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Convention of Women against Sexual violence and State Repression

All India National Convention against SEZ, land-grabbing, displacements – December 13, New Delhi

Debates on Lalgarh: Sujato Bhadra, Kishenji, Amit Bhattacharya

Initiative Against War on People: Statement and meeting

Statement against Government of India’s planned military offensive in adivasi-populated regions: National and international signatories

Vedic Village: A long history of brutality behind the final destruction

Bastar rally of BSKSS: Demands, attitude towards Maoists and established activism

A new trend: Industrialized nations lease fertile land in Africa to meet food demands

The Land Acquisition (Amendment) Bill: Ongoing debates and perspectives

Open letters between PCC-CPIML and CPI(Maoist)

Articles from September 3, 2009 – August 2, 2008

Reactions to Lalgarh in Telugu media

Security-centric approach cannot resolve Lalgarh conflict

Fact-finding team on Lalgarh arrested

Lalgarh Movement – Mass uprising of adivasis in West Bengal

Lok Sabha Elections 2009

Statements from CPIML(Liberation), PUDR, Chhatradhar Mahato, Kannabiran, Delhi intellectuals, Protibadi Udyog, Lok Morcha Punjab on Lalgarh and ban on CPI(Maoist)

Maoism in India: Panic or Panacea?

A human rights checklist for India

Gravest displacement, Bravest resistance: The struggle of adivasis of Bastar, Chhattisgarh against imperialist corporate landgrab

The Left and Electoral Politics in India

The Nano and its Discontents

Dr. Asim Dasgupta’s 24th budget for Bengal: some dismal figures

Defamed in death – the scurrilous implications of the CD on Tapasi Malik

Understanding the Nano: small car, big responsibilites

Did Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee personally order police to fire on March 14?

Adivasi rally of April 24th, 2009

A photo essay on the de-industrialization of Bengal: Real estate SEZs over the ruins of factories

Jindal SEZ at Salboni: A First-hand Report

On agriculture, opposition to land acquisition and the parliamentary elections

Reports on police firing in Dumka, Jharkhand: the site of a controversial power and dam project

Working Paper: Current crisis regime and impact on class struggle in India

Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri’s column

Death of small businesses in Bengal and India: a comprehensive study of retail monopoly

Dankuni says goodbye to DLF

Airport cities: The new paradigm

Accumulation by Dispossession under the Aegis of a “Communist Party” – David Harvey on Bengal

Tata pushes for bailout fund for India Inc – free markets at work

ShramikShakti November 2008

Lalgar in West Midnapur, Bengal, on a warpath over Jindal’s Salboni SEZ and police repression

Political Economy of Contemporary India: Some Comments on Partha Chatterjee’s theoretical framework

David Pugh’s report on India’s anti-displacement movements: the unedited version

Real estate projects in Rajarhat face farmer resistance

Anti-SEZ prairie fire spreads to Himachal Pradesh: opposition to SKIL’s SEZ

Responsible corporates? The crimes of the Tatas enumerated

A conversation with Amit Bhaduri: alternatives in development

Farmers defeat first referendum on an SEZ in India, in Raigad, Maharashtra

Sankar Ray’s column

A history of the brutal Rajarhat land acquisition, Bengal’s new IT hub

Rajarhat township – cries of despair behind a facade of development

Fighting Neoliberalism: Does West Bengal Show the Way?

Corporate encroachment and the Panchayat elections: A rural montage

Panchayat Election 2008 results and the future of the CPIM

People strike back at CPIM’s neoliberal policies: Tremor after tremor at the Panchayat Elections

They insist your show must be cancelled! – cultural coercion in a post-Nandigram Bengal

Bengal: Panchayat Elections 2008

Panchayat Poll ’08: A Preliminary Discussion on Strategies

The Panchayat elections and self-empowerment of the rural poor

On the CPIM’s draft political resolution

News Watch: Bengal

Economic Growth: A Meaningless Obsession?

Dankuni – Resistance to Massive Land Acquisition for Real Estate

Anti-POSCO rally and program in Kolkata

Some critiques of CPI(M)’s 19th Congress and stance on capitalism

ShramikShakti Newsletter – January-February 2008

Kalboishekhi in Poush: The Aftermath of Nandigram

What the myopic can’t see

Work for Everyone and Amartya Sen

Upcoming Events

Pictures and videos

Editorial Statement


Ongoing Struggles

Nandigram Reports

Nandigram and the Blind Faith in Industrialization

The Social Democratic Left and its Apologists (open for comments)

Fear of the Unfamiliar – Responding to Patnaik (open for comments)

Land Acquisition Bill and the Panchayet: things to expect and fear. A case study on Salboni

The Left: Rethink or Perish

A Few Desperate and Concerned Questions

Has the Left taken one Right Turn too many?

