Singur News

Updates from Singur:

The battle within – singur on the eve of the Panchayat elections, 2008 – May 5, 2008
Malnutrition death in Singur and the Nano-flyover syndrome – February 10, 2008
Protest Rally In Singur Against High Court Verdict – January 22, 2008
Updates on Singur: AIFB wants Tatas to move; Tata’s car an “environmental nightmare” – January 6, 2008
Singur sharecropper commits suicide – December 17, 2007
Singur – An update, post land-acquisition, from APDR and Manthan – August 2007. In Bengali.
CPI(M) lies about Tapasi Malik’s death – apologist Vijay Prasad disseminates untruths – June 29, 2007
Singur Update from APDR (Association for Protection of Democratic Rights) – June 19, 2007
PAMANGGAS condemns Nandigram massacre, Italian Metal Unions react to Singur – March 14, 2007
Police attack peaceful protesters – A report from MASUM, February 4, 2007

A Timeline of Events

Acquisition of Agricultural Land in Singur and Its Protest — An Incomplete Timeline (May 31 – December, 2006) – By Alita Nandi, Sanhati


Singur – ways of life, before and after – From Manthan. Translated by Kuver Sinha, Sanhati
Singur: Looking Back, Looking Forward – By Medha Patkar

Analytical pieces

Agrarian Confusion – Singur, farmers’ consent, and the Left Front’s statistical misrepresentations – By Sankar Ray
U-Turn of Industrial Policy Erodes the Very Base of Agriculture – By Abhijit Guha. Translated by Debarshi Das, Sanhati
Santa Claus visits the Tatas – By Ashok Mitra
Headline Singur – Food self-sufficiency, barren land, fighting unemployment, and other misrepresentations. – By Amitadyuti Kumar
The real debate over economic reforms in India – By Dipankar Basu, Sanhati
Singur and the Official Left’s Crisis in India – By Pratyush Chandra, Sanhati
Neoliberalism And Primitive Accumulation In India – By Dipankar Basu and Pratyush Chandra, Sanhati
In the Name of Development – By Somnath Mukherji, Sanhati
Peasant Hares and Capitalist Hounds of Singur – By Sumanta Banerjee
Listen to the Decentralised Voice – By Somnath Mukherji, Sanhati
Special Publication of People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS) on Singur – January 2007. PDF file.
Stakeholder analysis wrt land as a resource in the SEZ strategy in Bengal – A paper by Dheeraj Singh, IIM Kolkata. PDF file.
But, Is It “Development”? This ‘Development’ & “SHILPAYAN” Drive of The CPI(M) Led Govt In Singur, Bangur etc – By S. Das , For A Proletarian Party Journal
Challenging the current development paradigm – A Discussion Paper from Mazdoor Mukti
India’s Left Going the Lula Way? – By Praful Bidwai
Land Grab and “Development” Fraud in India – An Analytical Monthly Review article
The poor poetry of industrialization: The Communist Party of India (Marxist) in wonderland – An ACHR report
The Singur Smokescreen : Twists of the Mainstream Media – By Aniruddha Dutta
The sorrows of Singur are typical of India’s feudal globalization – By Aseem Srivastava
Singur: where the Left turns right – By Vijayan MJ, Tehelka

Bengali Publications

Analytical booklet on government policy : In the Clutches of Development – Singur, Nandigram
Booklet by female activists : Singur Movement : Our Thoughts, Our Resistance
From Raichowk to Singur – Notes on Industrialisation – By Saikat Bandyopadhyay, Sanhati
An APDR publication in Bengali – Land Acquisition in Singur, A Rights Perspective
Special Bulletin from Mazdoor Kranti Parishad (MKP), December 2006

EPW articles

Land Acquisition and Peasant Resistance at Singur – By Parthasarathi Banerjee. PDF file.
Singur and the Displacement Scenario – By Walter Fernandes. PDF file.