’s “arrest or kill” policy against Naxalites

Apr 30 : Chhattisgarh – Citizens appeal to PM to save Soni Sori from death in jail

Apr 29 : Sanhati statement on the new attack against Nonadanga residents and continued detention of two democratic rights activists

Apr 29 : Stand with the workers of Kalyani Spinning Mill on hunger strike – Anindya Patra

Apr 28 : Ongoing resistance of the displaced at Nonadanga. Latest – Fresh attack by government on the evicted families, Reports from Nilanjan Dutta and Partho Ray

Apr 27 : Anti-Kundanulam Struggle : Indefinite Hunger Strike from May 1

Apr 27 : Delhi – Report on protest by Harsoria Healthcare workers

Apr 26 : Delhi – Press release on protest by Blind Workers Union

Apr 25 : Kolkata – Nonadanga anti-eviction movement and arrest of activists. Latest – Delhi protest : press release, report, press note; Four more activists granted bail; Update on the case of Debolina Chakraborty and WSS statement

Apr 25 : Hyderabad Riots : Fact Finding Report

Apr 24 : CDRO Fact Finding into Mega Dams in the Northeast

Apr 24 : PBKMS – Arrest on trumped up charges of NREGS workers

Apr 22 : Changing face of ‘paribartan’ : movement in Nonadanga – Dwaipayan

Apr 22 : Delhi – Update on struggle against slum demolition in Anand Parbat area

Apr 20 : CDRO Press Release on “The Terror of Law: UAPA and the Myth of National Security”

Apr 18 : Report on Mass Convention of April 18 and Ongoing Struggle at Nonadanga – Sudipto Muhuri

Apr 17 : Guwahati – Siang hydel project: Jaypee guesthouse, vehicles torched

Apr 17 : Political Profiles of the Activists Arrested in Nonadanga

Apr 15 : PUCL press statement on Nonadanga arrests and evictions

Apr 14 : Release artist Jiten Marandi

Apr 13 : Kolkata – PUDR Statement on the arrests related to sharing cartoons

Apr 13 : The Unforgivable Crime of the Homeless in Nonadanga – Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri

Apr 11 : Kolkata – Nonadanga anti-eviction movement : Petitions by Sanhati, Concern IISc and Institute of Physics at Bhubhaneshwar

Apr 04 : Petition to CBI demanding action against Shahabuddin in murder of Chandrashekhar

Apr 03 : Campaign Against NCTC in Punjab – N.K. Jeet

Apr 02 : Media and the anti-CNT Act Movement in Jharkhand – Gladson Dungdung

Apr 01 : PPSS Statement on the judgment by National Green Tribunal

Apr 01 :
Punjab – An appeal to maintain communal harmony

Newsreel: March 2012

Mar 30: CDRO Press Release on a fact-finding visit to Jharkhand

Mar 29: Green Hunt Enters New Phase – Sudha Bharadwaj

Mar 28: Coalition for a GM-Free India demands review and halt to the promotion of Bt cotton

Mar 26: Commentary on Current World Affairs – Shiv Sethi

Mar 25: Tamil Nadu – Statements of solidarity with the anti-nuclear struggle at Kudankulam

Mar 23: An appeal from the ongoing struggle at Delhi University Hostel for Women

Mar 23: Press Releases from the Rashtriya Jan Sansad, Delhi

Mar 21: PUDR statement on Orissa: Unkept promises and politics of abduction

Mar 18: Orissa – PPSS statement on the release of Abhay Sahoo

Mar 17: How long will the 6000 Jharkhandi Adivasis languish in jail? – Stan Swamy

Mar 15: Uttar Pradesh – Statement against the illegal mines of Sonbhadra – Shramjeevi Manch

Mar 09: NCTC – Mamata’s scepticism and pseudo-concern – Satya Ray

Mar 08: Chhattisgarh – WSS Statement on the arrest of Rekha Parganiha

Mar 07: Introducing a People’s Proposal for China – Zhun Xu

Mar 07: WSS Statement on occasion of International Women’s Day 2012

Mar 05: PUDR Statement – Impunity as the flip side of normalcy

Mar 03: Haryana – Press release on the registration of the Maruti Suzuki Workers’ Union

Mar 02: Koodankulam Struggle – Open letters against Prime Minister’s slander campaign

Mar 02: Press Release on hunger strikes in solidarity with Soni Sori

Newsreel: Februrary 2012

Feb 27: Growing impunity in police raj to enable loot of resources – PUDR statement

