Ongoing Struggles

Struggles in Bengal: alphabetic listing
Struggles outside Bengal: alphabetic listing


Bondimukti Andolan – Solidarity for political prisoners

Bondimukti Committee members arrested for protesting political arrests
Burma’s Freedom Fighters: From Port Blair to a Kolkata Jail
An appeal and petition to free imprisoned political activists in West Bengal
Leaflet from Bandi Mukti Committee – calling for unconditional release of Binayak Sen, Sumit Sarkar, Amitava Bhattacharya, and other Hindmotors Workers

Chandmani Land Acquisition

How are you Chandmani, after the ‘Change’? – Suvarup Saha, Sanhati

Coastal Zone Regulations – changes for corporations

The dislocation of 15 million fishworkers and environmental degradation: an introduction to ongoing changes in Coastal Zone Regulations

Damodar Valley Flooding

Probing the politics of the annual destitution of 4 million in Damodar valley flooding

Dankuni Land Acquisition

Resistance to Massive Land Acquisition for Real Estate

Forest Rights Act implementation in West Bengal

Implementation of Forest Rights Act in Bengal – Questions on the process
Press Conference: Recognition of Forest Rights Act and its sabotage – rallies in North Bengal: January 2008
Forest Rights Act implementation in Bengal – Front allies join protests


Resisting eviction in North Bengal

Genetically Modified crop testing

GM testing in West Bengal: government moves, protests, and updates
Agro-Science Fair in Bolagarh, West Bengal


Understanding the demand for Gorkhaland : An introductory note
Tales from the Gorkha region: crimes, oppression, and the fading memory of Baburam Dewan

Haldia: Disputed employment claims

Tall Claims: Employment generated by Haldia Petrochemicals
Haldia Petrochemicals and Unemployment in East Midnapore : A Lesson in (Non-) Development

Haripur nuclear power plant

Whither Haripur? – Nuclear energy option splits CPI(M) higher-ups
Lessons for Haripur – the Santhal Aadivasis of the Jadugoda region and their exposure to Uranium radiation
Nagarik Mancha report on Haripur, site of the proposed nuclear power plant
Leaflet from Paramanu Chulli Birodhi Committee, Haripur

Hindmotors – land for real estate

Tumi Maharaj Sadhu hole Aaj! – Real estate land-acquisition in HindMotors


Compilation of Reports

Mahishadal SEZ

Mahishadal SEZ – Farmers boycott meeting with corporate officials – Nov. 5, 2007
SEZ war looms over Mahishadal, West Bengal: June, 2007

Nayachar – the Chemical Hub in Bengal

The dislocation of 15 million fishworkers and environmental degradation: an introduction to ongoing changes in Coastal Zone Regulations
Chemical Hub at Nayachar: Citizens’ Expert Committee Report
Chemical Hub – Ek Nihshobdo Ghatok (A Silent Killer)
Environmental Scientists in Kolkata speak out against Chemical Hub in Noyachar
The Chemical Hub – what are the socio-economic costs and why should we bear them?
Haldia Petrochemicals and Unemployment in East Midnapore : A Lesson in (Non-) Development
Tall Claims: Employment generated by Haldia Petrochemicals

NREGA, PDS, MDM – rural schemes and their implementation

You see, we do back calculations here – Rural employment and Panchayet realities in Bengal – Debarshi Das, Sanhati
NREGA implementation in West Bengal – statistics and protests
Ration debacle in Bengal – corruption, crisis, condoms
NREGA – Employment guarantee: beyond propaganda
Ration riots – The Disconnect and the Connections: By Debarshi Das, Sanhati
Ration riots – An Autumn of discontent: By Debarshi Das, Sanhati

Panchayat Elections 2008

Panchayat Election 2008 results and the future of the CPIM
The Panchayat elections and self-empowerment of the rural poor

Purushottampur, Asansol – IISCO steel plant

Update, News

Rajarhat – Land acquisition for IT industry

Real estate projects in Rajarhat face farmer resistance
A history of the brutal Rajarhat land acquisition, Bengal’s new IT hub

Ranihati – the silent SEZ takeover

Ranihati – an SEZ silently in the making

Retail in Bengal

Leaflets from FAMA on Nov 10 2008 rally, Metro Cash and Carry, and a letter to Mr. Gandhi
Booklet from FAMA on entry of big capital in retail in Bengal and India
Buddhadeb Bhattacharya on retail and agri-business
Penetrating the Retail Sector in Bengal – the Reliance Juggernaut: By Partho Sarathi Ray, Sanhati
Flotsam and jetsam – corporate retail and the predicament of the neighbourhood grocer
‘Quit Retail’, protestors rally on Oct 10, 2007
Reliance Fresh war heats up in Bengal – Forward Bloc takes stand: August 20, 2007
News on retail protests in Bengal till August 20, 2007

Salboni Land Acquisition

Jindal converts proposed Salboni plant in West Bengal to SEZ status
Land Acquisition Bill and the Panchayet: things to expect and fear. A case study on Salboni – Debarshi Das, Sanhati

Tea Gardens, starvation in North Bengal

Reports, Updates
Study on Closed and Re-opened Tea Gardens in North Bengal

Workers movements, factories, HindMotors

A Brief History of Workers’ Movements in India, with focus on Bengal
Thousands of factories remain closed in the State today…Leaflet on factory land acquisition
A History of Trade Union Movements at Hindmotors, and the Recent Strike – June 2007
West Bengal: The Neo-Liberal Offensive in Industry and the Workers’ Resistance
Gap Jeans and Indian child labour in the globalized economy – Caveat emptor!
Sanat Paul, the courts, Nagarik Mancha, and compensation – A Kafkaesque tale
National Tanneries from Birth to Dissolution – Chronicles of a pro-industrialization, pro-workers government


Struggles outside Bengal

Binayak Sen: widespread protests over incarceration

Binayak Sen – A mother’s appeal
An intimate portrait of Shankar Guha Niyogi, and the arrest of Binayak Sen
The Doctor, The State, And A Sinister Case
Chomsky asks for Binayak Sen’s release – Political prisoners all over the country – Arun Ferreira, Shantanu Kamble, Piyush Sethia, etc.
The Arrest of Dr. Binayak Sen – When the State turns Lawless
Update on detention of Dr. Binayak Sen, Vice-President of the National PUCL: June, 2007

POSCO – Orissa, Jagatsinhapur – looming SEZ war

POSCO Updates: Massive resistance from villagers
POSCO booklet, leaflet, map from Kolkata rally – February 2008
Anti-POSCO rally and program in Kolkata: February 13, 2008
Democracy at Gunpoint – A Report on the Repression of Anti-Posco Movement as of 5th December 2007
Fact-Finding Report on POSCO Project in Jagatsinghpur, Orissa
Amnesty International Statement on State force build-up in Jagatsinghpur, Orissa
Special Bulletin from Mazdoor Kranti Parishad (MKP), December 2006


Chengara, Kerala – land grab, Adivasis, and peasant struggle – A citizens’ report


The Betrayal of Niyamgiri – Vedanta mining and the Dongria tribals

Sathankulam, Tamil Nadu

Titanium or Water? Tata Steel, land grab, and local governments – to Sathankulam, from Singur and Kalinganagar

Jadugoda: effects of Uranium exposure

Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda
Emerging Contours of Peoples’ Resistance : Ranchi, Jadugoda, Jagatsinghpur
Lessons for Haripur – the Santhal Aadivasis of the Jadugoda region, and their exposure to Uranium radiation