Photos from the POSCO Resistance

June 14, 2011

Photos received from POSCO pratirodh Sangram Samiti. Main reporting page here.

Message: You may know that the Jagatsinghpur district administration has temporarily halted forceful land acquisition for POSCO project (for local festival and holidays). The government will restart the process from 17th June 2011. We are planning to intensify stir to protest forcible land acquisition at Gobindpur village. The officials illegally demolished betelvines at Gobindpur village. Our people are now rebuilding it. Despite a halt in land acquisition, we are continuing with our protest. Attaching herewith the photographs for your information and wider circulations. – Prashant Paikray, Spokesperson, POSCO pratirodh Sangram Samiti


dscn0908.JPG  dscn0909.JPG  dscn0910.JPG  dscn0911.JPG  dscn0912.JPG  dscn0913.JPG  dscn0914.JPG  dscn0915.JPG  dscn0916.JPG  dscn0917.JPG  dscn0918.JPG  dscn0919.JPG  dscn0920.JPG  dscn0921.JPG  dscn0922.JPG  dscn0923.JPG  dscn0924.JPG  dscn0925.JPG  dscn0926.JPG  dscn0927.JPG  dscn0928.JPG  dscn0929.JPG  dscn0930.JPG  dscn0931.JPG  dscn0932.JPG  dscn0933.JPG  dscn0934.JPG  dscn0935.JPG  dscn0936.JPG  dscn0937.JPG  dscn0938.JPG  dscn0939.JPG  dscn0940.JPG  dscn0941.JPG  dscn0942.JPG  dscn0943.JPG  dscn0944.JPG  dscn0945.JPG  dscn0946.JPG  dscn0947.JPG  dscn0948.JPG  dscn0949.JPG  dscn0950.JPG  dscn0951.JPG  dscn0952.JPG  dscn0953.JPG  dscn0954.JPG  dscn0955.JPG  dscn0956.JPG  dscn0957.JPG  dscn0958.JPG  dscn0959.JPG  dscn0960.JPG  dscn0962.JPG  dscn0965.JPG  dscn0969.JPG  dscn0971.JPG  dscn0972.JPG  dscn0973.JPG  dscn0984.JPG  dscn0985.JPG  dscn0987.JPG  dscn0989.JPG  dscn1001.JPG  dscn1002.JPG  dscn1003.JPG  dscn1005.JPG  dscn1007.JPG  dscn1009.JPG  dscn1011.JPG  dscn1013.JPG  dscn1015.JPG  dscn1021.JPG