Feb 23: Open letter to Navin Jindal – Himanshu Kumar

Feb 23: Orissa – Press note on violence unleashed by corporations – Coordination Committee Against Corporate Violence

Feb 22: West Bengal government’s patriarchal offensive on a rape complainant – Kavita Krishnan

Feb 21: Orissa – Note on arrest of CMAS activists and foisting of false cases – Dandapani Mohanty

Feb 21: Police can never do wrong when they are “Our Police” ! – Rajesh Datta

Feb 20: Arab Spring and Imperialism – Deepankar Basu

Feb 20: PUDR statement on the appointment of Director of the National Counter Terrorism Centre

Feb 19: Orissa – Fact-finding Report on caste-violence in Balangir

Orissa – Coke for Land : notes from
a dharna outside Jindal’s factory in Angul

Feb 17: Pamphlet on the expansion of Green Hunt to the North-East – JNU Forum Against War On People

Feb 15: Assam – KMSS condemns Jayanti Natarajan for wildlife clearance given to Lower Demwe Project

Feb 15: Jharkhand – Letter to NHRC regarding the killing of a physically challenged adivasi person by CRPF

Feb 14: West Bengal : Circle completed, Mamata’s volte-face on the issue of political prisoners – Ranjit Sur

Feb 14: Karnataka – Press statement regarding a possible case of human sacrifice – Narabali Virodhi Vedike

Feb 13: Kerala – NAPM statement against proposed Aerotropolis at Aranmula

Feb 12: Punjab – a report on Jan Myrdal’s talk in Ludhiana – Buta Singh

Feb 11: Orissa – Preliminary fact-finding report on Lathore atrocities – Students for Resistance

Feb 11: Bihar – NAPM statement opposing the construction of Kosi Mahasetu

Feb 9: Jharkhand – JHRM letter to Jairam Ramesh on Saranda Action Plan

Feb 9: NAPM Statement on the Supreme Court notices in case of unethical and illegal drug trials

Feb 8: Gujarat – A Report on the Workers’ Strike in Reliance Textile Industries’ Naroda plant

Feb 7: European labour markets : a picture of class warfare – Deepankar Basu

Feb 6: Punjab – A report on the Pagri Sammelan in Barnala – Harsh Thakor

Feb 4: CPI (M)’s ‘Philistine Realism’ – Bernard D’Mello

Feb 3: Tamil nadu : Statements regarding attack on agitation against Koodankulam Nuclear Plant

Feb 3: Orissa – Statements against brutal attack on protesters at Jindal steel plant

Feb 2: Orissa : Anti-Posco struggle – Update from PPSS

Newsreel: January 2012

Jan 31: Uranium mining in Gogi: Central Ambitions and State Responsibilities – Arati Chokshi

Jan 30: Press meet – Launching of campaign against sedition and other repressive laws

Jan 27: Worst of Abu Ghraib on our borders – Partho Sarathi Ray

Jan 26: Chattisgarh : Statement against gallantry award for Dantewada Superintendent of Police – Women Against Sexual Violence and State Repression

Jan 25: If this be peace : piss in peace – Ranjit Sur

Jan 24: Open letter from citizens and organisations seeking justice for Soni Sori

Jan 20: The Kolkata Book Fair – Emerging vigilanteism over and throttling of independent Little Magazines – Suvarup Saha

Jan 18: Jharkhand: Harassment of activist Dayamani Barla by local police

Jan 18: Andhra: Lokshakti Abhiyan on farmer suicides, looting of natural resources in the KG basin

Jan 18: Chattisgarh – PUDR statement on custodial death in Bastar

Jan 14: Women’s groups stopped from meeting Soni Sori in Raipur

Jan 14: Developing news from Assam: Struggle against the Lower Subansiri dam project – 10 injured in firing on anti-dam agitators

Jan 14: Andhra: NAPM press release on Polavaram Dam and KG Basin

Jan 13: Mamata Banerjee encourages vigilantism in the name of Vivekananda – Partho Sarathi Ray

Jan 13: Corporate personhood: Rights without responsibilities – Rahul Varman

Jan 6: The Aftermath of the AMRI Tragedy: Some Related Thoughts on Democratic Work in Urban Areas
of India
– Krishanu Mandal

Jan 2: Remembering Kishenji – Amit Bhattacharyya

Jan 2: Announcement for 4th Anuradha Ghandy Memorial Lecture

Jan 1: Protests and Repression: Struggles Growing in the Forest Areas – Campaign for Survival and Dignity