Perspectives on Nandigram – articles by Dipankar Bhattacharya (Liberation), Mazdoor Mukti, and RDF

Response to Chomsky et al. from Arundhati Roy, Sumit Sarkar, Saroj Giri and others

A pointwise rebuttal of Chomsky etc.’s statement on Nandigram

An Open Letter to Tariq Ali – Nov. 21, 2007

Nov 16, 2007: Nandigram Redux: Reading Sudhanva Deshpande

Lessons From Nandigram’s Heroic Land Struggle – 14 Nov, 2007

You are not what you were – Ashok Mitra after 14th November, 2007

The No-spin Zone – Nandigram, facts and myths (ongoing commentary)

Unity of anti-SEZ forces – an appeal from Lokshashan Andolan – November 3, 2007

Nandigram – November 2007 violence: Archives

Mahishadal SEZ – Farmers boycott meeting with corporate officials


NREGA implementation in West Bengal – some statistics

Ration pilferage, food riots and PDS protests – People speak up against organized thieving and hunger

How are you Chandmani, after the ‘Change’?

Ranihati – an SEZ silently in the making

What it means to be the Left in Bengal – Of Buddhadeb, nuclear power, agri-retail, and on “changing with the world”

What Amartya Sen said and what he did not

The Presidency Consolidation, mass movements, and Left orthodoxy – Thinking afresh in the wake of Nandigram

Whose interests does Amartya Sen take care of?

Sanhati Newsletter – Issue 1, July 29, 2007

A letter to Prof. Amartya Sen, in response to his Telegraph interview

Rejoinder to Amartya Sen’s interview in The Telegraph, July 23

Stakeholder analysis wrt land as a resource in the SEZ strategy in Bengal – a paper

CPI(M) lies about Tapasi Malik’s death – apologist Vijay Prasad disseminates untruths

A critique of the writings of Malini Bhattacharya, Prabhat Patnaik, and others after Nandigram

Compensation protests in Purushottampur, Asansol

SEZ war looms over Mahishadal, West Bengal

Meghalaya’s people protest Uranium Mining. Starvation in Jalpaiguri’s tea gardens.

WBEN Panel discussion on Development

All India Citizens’ Initiative forms committee to steer country-wide Anti-SEZ movements

NREGA, PDS, MDM – rural schemes and their implementation

Nandigram and the Unravelling of Social Democracy – Blog article (open for comments)

Aneek March 2007 Issue

Leaflet from IFTU, AICCTU, Amco Sanhati Committee, National Tannery Bachao Committee, IndoJapan Steel Employees Union, etc.

Ekak Matra – Issue on Land Acquisition – November 2006

Manthan – April 2007 Issue on land acquisition issues throughout Bengal

Tea Garden Workers Starve in Bengal; Worker-Turned- Owners Revive Failing Tea Estates in Munnar

Nandigram, Comprador Intellectuals and an Exchange

I was always Leftist. Economic reforms made me completely Marxist

INDUSTRIALISATION: Which way now? – Medha Patkar and Amit Bhaduri

Analysis of the statement on Nandigram issued by Prabhat Patnaik, Jayati Ghosh, and other CPI(M) intellectuals

Liberation answers CPI(M)-sponsored fiction on the Nandigram massacre

U-Turn of Industrial Policy Erodes the Very Base of Agriculture

Moral Betrayal of a Leftist Dream – EPW article

Assessment of Rehabilitation of People Displaced due to Indira Sagar Pariyojana (ISP)

Tata Terror in Bastar, tribal displacement, and the traveling musicians

The Train Stops At Nandigram

Petition from Little Magazine Somonnoy (group of more than 150 little magazines from Bengal)

The real debate over economic reforms in India

From Socialism To Barbarism?

Factoring Globalization into the virtuous spiral – Partho’s comment on Dipankar’s article

Celebrate the Resistance

Santa Claus visits the Tatas

Nandigram has stood up

A State against the Nation

Challenging the current development paradigm – A Discussion Paper from Mazdoor Mukti

India Is Colonising Itself – Interview with Arundhati Roy, March 26, 2007

Medical Team report in Bengali, Poster from MCDSA

Development Or Developmental Terrorism?

In the Name of Development

Listen to the Decentralised Voice

India’s Left Going the Lula Way?

Land Grab and “Development” Fraud in India

The poor poetry of industrialization: The Communist Party of India (Marxist) in wonderland.

Medha Patkar led All India independent fact finding team on Nandigram Massacre – Updated April 10, 2007

That Night in Nandigram

National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) Report on Nandigram Violence, March 14, 2007

India: Deaths in West Bengal during protest against new industrial project

State Terror in Nandigram, March 14, 2007

National Alliance of People’s Movements

Neo-Liberal Left Behind Peasants’ Massacre

Petition from Sanhati, March 14, 2007

Sezophilia and the Coming Mutiny

Neoliberalism And Primitive Accumulation In India

The “Special Economic Zone” Debacle of the Left Front in West Bengal

Resistance News from Nandigram

Leaflet from Chhatra Chhatri Sanhati Mancha, December 18th, 2006

Appeal from MASUM (human rights organisation) on police violence, Feb 4, 2007

Special Bulletin from Mazdoor Kranti Parishad (MKP), December 2006

Bikalpa : A publication from PDSF

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